Talk To The Star: Public Speaking Contest-Interview With Jasmine Kaur

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Talk To The Star: Public Speaking Contest-Interview With Jasmine Kaur

Talk To The Star: Public Speaking Contest-Interview With Jasmine Kaur
Talk To The Star: Public Speaking Contest-Interview With Jasmine Kaur

Our Star Jasmine Kaur believes that losing a competition shouldn’t affect anyone’s confidence because you have not lost your talent or your dream. That is one thing that no one can take it away from you. She dreams to become an anchor and is full of gratitude for her teachers who she believes are the best part of her life.

Jasmine believes that negative minded person can’t survive in this era because here people are all ready to tear you down at the slightest given opportunity.

Jasmine is a class 12th girl with an enthusiastic soul based in Jalandhar, Punjab. She is a keen learner and loves to represent her views through writings and speaking. 

She’s an artist, Influencer and a public speaker. Science is her love and speaking is passion.

She has practised public speaking and got a chance to show her skills at an online international level public speaking contest by Kohli finishing school where she stood third and an online national-level public speaking contest by RN talks where she stood third again. 

She looks forward to more opportunities and wants to become an anchor. 

She has participated in many competitions conducted in her school and also on the interschool level, and has won many honours too. Today we get you to know Jasmine a little more.

RNT: Good morning, Jasmine Kaur. It’s great to be chatting with you here. Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself? 🙂

JK: Hello to beautiful people reading this chat! I am Jasmine Kaur a student of innocent hearts school Jalandhar, Punjab.

I study in class 12. I believe in positivity because I personally feel that if we are positive-minded then our vibes will make other people positive too!

I love spreading hopes and influencing people. Speaking has always been my passion.

But yes, I would like to tell you that when I was a kid, I used to be excited to take part in every curricular activity.

I just loved it. But the funniest thing was that judges personally told me that I was a good orator but I never got a position.

I didn’t understand why if I am this much good and that I could very well gain positions then why I was not given any? Why others?

And I probably I didn’t get my answers yet. But my family really boosted me up with lots of confidence then I came to believe that life isn’t about winning and losing always but it’s more about participating.

God has blessed me with such wonderful teachers who have supported me not only in education but my life skills. They always boost my confidence and positivity.

They always tell me not to worry. Whether u will win or not don’t take it to your heart. Good things happen to good people.

My teacher also says that if you influence a person in your life then you are successful in real terms! How can such words not affect a person and fill him up with self-trust and esteem?

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I’m really really thankful to them as none could ever get such inspirational teachers as I have. I have recently won an international level competition also and without encouragement, this couldn’t happen!

Moreover, a person can only explore himself if he gets a chance which Ranjeeta ma’am has given us. I m really very much grateful to her as she has woken up my slept orator! Lots n lots of love n respect for her.

RNT: What inspired you to start speaking on the public forums? 

JK: Ohh wow! This is the answer to which I have no doubts! My mother is my inspiration. It was her dream to see me as a public speaker.

She has done a lot of hard work on me. Her efforts have given me confidence. Seriously telling there is no competition that I haven’t taken part in.

She always told me to participate in every curricular activity since my childhood And as we all know practice makes a man perfect and I have participated, practised for a long time.

Whenever I got disheartened about losing the competition, she supported me. Whenever I doubted myself she trusted in me!

I thank her for that because without her I wouldn’t be able to participate and win a national level competition.

RNT: Think back to five years ago. Did you envision yourself where you are today? What are the changes that you can see? 

JK: Ya!! I wished to see myself here but I really doubted whether I will get a chance or not! I always wanted to see myself as a public speaker addressing people and telling them about my views.

I have always considered mic as my best friend and my audience as my family because thinking like this makes me comfortable with them.

The changes I can see in myself are that I m more confident, positive.

Earlier I lost hope that I could even get a chance to participate in a speaking contest but now I wish to see myself as an anchor which I dreamt of!

Somewhere at some point in our lives, everyone encounters a difficult situation.

RNT: Can you tell me about a time when you had faced one? How did you handle the situation?

JK: We know that a child’s heart tender. When I was a child, as I have already told u I wanted to become an anchor. By God’s grace, I got a chance to give audition for anchoring (news reporter).

But my luck was bad in giving auditions. My grandfather refused as I was too young for this (about 11years) old, but I was passionate about speaking.

I really wanted to give them. But anyhow I lost the chance. It was a moment of heartbreak for me because loosing in audition doesn’t hurt much more than losing a chance to be a part of the audition.

Really it was hardest for me as a child. Anyhow, I handled myself as I grew up and thought that I might get a much better opportunity than this.

As something better always waits for us. My positive thoughts and encouragement by the family helped me to handle this.

RNT: You are an excellent communicator, and can comfortably communicate both Hindi and English languages so when did you first realize you wanted to be a speaker?

JK: I realised this at a very early stage. I have always dreamt of this. From childhood only I participated in every speaking contest to improve myself and prepare for the best.

Being a communicator is the best thing anyone can be because this generation has lots of communication gap because they lack self-trust, confidence and it is very much required.

Communication is the most powerful sword to fight the war of misunderstandings. Being a communicator is a blessing of God.

RNT: Each individual has his own style of working, how would you describe your own personal style?

JK: When you fall in love with your work nothing is tough! So, first of all, we have to love the work.

My working actually depends on my mood haha. And I really do a lot of efforts to keep my mood good. When I do things happily I give them my best. I can’t do anything under pressure or tension.

I believe that if something is mandatory to-do then do it happily! By crying, we won’t be able to do that in a perfect manner.

So my style of working is that I calm myself first and then do the things with my full heart and effort.

RNT: Where do you find the inspiration for your public speaking topics? What is your motivating factor?

JK: I have a habit of thinking and writing. Whatever I feel that yes this thing is not happening in the society as it should be.

I write it as my feelings in my diary. So I speak whatever I feel is necessary to talk about these days, for example, I spoke about the real wealth…

I personally felt that necessary because people have been so anxious these days because of money and show off by others.

RNT: What is your work schedule like when you’re working on a project? How long does it take you to draft your speech?

JK: It takes me about 1-2 hours to script it and ya, of course, making a video takes time but ya when it’s ready then u r in the seventh heaven it gives u a lot of happiness.

RNT: What do you think makes you different from others?

JK: Everyone is good in one or another thing. I just try to explore and encourage others also to explore themselves. I speak what I feel, I think that’s what makes me different from others

RNT: How many public speaking shows have you done until now? Can you share a few of your best experiences with us? 

JK: I have done many at my school level also. Best ones were 2 ..this one which was a national level contest by RNTalks and an international level contest by Kohli finishing.

These were really awesome. The shows at my school level too were so inspiring and motivating!!

Once I dressed up as Indra Gandhi Ji and gave her speech. I got 2nd prize in that competition. This was the one I can’t forget as when I look back at my get up.

I was really exaggerating myself as Indra Gandhi and told my friends to have some fear of me 😂😂I was in class 9 at that time. Such contests have a special place in my heart.

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RNT: What are your achievements in life till now? Can you share a few of your experiences that helped you evolve as a person?

JK: I have a good number of certificates of Co-curricular activities and academic scores also.

I have attended many seminars, for example, the sessions of Jasobant sir. These experiences made me more passionate about my speaking skills.

I have been the second runner up at national and international level public speaking contest. I think it’s just the beginning and I m looking forward to more of them

RNT: What are the key points to bear in mind when someone attempts to speak on a public forum?

JK: Key points to be kept in mind are

  • the positive message in your speech
  • good starting which catches the interest of audience.
  • interaction with the audience not only giving a speech
  • fluency and mind set up as to what u have to speak about.
  • good confidence and communication skills
  • your personality
  • good ending

RNT: What are your hobbies that help you unwind and what do you like to do when you’re free?

JK: Whenever I get time… I read novels as I love them and more often I make videos just like bloggers do.

I usually take interview of my family (that’s the strangest thing anyone can do) but yes, I don’t post them. I just keep them to myself.

Sometimes I take some funny interviews also about a family member when he’s not at home and then I show it to him that look what everyone thinks about u😂😂

RNT: Tell us about your most recent work, who inspired you, and how was it?

JK: My most recent work is participation in the contest organised by RNTalks only. Ranjeeta ma’am was so kind as to help me out in every difficulty and my family, of course, inspired me to take part 😊

RNT: How did you develop the skill of speaking so engagingly in front of groups?

JK: I think the practice that I have been doing since long and the large no. Of participations, I had taken helped me a lot

RNT: How can someone become a more assertive public speaker?

JK: It just takes a mind set up. When you know what you have to speak and you have an urge to convince and motivate people… You definitely become an assertive public speaker

RNT: Are you considering a career transition? What are some other areas that might be a good fit for you?

JK: Otherwise, I m pursuing science but I think I can be a good anchor too… I have always wanted to be.

Anchoring is my passion and science is my love. When you enter a contest sometimes you lose and sometimes you win.

RNT: What do you want to say to those who could not make it in the first 5 of your category?

I would just say that life isn’t about winning or losing but it’s more about participating. How can winning or losing a competition decide your future?

Losing the contest doesn’t mean you don’t have any talent. Every person is worthy. Sometimes we are not just able to express what we actually want to.

And yes it is very important to express your natural thought because copying the internet is the thing everyone can do… U have to be original.

RNT: What is your motto in life? Tell us about your next project and when will it be available to the public?

JK: My motto in life is just to become an inspiration to others. So that I can inspire and motivate others also.

At the time I have no project but let’s hope for the best. I m looking forward to becoming an anchor

RNT: Tell us about your association and experience with RNTalks.

JK: As I have already told. Ranjeeta ma’am is such a wonderful person… I just love her nature. Personality is the thing that matters the most. And her personality is just awesome.

Such a cooperative person. I must say she is one of the amazing people I have ever met 💞and I really thank the team for organising and managing everything in such a beautiful manner. Thank you.

RNT: WOW, that’s awesome! Jasmine, on behalf of RNTalks, I wish you all the best for your future in writing. Any special message or any suggestions you would like to share with your visitors and fans which you think would help them become a better speaker or evolve as a person?

JK: Ya.. My only message to the readers is that be orignal always! You are just wonderful. Your originality is the one which will take u to success path. And I thank you for reading my chats 👍💞keep supporting and loving me😊

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