Secrets Who Do I Trust With Mine

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Secrets: Who Do I Trust With Mine?

Secrets Who Do I Trust With Mine
Secrets Who Do I Trust With Mine

“People trust me with their secrets.

But who do I trust with mine?”

-Notes On A Scandal

To be frank I don’t trust anyone to keep all my secrets. I don’t mean anyone, I only meant any ONE to keep ALL  my secrets.

What if that one person chooses to betray me!?! I’ll be doomed. So does that mean I trust no one?

Not exactly that. I just trust a person enough to keep a little bit of my secret. Just as much as his little belly can hold.

Someone had wisely said never put your eggs in one basket. They meant money. But I seriously use the idiom for my secrets too.

Level of understanding of each person is different and it varies on how muscle one can digest and accept.

The person who keeps your secrets has to be a person who won’t judge you on what you had just confided.

You have to be accepted as you are. And the most important thing… Your secrets will not be used against you to blackmail you.

All said and done there is one person who I trust absolutely to keep my secrets. A person who I know will never use it against me.

A person who I know is my closest confidante. A person who is my best friend. Guess who is that person? That’s ME.

The only individual I trust to keep my deepest of secrets is my own self and my furry buddies of course.

We often look for friends outside and in turn land up in relationships that we often run away from.

So, my friends, it’s always better to expect from one’s own self rather than others.

That way we raise our own performance bar and are less dependent on others emotionally too.

This, in turn, helps us in building better relationships… acceptance without expectations.

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