nidhi bansal Strength In Togetherness

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Strength In Togetherness

Nidhi Bansal seeks recognition through her poetry & recitations on YouTube.

For this homemaker, it all started off as a hobby, doing daily chores in the kitchen.

Reading and writing her mind aloud, declutters her life, and makes her feel liberated from the clutches of worldly conventions.

She participates (and often wins accolades) in poetry competitions. She takes open mic performances & stage programs seriously, paints, likes dancing and runs marathons beside other cool things.

Nidhi has a knack of expressing her feelings through writtten words that in turn cultivates an impressive audience for her creations.

Watch out for this all-rounder!

Strength In Togetherness

The definition of our relationship seems so blurred
Breathing heavily between yes and no
Sighing between exclamations and question marks
Expressing between living and leaving
Believing between you there and will you be there?
I do not know where I stand
Love sneaks its way between us
Is that true, or we are just trying to rechristen
our friendship
Our fingers entwine
No strings strung
I fail to feel the emotion
I fail to feel the tug
Yet, it is so you
You seep into my veins
You infuse a feeling latent
You hold me, to hold a raging storm
In the calm of my eye
Our eyes firm on each other
Depicting defining summarizing
We.. give in
We found our strength in togetherness
We found our meaning of love
Looking outwardly… In the same direction!!

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