13 Snake Myths Debunked: Debunking Common Myths Surrounding Snakes!

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13 Snake Myths Debunked: Debunking Common Myths Surrounding Snakes!

Over 300 snake species are found in India, ranging from high Himalayas and dense canopy to open grasslands and wetlands, depending on their unique habitat-suitable characteristics. 

The snake is an ectotherm, meaning it regulates its body temperature through external factors.

The Indian subcontinent is home to an abundance of snakes species ranging in size from the smallest Brahminy Blind Snake measuring just 15 cm to the gigantic Reticulated Python reaching 30 feet! 

In the media and folklore, snakes are often portrayed as villainous and evil, which can lead to conflict with humans.

However, they are worshipped for their connection to Lord Shiva, which encourages believers to coexist with them in harmony. 

The history of snakes and humans is long and complex. We humans develop a number of misconceptions and myths about snakes as a result. Let’s clear up some snake myths once and for all.

It is no secret that this species of reptile is the subject of many urban legends, some of which have a degree of truth to them. The myths listed below, for instance, are vastly inaccurate. 

In fact, some myths are based on mythology and are publicity stunts from movies to sell their products which is the movie itself.

There are several myths surrounding snakes that must be busted in order to maintain nature’s equilibrium:

13 Snake Myths Debunked: Debunking Common Myths Surrounding Snakes!
13 Snake Myths Debunked: Debunking Common Myths Surrounding Snakes!

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  1. wow what an in-depth research, i dont like reptiles particularly and wanted to skip reading this , but well explained and it got me glued to it

    1. Yes, that’s true and hence people go out and try to kill it the moment they see one. This is quite unfair and not needed in fact.

  2. My God! I got to know so much about snakes from this post. Amazing facts,That milk one is real. Idk why people offer milk to snakes on the name of faith it’s harmful for them.

    1. Thank you so much. they are such misunderstood creations of God. This article was meant to throw light on them and create awareness.

  3. Really amazing and informational article. The way you described all the myths that are amazing. It’s true there are so many myths about snakes. Your post is really helpful to bust them.

  4. You are right that media and channels sometimes fake the story to an extent that we believe it is true. Such myths needs to be busted and you have very well explained it.

  5. I so agree many are myths that’s not true many things shows on tv is all wrong. People should understand that everything they say is not true.

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