Celebrating An Occasion Called Life

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Celebrating An Occasion Called Life!

Celebrating An Occasion Called Life
Celebrating An Occasion Called Life!

Life comes to a standstill when you are uprooted from the normalcy and misery flung at you, it’s then when you challenge life to stand again.. this time more firm than ever. Fun is my second name. I am into it all, dancing theatrics, painting, baking, writing, reciting above all partying hard! Meet me, Nidhi Bansal!

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God had plans for me, he put me to test.

Nidhi Bansal

He wanted me to slow down, he gifted me BP. I took it lightly, slightly. BP wanted undivided attention, it flipped my routine.

I was admitted in emergency twice. Finally, I gave it the much-deserved importance. I then resorted to Yog.

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Yog became an integral part of my system. Ah! God wanted to play more games!

He rewarded me with a frozen shoulder. A state where simple acts of combing hair wearing clothes became challenges.

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Nothing more devastating for a woman, than not being able to cook a simple meal for her family. I had forgotten what a full night’s sleep felt like.

I didn’t know which angle to sleep in. Endless sleepless nights, I would weep in oblivion. Days were worse.

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I felt handicapped, unable to perform household chores, being pitied upon. Life became miserable.

Celebrating An Occasion Called Life
Celebrating An Occasion Called Life

I felt totally wasted. I shrank, I started distancing myself, went into isolation.

The only makeup I adorned was the dark circles around my eyes, they darkened my mind.

I wouldn’t give up so easily. I had undergone agonizing physiotherapy sessions, acupressure, a Chinese technique of healing the whole year round and then finally steroid shots.

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The whole thing felt more painful than childbirth. Each session left me in tears.

I kept the spirits up, strengthening my muscles, religious exercise routines, I did it all.

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Finally, God smiled. My arm restored movement. I was victorious, I learned to look life in the eyes and live it too.

I take immense pride in sharing with you all, to date I have participated in more than 15marathons, and even had to audacity to be a part of the most daring, Devil’s circuit, lifted the best bowler trophy in club cricket.

I cleared the auditions for the International Grand Master Yoga, now preparing for the finals!

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There is no looking back. I do not think of things I cannot do, I feel proud of things I am able to do! Respect the timing of your life! Love you Zindagi!

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