Quotes And Poetry on Patriotism in English

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Quotes And Poetry 0n Patriotism in English

We should salute the sacrifices of our brave soldiers
who embody patriotism, loyalty, and courage.
They have taught us to give our lives and respect for our motherland.
— Swetha Sunder

Quotes And Poetry on Patriotism In English
Quotes And Poetry on Patriotism In English

We should salute the sacrifices
Done by those unsung heroes
Whose sacrifices are still hidden
In the dark, unknown to the world.
– Manju Lata

I am not alone in wanting to be free
Celebrating independence my way is entirely up to me.
Freedom comes through life that is lived and also through
The life that is given up, sacrificed for the nation, freedom gets its due.
75 precious years of freedom we celebrate today with gaiety.
Unfurling the national flag, we proudly sing our anthem, pledging our national duty.
– Swetha Sundar

For our flag and its glory, we are proud
We are brave Indians, it says out loud
Fluttering in the breeze, saffron, white and green.
The tricolor and its beauty is the most enchanting I have seen.
I salute the flag and give it my complete respect.
My national flag inspires loyalty and patriotism in every aspect.
– Swetha Sundar

A true patriot is one
Who without caring his comforts
Leaving his family nears and dears behind
Without caring day and night
Like a true devotee, for the sake of the country
Sacrifices his life without any complain
But with full dignity.
— Manju Lata

A true patriot is the soldier
Who guards the nation’s borders.
He leaves his family and home behind.
To serve his country with his body, soul and mind.
His blood, sweat, and tears are for the nation.
His breath is for the country and we give him the highest commendation.
— Swetha Sundar

The struggles of many brave hearts
Gave us the glorious sky to fly.
–Harminder kaur

The struggles of many brave hearts
Gave us the space to achieve the day and age
Which we all Indians are enjoying today
We Indians have achieved that glory
Which is the result of our hard labour and
Commitment towards the country.
— Manju Lata

The struggles of many brave hearts
Helped us to get our freedom from the British-
But we have forgotten those stories today,
Only we work for our personal gains and other motives that are selfish .
Let us tell our children those stories of sacrifice,
Tell them about the ways to love our country and and make it a paradise.
— Debarati Basu

It is the result of the sacrifices of
Those brave leaders of our nation
That we are living in a Sovereign socialist secular democratic republic
Where everyone has the right to vote
And choose right person for the welfare of the nation.
— Manju Lata

Brave leaders of our nation
Who made us free,
We salute them for the hardships-
They endured because of me.
They gave their lives so that I could live
An independent life that only a free country can give.
— Debarati Basu

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