Difficult roads often lead to, Always see positive in negative

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Difficult roads often lead to, Always see positive in negative

Difficult roads often lead to a journey of serenity,
courage, and strength and are embellished with a bright future.
— Shipra Bhagat Sachdeva

Difficult roads often lead to wonderful destinations. Life is filled with so many hurdles sometimes we need to be more stronger to get go of it and start afresh. It means best is yet to come.
— Rama Lavanya P

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful journeys and anazing destinations.
Navigate the tricky paths with confidence, cheer, self resoect and unwavering determination.
— Swetha Sundar

“Where there is a will there is a way,
Negatives come along where positivity stays,
The choices are yours,
What you wanna lay
Affirmative positives
Or undefined negative slays,
Where There is a will,
There is a way,
Choose wisely with whom you want to stay”
— Shipra Bhagat Sachdeva

The only impossible journey is the one that never starts.
Well begun is half done and so a good beginning is what sets the journey apart.
Each lesson learnt along the way is a milestone crossed.
And every failure is a reminder that success is round the corner, that all is definitely not lost.
— Swetha Sundar

“Always see positive in negative”
Bcoz it generates the belief that u will definitely succeed despite early failures
An optimistic person has an aura of happiness n motivation around himself.
— Davneet Singh Thapar

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