Meet and Greet Vedanshi Prakash

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Vedanshi Prakashhas has black hair and black eyes with an awesome personality.

Her personality exceeds her. She is a very caring and loving person. She may seem shy at first but very talkative and sweet after mix-up.

She never hides anything from her parents. So much emotional and attached with Grand Parents, Cousins sisters, Friends & Teachers also.

Try to always spend time with family and friends.  

She is very curious about anything and always asks questions from parents, never hesitates to ask questions.

She loves to dance and play puzzle games. She is presently learning Badminton.

She loves to watch sci-fi & cartoon movies and loves to do painting.

She organizes the drawing competition at home and participates with family.

She tries to give surprise to family & friends on any auspices occasions.

She loves waiting for her own birthday every year expects that every family member joins her birthday party.

She has an interest in Space science, eager to know about the Planets & stars. She always wanted a win-win situation.

She is an attention getter. She usually loves to eat home made food like regional dishes, sweets, Puri & Parantha etc.

Loves to eat ice-cream, Cakes, Chocolates & Chips. She loves to go for outings and dreams of playing in the snow.

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