Meet and Greet Divisha Singh

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Divisha Singh is a 6 years old cute girl the only lifeline (single child) of her parents.

She is a cheerful, intelligent and bubbly child. She lives in Patna, Bihar.

She celebrates her birthday on 6th December with her friends and family.

Her father’s name is Dr Abhishek Kumar and  mother’s name is Dr Dipti Raj. She study in standard 1 C in Notre Dame Academy.

She loves going to school. She has respect for all her teachers and loves all her friends.

Her favourite subject is Arithmetic and English. She enjoys drawing, colouring and making cute cards, so she dreams to become a drawing teacher when she grow up old.

Sometimes she writes short stories and her parents love those stories and encourage her a lot to do more.

She does exercise daily with her mother. Her father is her best friend. She calls him babu ji and he calls her beta ji.

She loves solving puzzles from books and given by her mother. She love holidays as her parents take her to new places which are interesting and beautiful.

Her hobbies are reading and listening bedtimes stories and watching cartoons. She loves eating ice-cream, paneer and chicken.

Her favourite drink is chocolate milk and mojito. Her favourite fruits are mango and litchi, so she likes summer.

She likes winter too as she loves making snow man during her vacations on hills. Her favourite game is monopoly, barbies with kitchen sets, bat ball and visiting kids town.

She like to see Disney princess movies. She loves spending her time with her friends and cousins.

She is elder to many of her cousins so she is caring and protective to them.

She love them all and they love her even more. She is their favourite and of her family too.

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