Best Essay on Mobile Phones

Best Essay on Mobile Phones

By:- Naina Sharma

Nowadays mobile phones are the main source for everything either we talk about education, any sort of transactions or meetings, etc. 

As each and every individual needs a mobile phone whether he/she is a teenager, adult or a kid. Mobile phones stand out to be very important in day-to-day life. 

For example, if I talk about adults, they need phones to contact others by chatting or calling. 

Best Essay on Mobile Phones
Best Essay on Mobile Phones

They also need phones for several meetings of office or society. If I talk about kids, especially students, they need majorly as in today’s scenario everything is online so they have to attend everything on mobiles.

Coming to online classes for education, they are being held in mobile phones/laptops which anyhow affect children very much. 

Children are so much indulged that they are taking help of mobile phones for everything even if it is not required. 

They are somehow becoming dependent on these phones rather than using their brains to work as they used to do earlier when schools were the sources of tasks. 

They are engrossed in mobiles as they are getting equipped with the mentality that without phones there is no work that could be done.

Now, if we talk about adults, I want to highlight the main point that is in this pandemic offices are shut and everyone is at home so all the work burden comes under these phones. 

People have to attend conferences, and document everything on mobile without even getting a sigh of relief. 

Since men, working women, and children are at home, all the burdens of the household have increased and due to all such pressures many of them are inculcating various problems and diseases such as body pains, hypertension, stress, anxiety, etc.

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    This was about the impact of mobile phones during this time (pandemic). There are a lot more advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones which is listed below keeping all circumstances in mind.

    Talking about the pros of mobiles, mobile phones help us to do video calling, voice calling, chatting, gaining information, booking online tickets, online shopping, and online consultation with doctors if needed through video calls, etc. 

    Mobile phones are also beneficial for children studying in this generation as classes are held online due to pandemics, participation in different quizzes, learning boot camp coding, mathematics by byjus, etc. 

    Since students cannot go to school, they can contact their friends or teachers who are a call away due to mobile phones. 

    Working men and women can manage them all work without even going to offices. They can talk and attend meetings with their clients without traveling around the world.

    Things having pros undergo cons as well. As if something has advantages there come to its disadvantages as well. 

    In today’s era children are more into mobile phones and with mobile phones comes many cybercrimes. 

    Daily many cases get registered of cyberbullying and cybercrime which may affect children too.

    They get into such situations unknowingly as mobile phones provide a way to the wide social media networks. 

    Best Essay on Mobile Phones
    Best Essay on Mobile Phones

    Too much usage of mobile phones is affecting students’ concentration on their studies and ultimately their results also. 

    Mobile phones also have a wide effect on the eyes of children if used excessively. Parents are also suffering for their children in this generation. 

    If there are two or more children in a house then parents need to buy mobile phones for their education and thus building a lot of financial pressure in this overall pandemic.

    There is some change which is been observed in the kids of this generation. They are becoming mature before the age due to mobile phones as parents and children are spending more time on various screens at home.

    This is seriously affecting their health and now a new study reveals that students are making excessive use of their mobile phones during the lockdown. 

    The more time children spent with their screens, the less time they spent with their family.

    While useful to remain connected, devices can be a poor substitute for in-person interactions that help children; particularly very young children develop valuable social skills. 

    In response, many parents have sought to impose restrictions on their children’s technology usage.

    According to studies, too much time spent on your phone is bad for your focus and mental health. 

    So it needs to be reduced by various methods. Such as, kids should be encouraged more towards the physical activities such as playing helping at home, and doing some beneficial work in different fields. 

    Talking about adults, they need to manage schedules and make a proper timetable for their work so that they can spare time for their kids which may reduce their attention towards phones because of yours. 

    Mobile phones are good to be used and intact to technology but over a limited time as there should be individuality in us to be independent and work without phones.

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