Meet and Greet Paridhi Bhargava

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Paridhi Bhargava is a humble child. She is born in  Alwar, Rajasthan city of Bala Qila fort.

She is the first born of her parents. There are six members in her family and she is a very responsible child of her family.

She loves her parents, siblings dearly and the feelings are mutual. Her father is basically a businessman and her mother is a teacher in Kidzee School.

She has a stable family and they are quite grounded in her beliefs and notions.

She studies in 8th standard at Alwar Public School. Her favourite subject is English.

She loves drawing, dancing, painting and reading. She is a calm child and very meticulous with her work.

She is an outgoing person with a  good sense of humour and she makes friends easily.

Sometimes she goes out of the way to be nice to people and help them out. Friendship and family means a lot to her.

Paridhi is always looking for ways to develop her skills and learn new things not just in school but outside the school environment.

She wants to be a Doctor and to serve society. She likes to eat healthy food. She is easy going person and she loves her life ❤️ 

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