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Knowing yourself is like knowing the universe which is completely in your being
What is in you is manifested in others by you
So no one is different than you but you only
Unconditional love now becomes so natural for one and all.
-Madhu Khare

Knowing yourself is like meeting a true friend,
One who understands you and accepts you for who you are.
You become truly enlightened and discover your hidden potential.
You ignite your mind, body, and soul and illuminate even the darkest and deepest recesses of yourself.
You become AWARE and ALIVE.
-Swetha Sundar

Knowing yourself is like feeling the breath
Knowing yourself is like visualizing with closed eyes
Knowing yourself is like accepting you are a part
Knowing yourself is like acknowledging that this soul has to become one with the whole!!
-Pooja Dixit

Knowing yourself is like knowing the complete universe
And knowing the pure consciousness is like illuminating all that is visible or invisible
Knowing yourself makes you have unconditional love for all in the universe
Because you are exactly the same as others are.
Madhu Khare

I Am The Ocean | If The Brain Could Communicate | Chess Of Life | Knowing Yourself Is Like | When I Wake Up Late

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