Meet and Greet Pashvinder

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Pashvinder is currently in class-8. He is a very sincere boy toward his studies and he is getting the first position in class from the past 6 years.

He is not one of those boys who study all day when he sits down to study he sure completes it before getting up. Pashvinder is good for operating technical gadgets.

He is one of the best technocrats at the school. He can operate DJ system Laptops and mobile phones.

He wants people to laugh and say wow! To him. He also has a YouTube channel (Pashvinder), in which he posts his video of speeches, poems and some fun.

He wants that whatever his job in future but it should be related to tech. He also operates cameras well.

He loves to spend time with his friends. He also loves to go on trips nearby to home.

Nowadays he is interested in gardening and he has grown some mango, guava, and money plant trees in his house as ornamental plants.

He loves to play cricket every evening with his brother. He also loves to edit photos and videos in his free time.

He is also fond of eating watermelons in summers. His favorite color is blue. He is an optimistic and attentive boy in his daily life.

He also loves dogs and he cares for dogs. He also loves hiking in his free time. He also loves to help his parents.

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