7 Things To Know About Career Counselling

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7 Things To Know about Career Counselling

7 Things To Know About Career Counselling
7 Things To Know About Career Counselling

Career counselling is fast developing as a favourite choice among learners.

In a conversation with stoodnt.com, Bakhtawar Krishnan, Managing Director, Inspirus Education, shared her insights on some very relevant points about career counselling.

The Appropriate Age For Students To Go For Career Counselling

Ideally, the right circumstances for students to start shortlisting their career opportunities are in class 9.

However, as we all understand at that point in time, learners are very preoccupied and are inquisitive to explore various opportunities.

So, preparing them to start formulating and training can be pretty cumbersome.

We also require to understand that learners’ perceptions, desires and aversions change quite drastically at that stage in life.

This often leads to uncertainty and disappointment among parents.

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Very frequently, we overhear parents lamenting that their child is not serious about their future.

Some of the common statements we listen include

“Yesterday my child desired to study astrophysics, and now it is to be a healthcare expert. My kid is so indecisive!!”

Our Recommendation Would Be: Don’t Panic!

7 Things To Know About Career Counselling
7 Things To Know About Career Counselling

A certified counsellor would pave the way for the student to surmise his/her powers and vulnerabilities and will support the learner to investigate without being biased or judgmental.

At every undergrad level, the most favoured course is of engineering, medicine, and computer science.

Nonetheless, circumstances are improving.

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Lately, we had a student who pursued a 4year undergrad program in Photography in the US.

Business Studies as an domain has also picked up considerably.

Key Tips To Learn While Seeking Admittance In Colleges Abroad

7 Things To Know About Career Counselling
7 Things To Know About Career Counselling

Other than the reality that finance is a significant concern area, I think the most crucial factor to keep in cognisance is your own child’s “adjustability factor.”

Going abroad for studies does seem very exciting, and most learners see it through rose-tinted glasses, the reality is quite contrary.

Students require to be emotionally tough to face life and a lot of things which they would otherwise take for granted if they were studying in their own homeland.

Making Adjustments Can Be Taxing

Adjusting to a different culture, new education methodology and new buddies can be quite demanding for a lot of learners.

Food also makes a difference, and one of the most overlooked facets like the weather can perform an crucial role in the well-being of the child.

We, as Indians, are habitual to seeing bright sunshine on most days of the year.

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I have witnessed far too many students going into despair because the weather outside their apartment is cold, gloomy, cold and dreary.

So be cautious while picking your university and its topographical location.

Importance Of Extracurricular For Admission In Colleges Abroad

7 Things To Know About Career Counselling
7 Things To Know About Career Counselling

Extra-curricular projects are vital and essential for every learner, whether they are joining colleges in India or abroad.

They improve and strengthen the student’s overall perseverance and soft skills like learning to cope with situations, team play, leadership skills, listening to authority etc.

Most US multiversities do not look only at academics for awarding admissions.

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They study at the students’ profile holistically.

They provide extra-curricular activities as much attention as your scholastic profile.

Hence, managing your extra-curricular becomes practically mandatory when you are applying to universities abroad.

Top Myths About Studying Abroad

These are the several popular myths that learners have. Nevertheless, studying abroad requires hard work, tenacity, self-discipline and focus.

Studying abroad is plenty of fun.

It’s simple to study abroad

I will have an amusement when I am there

Financial Aids Open for Indian Students Studying Abroad

7 Things To Know About Career Counselling
7 Things To Know About Career Counselling

There are numerous scholarships open for learners wanting to study in India or abroad.

There are scholarships available for women in engineering, scholarships for schoolgirls etc.

Scholarships differ from scholar to scholar and university to university.

Still, please record that scholarships are free money and therefore difficult to get.

Learners will have to be determined, detail-focused and prepared when they appeal for scholarships.

Loans are easy to procure but do bear in mind the rate of interest as including the tenure of the loan or repayment/pre-payment plan.

Several service providers in India give advance to learners (scholars) without any collateral up to an expense of INR 50 lacs.

Suggestions For Students Who Will Apply To Universities Abroad

Please don’t misplace your focus. Retain in your conscience that you are there to study, so do not permit distractions to develop in the process of your studies.

This is not to assume that you should not enjoy. In fact, it is necessary to go out and socialise, but within boundaries.

Also, one of the benefits of studying abroad is you are exposed to an assorted group of scholars from over the globe. Please make the most of it.

Please do not cling to people from your nation (though that is the most obvious thing to do).

Grow out of your comfort zone and make that attempt to meet new people, learn a new language etc.

Do take up summer jobs and utilise the money that you have merited to travel the country.

It will be a delightful and a unique experience for you to come back (once your studies are done) and explore. Respect the local customs.

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