What Are The Duties of a Career Counsellor?

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What Are The Duties of a Career Counsellor?

What Are The Duties of a Career Counsellor
What Are The Duties of a Career Counsellor

Career counsellors are normally employed in academic environments, assisting students in formulating future educational or career routes.

They typically assist clients in evaluating their abilities and interests, overcoming difficulties and obstacles, and acquire necessary soft skills.

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Moreover, they may help people in discovering how to job hunt, including associated activities such as writing resumes, interviewing, and drafting cover letters.

Professional Career Counsellor Job Description Template

When drafting your career counsellor job description, be sure to highlight several significant and essential skills.

You’ll need to attract applicants who are excellent communicators, as well as sympathetic hearers who can display true empathy toward clients.

Finally, your career counsellor job specification should specify educational and licensing specifications.

Most exemplary applicants should hold a master’s degree in counselling or a relevant field, as well as state-issued credentials.

Look at our model to get an idea of what essentials to incorporate in your job posting.

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Career Counsellor Job Summary

Your next chance to support people and make a difference might rest in our open career counsellor position.

As part of the career services centre for a huge public university, you’ll contribute a wealth of valuable information in key sectors such as career discovery and outlining, interviewing skills, resume writing and soft skills etc.

You’ll also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with different students, playing an important role e as a guide or mentor in supporting these individuals shape their futures.

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Communication with our assorted student body in an affirming, positive environment provides you with the intangible advantages of putting your interpersonal communication expertise to work in coaching and guiding our learners.

Also, you’ll enjoy a competitive pay and bonuses package along with opportunities for growth and progression.

Job Responsibilities

What Are The Duties of a Career Counsellor
What Are The Duties of a Career Counsellor

Guide learners in determining their interests and experiences using a wide range of techniques, such as aptitude assessments, interviews and planning elements.

Counsel specific students, assisting with them to support in the development of both hard plus soft skills.

Conduct group workshops on a diversity of topics, including writing resumes and cover letters, successful job interviewing, using university employment databases and career development resources, researching graduate programs, and likewise.

Operate with students to overcome problems that could undermine their academic or career achievement.

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Help learners craft a long-term plan for attaining their career objectives.

Connect learners to extra resources such as vocational training, financial aid, extensive counselling and therapy services, medical care providers, or additional state and local assistance as required.

Plan and broadcast the career services centre’s programs and events such as job fairs, workshops, and orientation assemblies.

Collaborate with professors, staff and other pupil services groups to support achieve university-wide purposes and contribute to its long-range planning

Job Skills & Qualifications


Master’s degree in career counselling, education, or similar field

Clear a background check and drug screening

Possess a current state-issued Resident Educator License


Two years of active classroom teaching background or prior background experience as a career counsellor

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What Are The Duties of a Career Counsellor
What Are The Duties of a Career Counsellor

Hiring a career counsellor suggests finding a candidate with a refined balance of skills and the sensitivity required to lead students in making job choices that will determine the rest of their lives.

Your hiring choices are no less critical, and perhaps the most important tool in your recruitment method is a skillfully designed, thoughtfully planned job responsibilities section within your career counsellor job description.

Many companies make the blunder of providing either too much or too little data in job descriptions.

Too much information and applicants won’t bother to read the data dump, but too little and your model candidate might cross you by without the knowledge required to know if they want the job.

Strike a balance by developing your career counsellor job description down into 8-10 effective bullets points, next make those bullets count by commencing each sentence with a dynamic action verb.

Sample Career Counsellor Job Responsibilities

To see how this operates in an application, review our sample career counsellor job responsibilities:

Advise undergraduate and graduate-level scholars on career development and possibilities after university graduation.

Provide awareness on useful coursework and degree programs sustaining career aspirations.

Offer focus and clarity to striving learners in selecting career paths and majors.

Monitor student progress and reports to resolve potential problems
Plan weekly reports for submission to the department head.

Career Counsellor Job Specifications

You now have a good opinion of what you do and don’t want in a candidate.

The next step is to communicate that in your career counsellor job description.

By incorporating a job qualifications and skills section in the job description, you can cut down on undesired applications from applicants who just aren’t suited for the profession.

Save yourself time and effort by selecting on the traits you unquestionably can’t live without in a career counsellor, and consolidate them into a list of 5-6 criteria candidates can screen themselves against.

If you’re not certain what criteria to use for the role, examine factors such as experience, education level, and the type of personality most fitted for the job.

Combine these concepts with feedback from individuals the career counsellor will work with and your expertise of the skills that best define your company’s culture.

Using these procedures, you can refine your career counsellor job description.

Here’s how we drafted our sample career counsellor job specifications:

  • Master’s degree in sociology, psychology, psychiatry, education or related discipline needed.
  • Ph.D. preferred.
  • At least 5 years of expertise working with undergraduate and graduate-level scholars in a university environment.
  • Capacity to remain neutral during dealing with sensitive situations.
  • Exceptional tact, diplomacy and conflict resolving skills.

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