Power and Dimensions of Personal Empowerment

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Power and Dimensions of Personal Empowerment

Personal empowerment involves taking command of your life. It is thereby more than just feeling capable of doing so. Hence this is an essential element.

True personal empowerment challenges you to establish meaningful goals to distinguish what you want from life, and then take appropriate action to accomplish those goals and have more influence over the world around you.

People who are not empowered manage to lack authority over what they do.

Power and Dimensions of Personal Empowerment
Power and Dimensions of Personal Empowerment

They permit others to make decisions for them—whether it is spouse, children, partner, managers or co-workers.

They frequently lack confidence in themselves and their judgments and consequently rely on others for the same.

Nonetheless, these patterns of behaviour can be altered and broken by developing self-awareness and then self-confidence.

What is Personal Empowerment?

Power and Dimensions of Personal Empowerment
Power and Dimensions of Personal Empowerment

At a fundamental level, the phrase ’empowerment’ simply means ‘growing powerful’.

Personal empowerment, accordingly, means taking charge of your own life and not permitting people to take command of it for you.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Eleanor Roosevelt

This sounds easy, but, in practice, exercising authority can be a complex process.

You require to amplify your self-awareness so that you recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

You also require an awareness and understanding of your goals—and how these vary from your current position.

Realizing your goals may compel you to change your behaviours, and even your more deep-rooted values and beliefs.

When you are considering this, you may find it valuable to check out our article on Dilts’ Logical Levels to learn why some changes are harder than others.

Personal Empowerment or Personal Development?

‘Personal Empowerment’ and ‘Personal Development’ are very intimately correlated.

To become empowered, you might require to begin with some personal development, and empowerment may also inspire you to develop yourself further.

It may, consequently, be helpful to read our page on Personal Development.

Cultivating personal empowerment customarily involves making some significant changes in life, which is not always an easygoing process.

The magnitude of change needed will vary from person to person, depending on the individual’s start.

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    Developing Personal Empowerment

    Power and Dimensions of Personal Empowerment
    Power and Dimensions of Personal Empowerment

    There is a beneficial six-step process for promoting personal empowerment.

    It can be utilized either generally, to view at your life as a whole, or as a means to help you to deal with a particular issue.

    “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”

    Maya Angelou, American Poet

    Six Steps to Personal Empowerment

    Recognize a Purpose That is Focused on Power

    This might be, for instance, to improve your influence over your co-workers, and associates or to have more control over your family’s choice of vacation destination.

    Increase Your Knowledge

    Your next step is to learn more about the subject or situation.

    For instance, if you wish to have added influence over your colleagues, you need to learn the politics of the organisation.

    To determine your family’s holiday choices, you require to know what each person requires, and who has the most control at the moment.

    Increase Your Self-Efficacy, Or Belief That You Can Achieve.

    Before you take a step, you need to suppose what you can achieve.

    Knowing that you have the required information that can help.

    Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses will also assist you in understanding where you are most likely to achieve.

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      Increase Your Skills And Competence

      You may require to upgrade your skills to become more influential.

      Nevertheless, as you start to talk to people more, and attempt to influence them, you will swiftly learn what works, and therefore develop your skills!

      Take Action—And Keep Taking Action

      Personal empowerment involves not being ‘knocked down’ by the first problem we face, but having the resilience and persistence to keep progressing and seeking other ways to accomplish our goals.

      Assess Your Impact

      Empowerment is about transforming the impact that you have on others and on circumstances.

      It is, therefore, essential to assess your impact. In the beginning, you might not observe much change, but even small changes count as success.

      Dimensions of Personal Empowerment

      Power and Dimensions of Personal Empowerment
      Power and Dimensions of Personal Empowerment

      There are several possible domains that you may want to look at to assist you in developing more personal empowerment.


      Self-Awareness Requires Understanding Yourself And How You Are Prone To Respond To Situations.

      This enables you to strengthen your positive qualities and be cognizant of any negative traits which may decrease your effectiveness. 

      Self-aware people make deliberate decisions to improve their lives whenever feasible, learning from past occurrences.

      In particular, you may need to enhance your awareness of your strengths, vulnerabilities, and boundaries.

      Empowered People Understand Their Strengths And Weaknesses And Are Confident In Communicating Them To Secure That They Get The Opportunities They Want.

      They Also, However, Recognise Their Limits And Have No Dilemmas With Asking For Advice Or Guidance.

      See our page Personal SWOT Analysis for help with identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

      Values Are Opinions Or Beliefs

      Values Are Opinions Or Beliefs That Are Critical To Us But Of Which We Are Not Invariably Aware.

      They can be any belief or acknowledged responsibility.

      The logic for personal preferences and beliefs may not always be obvious or revealed, although they often travel back to adolescence.

      Self-awareness requires a perception of your values, and then some analytical research of them to make certain that they are fully valid.

      It is also crucial to accept that everyone’s values are incompatible.

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        An Individual’s Skills

        An Individual’s Skills Are The Main Resources That Enable Them To Achieve Their Goals.

        Skills can be gained through experience, training, practice and training. It is only by improving skills that unique benefits can be translated into action.

        Knowledge Or Information

        Knowledge Or Information Is Required To Develop Self-Awareness And Skills.

        Identifying where to obtain relevant information is in itself an indispensable skill.

        Without information, your decisions will be more limited.

        The internet has presented an easy way for everybody to obtain huge amounts of information very swiftly and effortlessly.

        Nevertheless, not all information is accessible on the internet—for example, the politics within a company—and not all information on the internet is trustworthy.

        Setting Goals

        Setting Goals Is A Medium By Which An Individual Can Resume Charge Of Their Life.

        The method of setting a goal requires thinking about your values and the direction that you would like your life to follow.

        Setting personal goals provides us with a sense of direction in life, which is fundamental to personal empowerment.

        See our page Personal Goal Setting for more information.

        Self Confidence

        Self Confidence Is One Of The Greatest Motivators Or Most Powerful Hindrance To Anyone Attempting To Develop Their Behaviour And Become More Empowered.

        Most people only tackle tasks that they feel competent of doing, and it takes exceptional effort to subdue a lack of confidence in their abilities.

        Developing your confidence and strengthening your self-esteem can, therefore, be significant ways to enhance your personal empowerment.

        Language and Empowerment

        Power and Dimensions of Personal Empowerment (5)
        Power and Dimensions of Personal Empowerment (5)

        The application of language, how individuals represent themselves verbally and non-verbally to others, can be empowering to both themselves and the personalities with whom they are communicating.

        Looking at how communication is important in terms of self-empowerment and when venturing to empower other people. For example:

        Use Positive Language

        Research into language implies that a person’s self-image is reflected in the words of expressions that they use.

        For instance, stating that you ‘should’ behave in a certain way indicates passivity and can detract from appearing to be in control and taking accountability for your actions.

        Positively speaking about yourself, recognizing strengths and weaknesses, can be empowering.

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          Use Active Language

          Use phrases which suggest positive action rather than tendering vague statements, especially when discussing about the future. For example, ‘I will…’ and ‘I can…’.

          Choose Your Own Words To Define Yourself

          If you miss using words to describe your own space and identity, then others will tend to limit you and set standards by which you will judge yourself.

          They may also attempt to persuade you to submit to their demands.

          Be clear regarding who you are and your values and goals, and do not permit others to define you.

          Avoid Criticism And Negativity

          Criticism should always be given with the utmost care, and only when absolutely required.

          If criticism is required, then it should be addressed constructively, utilizing positive and encouraging words and phrases.

          A Long-Term Process

          Personal empowerment is not a latent thing that you can do once in your lifetime.

          It would be best if you viewed personal empowerment as continuous and comprehensive personal development.

          As conditions change and evolve, and as we innovate and evolve, so do our requirements for expansion and empowerment.

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