Benefits Of Career Guidance In Schools

Benefits Of Career Guidance In Schools

Benefits Of Career Guidance In Schools
Benefits Of Career Guidance In Schools

“True guidance is like a small torch in a dark forest. It doesn’t show everything once. But gives enough light for the next step to be safe”

–Swami Vivekananda

Guidance in all its forms is essential for one’s existence.

Human life is an ode to a journey that commences at birth, prospers satisfactorily under the guidance from the surroundings, parents, peers, sometimes rivals, and of course mentors.

The word “guidance” dawned back in the 1530s and is explained as the method of directing conduct.

Throughout an individual’s life, he/she comes across multiple opportunities and decisive crossroads.

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Such a circumstance needs to be handled with an extreme perception of one’s ability and enthusiasm.

This is only worthwhile when there is a substantial foundation of self-awareness and forthcoming opportunities.

This methodical approach is called Career Guidance.

Career guidance could be termed as “A comprehensive, developmental program intended to support individuals in conceiving and executing knowledgeable educational and occupational preferences.”

Career Guidance And Some Crucial Stages

Benefits Of Career Guidance In Schools
Benefits Of Career Guidance In Schools

Scholars at various crossroads in their lives need Career Guidance.

Learners of 9th – 10th Grade

This stage demands the utmost caution as it lays the groundwork for the careers of the respective learners.

The decisions adopted at this stage will render a direction towards what the person desires to do in the future.

Learners of 11th -12th Grade

This stage necessitates some critical guidance as learners about this grade are conforming to appear for some of the most difficult admission or entrance exams in the nation.

The progress of their career bandwagon is directly proportional to excelling in these exams and getting their coveted institution.

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Despite being so fundamental, career guidance has not been reaching the learners in India at the significant crossroads of their careers.

Here is why –

  1. Pitiful Counsellor to Student Ratio.
  2. No law for having a compulsory Career Counsellor in Institutions.
  3. Deficiency of knowledge.
  4. “Follow the herd” intellect

Advantages of Career Guidance in Schools

Career Guidance may appear like a rare sight in today’s schooling system in India.

But it is steadily picking up its momentum as institutions and parents understand the significance of owning Career Guidance centres within their institution.

Components of Career Guidance

Benefits Of Career Guidance In Schools
Benefits Of Career Guidance In Schools

The following can be determined as the components of genuine career guidance:

Availability of a Certified Career Counsellor

It is very essential to have a qualified guide or counsellor who is Certified and who understands a student’s requirements.

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This person will be the chief individual to communicate and provide guidance to the learners and hence, must possess essential soft-skills, should be empathetic and understand the ever-changing training environment and compare it successfully to a person’s career.

A Safe Environment

A learner requires to open up and interact freely with the counsellor or guide to ensure proper progress of guidance from a counsellor to the learner.

This is only viable if there is a favourable environment that supports the unrestricted flow of communication and provides a feeling of security to the learners which makes them feel at peace to address their problems with the counsellor.

Foundation of Confidence and Trust

In most of the career guidance situations, the only guidance a person has is the view of his/her parents, judgments of the teachers, perception, and opinions of neighbours, encounters, and experiences of friends or peers.

While they might be impartial and reasonable, they cannot be relied upon as they do not hold sufficient testimony.

Career Guidance has to overcome this shortage of evidence by presenting proven facts, scientific solutions that are straightforward to comprehend and achieve.

This will create a foundation of trust and faith in the mind of the learners.

Progressive Career Guidance Policy

A progressive career guidance policy will assist schools to achieve the subsequent benefits:

  • Realising the true potential of their learners.
  • Determining the right career path.
  • Designing a road map for the learners to achieve different career milestones.
  • Rendering a reassurance to parents that their children are in the best hands.
  • Helping teachers recognise the individual needs of every learner.
  • To promote the smooth functioning of the schools.

Although having such a sturdy career guidance policy may seem like a challenge momentarily, several companies provide the necessary means to set up viable counselling centres within the schools.

These Counselling organizations provide solutions to those who are contemplating to set up their own career counselling company and career guidance enterprise.

It helps entrepreneurs who are looking ahead to starting their venture in the future by rendering the following benefits:

  • Technological Support
  • Global certification from UCLA Extension
  • Expert direction on setting up a career counselling business
  • Branding of the business
  • Help and support
  • Regularly refreshed information on guidance and counselling and much more…

It is an excellent solution to set up a high-powered Career Guidance opportunity within the schools in India.

The only question persists, “Are you ready to take that leap?”

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