How You Can Bring A Change In This World

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How You Can Bring A Change In This World

Shaikh Safdar is here to tell how you can bring a change in this world! Well, you can join some NGO’s help kids by teaching them in some NGO’s who will gain so much knowledge and can use it in the future.

NGO’s for animal care can help animals to get good life and medical help…. And if you don’t have time for any of these then you can even help these NGO’s through donations.

Grow plants and help the environment. Not even humans! There are other living creatures too who need help.

You can’t take your name, fame or money with you but you can take prayers of those little kids and those little animals

Here Shaikh Safdar talks to you about how he has moved on in life from being an Introvert and shy backbencher to becoming an Extrovert who is not scared of taking up challenges and realizing his dreams.

Be a good reason for your life. Don’t let it go in a flow.

Shaikh Safdar

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