GenOrators 2021 Online Public Speaking Contest Season-2

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Result & Report of GenOrators 2021 International Online Public Speaking Contest: Season-2

RNTalks is an initiative by mompreneur and mentorpreneur Ranjeeta Nath Ghai. She is a wife and daughter of Army War Veterans. She’s has been a mentor for 26years.

Besides being a mentor she is a POET, blogger, author, life coach, graphic designer, motivational speaker, and an avid animal lover and activist, and the founder n director of RNTalks.

Jury for GenOrators 2021

A mentor for the past 26 years and a recipient of many awards in the blogging and education field, she had founded RNTalks to give an opportunity to all those who are interested to become a better version of themselves in the future.

RNTalks LLP is a registered company under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs – Government of India (AAQ-1943). The event commenced with invoking the blessings of Lord Ganesha through Ganesh Vandana performed by Sukhmani Trehan.

Kathak Performance By Sukhmani Trehan

Kathak Performance By Sukhmani Trehan
Kathak Performance By Sukhmani Trehan on GenOrators 2021

Sukhmani Trehan is a disciple of Nidhi Beri who is the director at Om Sai Ram Dance and Fitness Studio. Sukhmani has bagged first position in IIDC India international dance Congress Salsa Championship held in Bangalore and Forth International Classical Fest held in Delhi first and third prize from the famous dancers Dharmesh sir and Vaibhav.

She has also won the tag of the queen of pure dancing and best footwork first prize from Sushant Khatri for creative dancing and has been honored in the Jaspal Patti awards and entertainment night with Balraj. She has even been the runner-up in the underground freestyle battles.

Since RNTalk’s inception, it has tirelessly worked to provide a transparent and healthy platform for the students, youth, and elders to enhance their personalities through various contests, free quizzes, and knowledge-based articles on motivation, personal development, mental health, and career guidance.

Not only this RNTalks has also built a platform for all aspiring bloggers to coach and website designing for all those who want to earn as a freelance blogger.

RNTalks Has Announced Its Forthcoming Competitions

Forthcoming Competitions
Forthcoming Competitions

1. “The Expressionists” International Essay writing Competition that starts from 9th July 2020 and ends on 16th July 2021. No registration fee is requited for this. The essays are to be mailed directly to

2. Katha Sagar: National Online Storytelling Contest that will be announced by 15th July 2021.

Today we have gathered here for the announcements of the results of GenOrators: International Online Public Speaking Contest Season-2.

The participants were divided into 3 categories as per their ages. Participants participated from all over India, like New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Noida, Haryana, Kolkata, Alwar, Patna, Bhilwara, BHOPAL, Ranchi, Faridabad, Vadodara, Gwalior, Chandigarh, Secunderabad Telangana, Mumbai, Karnataka, Kerala, Ahmedabad, Bhagalpur and Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh. All the speakers focused on positivity and put up an excellent show.

The results have been decided by our Jury Dr. Shafali Gupta – Category1, Ranjeeta Ashesh Category-2, Shashish Kumar Tiwari – Category 3, and our chief guest Maj Mohd Ali Shah who is an international TEDx speaker. They all are experts in their fields. 

Band Performance by Music Factory

Band Performance by Music Factory
Band Performance by Music Factory on GenOrators 2021

Music Factory is a bunch of musically inclined children who are sensitive towards the not-so-privileged kids in our society and other social needs.

In the past, they reached out to many kids suffering from life-threatening diseases especially cancer. In the summer break of 2017, they got together to spend some time with them and gave music therapy to the Paediatric patients at the Oncology ward at the SSPHPGTI Hospital at sector 30, Noida. Most of the kids were in grade 4 at that time.

These kids have come a long way since then. The band often engages in social calls from organizations trying to sustain the environment and promote a healthy lifestyle.

They have been active from performing at Decathlon’s inauguration (promoting a healthy lifestyle) to singing the Ganga Stotram at the ghats of Chhota Haridwar and making people aware of the need to keep the holy river clean.

Even corporates like Adobe have involved these children in many online events organized during the pandemic especially Project Smile Community League held on 19th January 2021.

They performed the enthralling and energetic mashup of Bahubali which has 5 different songs put together. Starting from Azeem-O-Shaan Shahenshah to Bahubali title song and then a raag as a transitional piece to Ma Tujhe Salaam and the Jugal Bandi at the end.

All the instruments have been recorded at different places/homes and produced as a whole by the children using Cubase software.

Awards and Honours GenOrators 2021

Only 3 awards in each category were set initially that amounted to total 9 awards but since the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions were shared the awards RNTalks increased and each child was honoured. The award count went up to 7 in each category (including consolations) which amounted to total 21 awards and you have the jury to thank for that.

Dr Shafali Gupta- GenOrators 2021 Jury Category 1

Dr. Shafali Gupta, an AWWA and SR Krishnan awardee, is a multifaceted personality. She has been our Jury for Katha Sagar 2020. Creative Quest 2020 and GenOrators Season 2. She is a proud Educationist, Resource person, Student counselor in ULB, teacher’s trainer in AVM, Relationship counsellor, Co-owner of Mayurpankh, Motivational & Public Speaker, & a highly educated lady having done M.A, B.Ed & is a Doctorate in political science.

GenOrators 2021 Awards Category-1

  • 1st  Shanaya Rampal, Yedhant  Bhakoo
  • 2nd  Vivaan Khurana
  • 3rd  Amaira Rampal
  • 4th Aavya Jain
  • Consolation Aviral Kumar Pandey and Aahana Gupta

Ranjeeta Ashesh- GenOrators 2021 Jury Category-2

Mrs. Ranjeeta Ashesh has been our Jury for Katha Sagar 2020 & GenOrators Season 1 & 2. She is the wife of an Army Officer is a Poetpreneur who is running the literary organization’ क्षितिज… where dreams meet reality’ which laid the foundation of ‘INDIAN ICONIC POET’ in INDIA and KFL ie Kshitij fashion & lifestyle. She is the author of the book ‘Sushmaanjali…Ek Kaavya Sangrah.’ Crowned Mrs. India Most Talented 2018 she is also a storyteller, Motivational Speaker, and story writer.

GenOrators 2021 Awards Category-2

  • 1st Aashmin Kaur
  • 2nd Aahana Rampal
  • 3rd Bhavika lamba, Eshana Arora
  • 4th Darshan
  • Consolation Anshika Khandelwal, Sushuma Bhadoria

Shashish Kumar Tiwari-GenOrators 2021 Jury Category-3

Shashish Kumar Tiwari is an award-winning motivational speaker, life coach, trainer, author and successful youtuber. In the last 2 years he has impacted more than 15 million lives across 13 countries. His workshops have been attended by more than 5,000 professionals offline and 10,000 professionals online so far.

GenOrators 2021 Awards Category-3

  • 1st Samiksha Kalra
  • 2nd Radhika Mangal & Monika Rathore
  • 3rd Bhavya Malhotra
  • 4th Aakanksha Choudhary
  • Consolation Anita Pathak and Shrankhala Srivastava

GenOrators 2021 Chief Guest Major Mohammed Ali Shah (veteran)-Prestigious KHUSHU Founder’s Choice Award

A special performance trophyKHUSHU’ Founder’s Choice Award, was introduced, which is named thus in memory of the founder’s late father DR COL JK NATH (retd) who left for his heavenly journey on 30th November 2019.

‘Khushu’ means calmness, serenity, tranquility, dignity, and humility. ‘KHUSHU’ Founder’s Choice Award is a coveted award that is awarded to exceptional participants. The recipient of this award is selected by the founder’s mother Dr Hemangini Nath.

Major Mohammed Ali Shah (veteran), IIM graduate, International TEDx speaker with the highest no. of TEDx talks in the world, TV Panellist, Award-winning Actor, Member of the Board of International Film Festival of Australia, visiting faculty at Whistling Woods International.

The Prestigious KHUSHU Founder’s Choice Award for the best of the best public speaker goes to Aashmin Kaur from category 2.

The Facebook Insight Award of GenOrators 2021

These awards are awarded purely on the insights procured by Facebook insight (recorded at 4 PM on 8th July 2021). They are entirely different from the main awards. They have been introduced for those who could not win in the main competition. RNTalks believes that no individual should go back unhappy so we give out as many awards as possible.

  1. Divisha Singh 430 min of viewership and 209 engagements,
  2. Anita Pathak 395 min of viewership and 177 engagements
  3. and Ipshita Ashesh 376 min of viewership and 174 engagements

King sumo Giveaway Award goes to Monika Rathore.

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