Kshitij: Collab Partner

Kshitij: Collab Partner


RNTalks is proud to be associated in a new venture with Kshitij. We shall work in collaboration to give a stage to every individual who has fought all odds to take a decision for himself/herself by taking that first step to bring the change in their life.

We, RNTalks offer a platform to all and Kshitij Parinde to share their success stories which can inspire others, to fight depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Budding Dancers have DANCE INDIA DANCE.
Budding Singers have INDIAN IDOL.
Budding POETS stands ALONE.

Ranjeeta Ashesh, Founder Kshitij

Our Youth is TALENTED, VERSATILE, DYNAMIC and ready to take on the World.

Mrs. Ranjeeta Ashesh together with her team embarks on a roller coaster ride to Bring to you our ‘A New U’. Poetry will touch new heights now.

Positive Mantras. Grooming sessions, Poetry Workshops & Publishing house to bring poetry into the mainstream with her organization


It aims to transform stereotype poetry by doing a makeover of budding poets with the vision to take them to the non-poetic audience.

Poetry is a blessing of God and not everyone has the talent to pen down their emotions.

Hence poets should get due respect and recognition at an early age as singers and dancers get so that the hobby can be pursued further as a profession.

KSHITIJ is working to create star poets who will rock the stage with their powerful poems.

For more information contact kshitij.wdmr@gmail.com

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