A Motivating Evening With Ranjana Majumdar- Interview

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A Motivating Evening With Ranjana Majumdar- Interview

A Motivating Evening With Ranjana Majumdar- Interview
A Motivating Evening With Ranjana Majumdar- Interview

Interviewing common people and sharing their uncommon stories with you all is the main motive behind RNTalks. Today we bring to you all Mrs. Ranjana Majumdar who has learned to faced adversities with a pinch of salt and with a big smile. We hope you enjoy reading about her and we as well as Ranjana Majumdar would love to read your views in the comment section.

Good morning, Ranjana Majumdar. It’s great to be chatting with you here. Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself? 🙂

By profession, I am a teacher but I am very much interested in handicraft also. I love making candles, flowers, dolls, soft toys and hold exhibitions of the same. I also enjoy singing, dancing, painting, and traveling. Writing poems gives me a kind of mental satisfaction

Ranjana ji I would like you to think back to five years. Did you envision your career as it is today? What are the changes that you can see?

These past years have made me more worldly-wise. At this age, I decided to give a flight to my poems.

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Somewhere at some point in our lives, everyone encounters a difficult situation. Can you tell me about a time when you had faced one? How did you handle the situation?

About 20 years back my husband lost his job. We were thunderstruck but I held the helm. I started giving tuitions and started a small boutique. Later on, it picked up very well.

But by the grace of God, the bad time passed very quickly. My husband got another job and we were on the line.

You are an excellent wordsmith Ranjana Majumdar, and can comfortably write in both Hindi and English languages so when did you first realize you wanted to be a poet/writer/ or the profession you follow?

I was born and brought up in Lucknow so I know Hindi, English, and Urdu. Being a Bengali I am well versed in the Bengali language also.

Besides these, I learned Gujarati and Punjabi when we stayed in those places while my husband was in the job.

But Hindi was like my mother tongue and being among the Hindi speaking people I naturally chose this language.

That was a great piece of news. Each individual has his own style of working, how would you describe your own personal style?

Yes, God has made everyone in a different way. I do not know how to define myself but I know that I am a simple person…. in my behaviour or in my writings. I have a simple way of writing. Urdu influenced me a lot.

Consequently, my language is Urdu tinted. I write for a common man so my style is not very fancy.

So, Ranjana ji can you tell us Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts/poems? What is your motivating factor?

See… inspiration can come from any direction or from everywhere. Thoughts come to me when I am walking, traveling or even cooking.

Anything can spark the chain of thoughts… a rainy day on a metro train, a beggar bent double with age or idols of deities abandoned on the road… a poet is very sensitive to everything around him or her.

I absolutely agree that inspiration can come from anywhere. Can you tell us what is your work schedule like when you’re writing? How long does it take you to write a poem?

I have no fixed timings. In the mornings I am busy at my institute. In the evenings I write.

You will laugh… but many of my poems were written on the metro train while commuting to my workplace.

As far as time to write a poem is concerned it could be anything between half an hour and a day.

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Ranjana ji, what do you think makes you different from others?

As I told earlier I can not stand hypocrisy. If I do not like something I can not make fake praises. Honesty and transparency in your behaviour is a must.

How old were you Ranjana ji when you wrote your first poem/article?

Hmm… I think I was 15 or 16 years old when I first wrote a poem.

Wow! How many poems/articles have you written till now? Can you share a few links of your favourite articles or a few lines of a poem close to your heart with our readers?

Somewhere around 200, including both Hindi and English. As I am not a blogger I am sharing with you some of the lines of my own poem, Dhoop Pari sabere sabere kisi ne dawaze par dastak di main uneendi aankhen malte huye neend ki aagosh se bahar nikla chowkhat par subah ki sunehri dhoop pari khari thee

And a few lines of one of my English poems…

Drops falling down   pure full and fast
So close to my heart yet will not long last
The swell in my heart the waves in my mind
Jasmine blooming all around and
Scent hanging from the vine

Ranjana ji what are your achievements in life till now? Can you share a few of your experiences that helped you evolve as a person?

Life itself is a series of experiences. I was cheated and I was helped from unknown quarters. They all built my perspective of life.

What are the key points to bear in mind when someone attempts to write poetry, prose-poetry, prose?

Knowledge of language and the way of presentation on stage are the key points to bear in mind when someone attempts to write poetry, prose-poetry, prose.

I agree. What are your hobbies that destress you and what do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Multiple hobbies keep me busy including all kinds of fine arts. Listening to old songs and sing along is a real de-stressing way for me.

Ranjana ji, tell us about your most recent work and who inspired you?

The recent poem was my poem written for KSHITIJ yesterday night. As far as inspiration is concerned then none else but the KSHITIJ team.

Can you share with us how did you develop the skill of speaking so engagingly in front of groups?

Speaking with students gave me the required confidence. My profession needs a good stock of vocabulary plus my hobby of reading honed my skill of speaking I think.

Talking about public speaking can you throw light on how can someone become a more assertive public speaker?

A good listener can be a good speaker also. You also require a good knowledge of the subject you are going to talk about.

Are you considering a career transition? What are some other areas that might be a good fit for you?

Not at the moment but yes I could have taken some different routes also like handicraft business.

Where can your fans purchase your book when you write one, Ranjana ji?

I am trying to get my books published. Amazon is there…. after that we will see what has the FATE in store for me.

Ranjana ji we have spoken about so many things so I would take the liberty to ask you a question – what is your motto in life?

My motto in life is to keep my family and friends happy and do something for the destitute.

According to you, Ranjana ji what are the top 3 factors that one has to keep in mind while trying to write a successful blog post/poem/story/or to face any challenges in life?

Courage, determination, initiative, knowledge, and its proper use are the essential qualities one should have to be successful in any field of life.

You are a Kshitij Parinda. Tell us about your association and experience with Kshitij. Also, can you elaborate on what does it mean by this phrase “Kshitij Parinda?”

As the name explains it means HORIZON. That is exactly what KSHITIJ does to everyone who comes in its contact. There your imagination sores high to touch the infinity.

How has Kshitij changed your life?

I am more deeply involved in writing after joining KSHITIJ. I wish for its sparkling future.

On a scale of 1-10 how will you rate RNTalks?

If you put it that way then I would give 10/10 to RNTalks for the wonderful job they are doing of motivating and inspiring people.

Ranjana ji, any special message or any suggestions you would like to share with your visitors/fans which you think would help them become a better writer/or evolve as a person? 

I would say read a lot. Try to be a good person. Everything good will come to you at the right time.

WOW!  that was an awesome interview with Mrs. Ranjana Majumdar. On behalf of RNTalks, I wish her all the best for her future in writing and we have a small video for you where you can see her share some of her experiences.

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