Essay On Gender Equality

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Essay On Gender Equality

By:- Poojita

Gender equality, which seems to be a subjective voice, is actually concerned with all the genders in society even if it is already strong enough. 

To make all the genders acceptable and equal in the world is every single person’s responsibility so that the world heads towards being a much more accepting and practical place. 

All the genders must stand out as an equal because at the end of the day, we are all human beings and how we are born is an organic and uncontrollable truth of life. 

Essay On Gender Equality
Essay On Gender Equality

Humans can really not distinct other human beings and categorize their worth and put them on a scale of being considerate based on the notions and beliefs formed gradually and stir over many years. 

The biology of humans can differ but their potential and worth are purely based on how they happen to be as separate individuals.

Hence, to put all the three genders of the world as an equal at the foremost and give them all their deserved rights and opportunities is the only thing justified to do.

When we talk about genders, the genders that naturally occur on a human head are the masculine and the feminine. 

We have put these genders at the forefront which is absolutely fair and exactly how it should be. 

But, what is not alright is that the third gender of the world, the transgenders are pushed back to the background of humanity. 

They are not even considered and recognized as in the list of all world’s genders by the rest of the two genders. 

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    We often talk about ‘woman empowerment’ but rarely do we bother how much more the transgenders are off the picture. 

    So, through this essay, I’d not only want the readers to consider all genders as an equal but also to acknowledge all the genders and take actual steps to empower the less acknowledged genders of the human race.

    Gender inequality is something that not only the more considerate genders have shown by looking down on the less acknowledged ones, but also that the latter have accepted themselves as weaker and given undeserved rights to the former.

    The rights of putting another gender down, of deciding their worth on the basis of their gender, and that snatching away even their birth rights and their deserving opportunities. 

    All the genders have anyhow contributed to this inequality, developing over the years. For most of the world, men are superior to women, women are superior to transgender and this is a triangle of importance based on one’s gender. 

    To be able to abolish this intrinsic tendency of humans, we need to take practical steps that bring all the three genders to the forefront for the generations to come and represent them all as an equal.

    The distinction starts right from the education system all across the world. All these three genders are never admitted to the same school. We rarely see any transgender studying alongside boys and girls. 

    Even in the classrooms of the primary section, the students are taught the existence of only two genders. It takes years for them to actually discover that there exists a third gender in society. 

    In workplaces, the women are paid less for getting done exactly the same task that men do. 

    Manier times, the deserved opportunities are also not given to the women even if they are worthy enough and it takes a lot more worth for a woman to prove her caliber and potential and to stand as an equal or a competition to men. 

    We do not even get to see transgenders doing a job of the highest honors in society. 

    They very often seem to do jobs that do not pay them enough and which are a lot less than what they can actually do if given the opportunities and rights. This has been happening for many, many years now.

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      The seeds of the distinction in the brains of people are sown from an early age. Boys are told that to cry is weak or much more likely than a girl. 

      It is always said that it is a man’s responsibility to take care of the finances of his home and that a woman is just limited to taking care of the parents, children, and her household. 

      Society expects men to be strong, and women are anticipated to be tolerant. And this is who they are raised to become. 

      The transgenders are always looked down upon and are said to have been just for blessing the other two genders with strength and tolerance. 

      Essay On Gender Equality
      Essay On Gender Equality

      They are expected to remain lowkey and not to come to the forefront, voicing out their opinions to fight for their rights, against the societal norms.

      They are meant to remain in the background of human life. All this undervalues the strength and powers of the women and the transgenders and overvalues that of the men in the society.

      These distinctions need to be put an end to, in all the prevalent practical and psychological manners. 

      When these distinctions get out of our heads, we would ultimately take up practical steps because we know we have one world, and it is our responsibility to make it a fair and justified place for all our fellow human beings. 

      Because at the end of the day, what matters is how useful we have been to this world for our generation and the coming ones. 

      Last but not least, the fight is yet to be fought, “Gender Equality is a human fight; not a female or transgender fight.”

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