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When I wake up late
Seems like I missed my date
With the sunrise
With the birds’ hymns
With the cool breeze
With the peaceful streets…
I keep my hands on my face
And regret,
Why I woke up late.
-Sahiba Takkar

When I wake up late, I end up dreaming a lot.
My dreams allow me to explore my limits and break my barriers.
For I have big dreams and bigger visions…
And for dreaming big, I have to sleep longer and wake up late.
-Swetha Sundar

When I wake up late
I feel like sealing my fate
Is it due to what I ate last night
Is it something to do with lifestyle
Sleeping late and rising late is a trend
It needs to be changed so remember always
The golden rule – Early to bed, Early to rise
Makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise
So keep in mind next time – when you say
‘When I wake up late’ – what am I losing!
-Mukesh Bhatnagar

When I wake up late
I first smile and say why mate?
Subsequently, gratitude dawns, and I pull up my strings
Work is piled definitely
I feel glad that life still awaits
-Pooja Dixit

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