Essay On Freedom

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Best Essay On Freedom

By:- Poojita

To be limitless from the world outside of me, is in its true senses, to me, ‘Freedom’. Freedom is not just something confined to be free from something that limits our abilities but it is to be free- for the within, and from the outside.

This eternal kind of freedom that I write about, cannot be given by anybody in this world, but by our own selves.

Rather than a state acquired through the world, it is more of a state of being. It is more about ourselves and which has nothing to do with the world or whatever it has to offer.

One can actually be in a prison and still be free- not a joke! Seriously! Yes. It is possible.

Essay On Freedom
Essay On Freedom

By the end of this essay, I might make it pretty clear to you, how it is possible. And this honestly is the most peaceful, fulfilled and contented form of being, once truly attained.

As one grows up, he/she develops memories of his/her experiences, thoughts based on everything that is fed into our brains, and knowledge of whatever learnt and thought.

Basically, our brain is a storage place of billions of thoughts. Sometimes in our lives, we begin to strive for growth; self-growth, to achieve success, fame, money, and satisfaction.

We want to grow ourselves in lives, as human beings, as a professional, and as role-play to all the connections (with the lives) that we make in this world. And there is nothing wrong with it.

To unleash your intrinsic potential, is a very important part of human life, to be able to live to the most.

Amidst all this, there is something within us that needs fulfillment, which also strives, but this time, to get out of the curb of our thoughts and actions.

We need to be free; free from everything that connects us to the world outside (which has no truth) to be able to connect with ourselves, the world inside.

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    When I say ‘ourselves’, it is not the thoughts, behavior, personality, or anything as such. It is our soul.

    The deepest and the bottom-most part of us. When we get back to bed at the end of the day, all alone by ourselves, our achievements are not what make us happy.

    Our happiness must come from within, which means we must let go of all that we know and all that we believe.

    That unfulfilled part of us is actually the biggest part of us for it is the core of us. This very part requires understanding, acceptance, and love. And then all these together free us from the worldly affairs that we have to get back to, the next day.

    So, freedom clearly is a process. To begin with, understanding ourselves, we need to know who we are. We aren’t what we believe we are.

    We are not what we think or do, not what we believe or value. We are actually the universe! Whole damn universe. Okay, before you judge, this is how we are all, not a few parts of the universe, but the universe itself.

    The universe is the universe because of all the galaxies, planets, living organisms, particles, planets, oxygen, water, sun, moons, etc. everything that comprises the universe.

    If these elements cease to exist, the universe has no meaning. Similarly, all these elements in the universe, every single one makes the entire universe what it is.

    So in truth, the universe and the elements are not separate from each other. They’re complete because they complete each other.

    Essay On Freedom
    Essay On Freedom

    So this also means we all are not a part of the universe but we are ourselves the universe.

    For instance, all humans, regardless of outlook, skin color, wealth, salary, caste, creed, religion, region, gender, opinions, preferences or anything are all not a part of the universe but are the universe themselves.

    So we all are not separable. We all are in reality, one. Even if we try differentiating each other, the truth is we make the universe because actually, we are the universe.

    And similarly, the universe makes us. Now, we are free from the misconception that we are what happens to us because we are mirrored in the truth of life and we understand who we are.

    Then comes the ‘acceptance’ part. We need to accept that this part of us when filled with understanding, needs our trust that we are inseparable.

    We need to accept the fact that since we are connected inseparably to worldly affairs, we are already free because this oneness is love.

    People might hate us, have the most negative opinions of us, tend to hurt us deliberately or we might be stressed, be achieving, or hustling, or whatever.

    But the ultimate truth is that we are all connected and, are all the universe, and hence the is no way, whatever happens in the outside world can affect how we feel because, at this stage, we are accepting what we have understood, to remain unbothered by any materialistic things and to focus on the truth.

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      Now, we are free from the distress that everything the world has to offer because we have accepted the reality of all beings.

      Now comes the best part of life- love; loving the truth, loving ourselves. We must wrap ourselves into the love of ourselves and yes, unlike the two of the other parts, here we must love our values and beliefs as well.

      We must embrace every good and every bad in us because it makes our life what it is and it makes us who we are.

      And without love, there cannot be any meaning to our lives because we do not want to accept it for what it is and because we are expecting it to look a supposed way, we are not happy as well.

      This is when we cease to complain about and bother ourselves about what the people say or do to us from the exterior because all our attention and complete focus is on the interior into the core of us and we have come in alignment with the truth. We only and only celebrate the truth.

      This is the ultimate truth and the bottom line of what the rawest form of life could look like. This together makes a person free.

      We do not bother about what is happening to or with us, what is anyone or anything doing to us or anyhow.

      We are into the light of reality so deep that we do not bother to focus on the things which do not have any truth in them and which are just meant for the purpose of experience and meaningful survival.

      One cannot experience true freedom without being completely curbed by the distress that the world has to offer and the cluelessness of life because there cannot be the existence of one emotion without the other.

      When one ceases to exist, the other too does. How can freedom be attained if we are never captive? So, which is why this is a process, and to attain freedom truly is the main crux of life.

      We are at our happiest, most peaceful, and contended version when we know there is no place for solitude because we are fulfilled by the truth that we are the universe and there is no reason to be empty or connected to the world when our connection is with the ultimate truth.

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