Meet and Greet Bhavika Lamba

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Meet And Greet Bhavika Lamba

Bhavika Lamba born to a Punjabi family in Alwar Rajasthan with a rich cultural family background studying in eighth grade.

From the essence of Bengal and Punjab , Bhavika was born and brought up in alwar Rajasthan .

She is a full package of a fun loving , curious , exploring and creative personality.

Bhavika Lambais a joyous person with all rounding skills like dancing, painting, acting, and also has a really good hand at writing poetry.

She is an extrovert and always create happiness for herself and people around her , as she truly believes that happiness and positivity are the only 2 aspects of life which are remembered in good memories.

In her free time, Bhavika Lamba loves watching movies, painting, dancing, chatting and the list goes beyond.

She is very fond of participating in debates, skits, and extracurricular activities and along with it, she excels in academics.

She has a very smart and genuine personality which attracts people towards her.

Bhavika Lamba loves to communicate with new people with different interests because exploring new things and meeting new people make her happy.

She is entertaining and humorous ,can make anybody laugh she leaves a spark of light wherever she goes.

She is an extrovert and her nature is very friendly and shares a good bond with all her friends and family members.

She can make anybody comfortable with her and reliable to share their secrets, her good communication skills also make people attracted towards her.

Though she is passionate about her goals and focuses on her study she loves to indulge in drawing, and dancingtoo.

Listening to music and writing poems are her hobbies she enjoys watching Bollywood movies.

Her life is enriched by her four best friends and the parents because they always motivate her at every point of life and support her to take new challenges.

At last, she is a diamond, precious and rare. Not a stone, that’s found everywhere.

Bhavika took part in the national online talent show in Creative Quest 2020 held on RNTalks platform and bagged the 2nd Position.

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