Meet and Greet Naitik Biswas

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Naitik Biswas is 9 years old, born in a Bengali family from Faridabad (Delhi NCR).

Naitik is an intelligent young kid, studying in Standard IV, Eicher School, Faridabad.

He is fond of studies as well as reading and composing short stories and poems.

Besides excelling in his studies, Naitik also excels in Painting, Singing, Sports and in Karate.

He has won a number of prizes and accolades in both Painting and Karate Competitions.

He is a Black Belt First Dan in Karate and a National level champion in Under 9 years’ category during 2019.

He won the gold medal in the 5th International Karate Championship – 2019 held in Kolkata.

Naitik has a very creative mind and loves to indulge in exploring newer avenues in re-creating his dreams.

He tries to excel in all spheres, wherever he puts his hands into, and wants to become an all-rounder.

His ambition is to become an Engineer like his grandfather, rather go ahead of every other person in his environment; but at the same time, he loves his family a lot.

He loves to spend time with his family. He utilizes his laser time to create craftier items.

Love to do panting & sketching much more. Naitik is foodie kid.

He loves to eat moms & grandmothers prepare dishes like prawn, chicken in his menu, and also love to have veg dishes like paneer & ladyfinger.

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