“The Expressionists” International Essay Writing Competition

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“The Expressionists” International Essay Writing Competition

Writing essays is not just a way of assessing academic abilities, but also a form of art. A writer uses this technique to describe a topic and report on it. It is not only storytelling skills that are required but also the presentation of the story.

The purpose of our Essay Writing Competition is to find essay writing talent among the student community. Our goal is to discover student talent for essay writing through the Essay Writing Competition.

Among other things, essay writing helps the process of learning because it forces you to sort out ideas and information, analyze sources and exercise critical judgement.

This Essay Writing Competition will run till 16 July 2021. Admission to this competition is FREE.


“The Expressionists” International Essay Writing Competition
“The Expressionists” International Essay Writing Competition

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    Scoring Of The Essay

    There will be a set of criteria used to evaluate essays:

    • Originality of content: 65%
    • Clarity: 15 %
    • Structure: 10 %
    • Overall impression: 10 %

    What Do Winners Get?

    • The winner of the first, second, and third prizes in the Online Story Writing Competition will receive…
    • Cash prize (1st prize only)
    • The second & third Prize will receive a trophy.
    • The hard copy of a Certificate Of Achievement (for all the winners)
    • Inclusion in Hall of Fame (for all the winners)
    • Inclusion in the Annual E-Magazine (for all the winners & participants)

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    Categories and Topics

    CAT 1(6 – 9 years)

    • Essay On My Family
    • Essay On Teachers Day
    • Essay On India
    • Essay On Nature
    • Essay On Republic Day
    • Essay On Friendship
    • Essay On My School
    • Essay On Holi
    • Essay On Diwali
    • Essay On Cricket
    • Essay On Internet
    • Essay On My Hobby
    • Essay On Mother
    • Essay On Life
    • Essay On Christmas
    • Essay On Digital India
    • Essay On Raksha Bandhan

    CAT 2 (10 – 12 years)

    • Essay On Pollution
    • Essay On Environment
    • Essay On Education
    • Essay On Coronavirus
    • Essay On Mahatma Gandhi
    • Essay On Social Media
    • Essay On Online Education
    • Essay On Child Labour
    • Essay On Online Classes
    • Essay On World Environment Day
    • Essay On Mobile Phone
    • Essay On Children’s Day
    • Essay On Trees
    • Essay On One Step Towards Green And Clean Energy
    • Essay On Water Pollution
    • Essay On Diwali In Marathi
    • Essay On Swachh Bharat

    CAT 3 (13 – 15 years)

    • Essay On Global Warming
    • Essay On Independence Day
    • Essay On Importance Of Education
    • Essay On Air Pollution
    • Essay On Article 370
    • Essay On Subhash Chandra Bose
    • Essay On Artificial Intelligence
    • Essay On Travelling
    • Essay On Freedom Fighters
    • Essay On Environment Pollution
    • Essay On Water Conservation
    • Essay On Constitution Of India
    • Essay On Trees Our Best Friend
    • Essay On Mother Teresa
    • Essay On My Favourite Book
    • Essay On Village Life
    • Essay On Disaster Management

    CAT 4 (16-19 years)

    • Autobiography Of A Yogi
    • Autobiography Of APJ Abdul Kalam
    • Autobiography Of Mahatma Gandhi
    • Autobiography Of Nelson Mandela
    • Autobiography Of A Pen
    • Essay On Women Empowerment
    • Essay On Sustainable Development
    • Essay On Poverty
    • Essay On Gender Equality
    • Essay On Globalisation
    • Essay On Women’s Day
    • Impact Of Social Media On Youth Essay
    • Essay On Rabindranath Tagore
    • Essay On Corona Warriors
    • Essay On Experience Of Online Classes
    • Essay On Freedom
    • Essay On Fundamental Rights And Duties Of A Citizen Essay On Climate Change

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      Rules For “The Expressionists” International Essay Writing Competition

      • NO registration fees.
      • Much like all the competitions held before on our platform like GenOrators, Katha Sagar, Creative Quest, Quriosity Buzz and Verve… “The Expressionists” also comes along with its rules for competing on an international platform.
      • You can choose essay topics from above based on age or write on your own topic.
      • You can also choose topics based on international days from National And International Days
      • The following are the rules for the “The Expressionists” International Online Short Story Competition.
      • Students are free to take the guidance and help of their mentors for grammar and spell-check.
      • Entries can be from anywhere in the world.
      • All entries will be submitted online by the form.
      • “The Expressionists” entries must be submitted in an MSWord file, Font- Calibri (Body), 12-point font size.
      • There is no limit to the number of entries an individual may submit. Multiple entry forms may be submitted for different stories.
      • Entries are to be sent in ENGLISH language only.
      • Essays minimum word limit is 800, and the maximum word limit is 1500 words.
      • Essays must not have been published, self-published, published on a website, broadcast, or featured amongst the winners in another competition.
      • All entries will be considered by a panel of judges.
      • The members of the organizing committee and the panel of judges are not eligible to enter the competition.
      • Essays with GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES & PLAGIARISM will be rejected immediately and will not be considered.
      • Any Essay submitted in any other form, like an image or with drawings, will also be rejected.
      • All the work submitted will be checked for plagiarism on premium plagiarism software like GRAMMARLY and GOOGLE.
      • Any plagiarised work will be disqualified along with any other work submitted by the entrant.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do we have to pay to enter the competition?

      NO. There is no registration fee.

      Do we have to like all your pages and subscribe too?

      Yes. This is the least you can do for us to build goodwill.

      Will the work be checked for plagiarism?

      Yes. We have premium software for this only.

      Can we take the help of our mentors/teachers?

      Yes. We strongly advise you to take their help.

      Is there a language bar?

      Yes. Only entries in ENGLISH language will be accepted.

      Are there different categories for different age groups?

      Yes. We have four categories.

      Are there specific topics for each category?

      Yes. Each category has its own set of topics.

      Can we send more than one entry?

      Yes. More entries on different topics increase your chances of winning.

      Is there any word limit?

      Yes. The minimum word limit is 800, and the maximum word limit is 1500 words.

      Can foreign students or NRI’s participate?

      Yes. It is open to all. If you can write, then you can participate.

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