Vinaaya Kathuria Shares Her Life with RNTalks

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Vinaaya Kathuria Shares Her Life with RNTalks

Vinaaya Kathuria Shares Her Life with RNTalks (1)
Vinaaya Kathuria Shares Her Life with RNTalks

Vinaaya Kathuria is a chirpy, energetic and a fun-loving five and a half years old girl from Alwar, Rajasthan.

She studies in grade 1 at Alwar Public School. English is her favourite subject.

Vinaaya is a creative girl , she is a music and art lover.

Her hobbies include drawing, colouring, painting, gardening, reading books and playing with clay. 

She listens to stories, play board games and play with her toys or goes outside to play with her friends after her studies during her free time.

Vinaaya also practices sports like tennis, badminton and table tennis.

She enjoys reading fairytales and watches princess movies on television. All princess characters are her favourite.

Her most favourite Fairytale is Frozen and she loves Anna and Elsa. 

Sometimes she pretends to be like Rapunzel from Rapunzel fairy tale.

Pretend play games are her all-time favourite time pass and she becomes a doctor, teacher, pilot, rockstar, chef, scientist and what not.

She loves to spill out her imagination through her drawings and her stories.

She uses her skills of voice modulation and facial expressions in her storytelling.

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