Meet And Greet Saanvi Yadav

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Meet And Greet Saanvi Yadav

Saanvi Yadav, is a talkative girl from the traditional state Rajasthan (Alwar).
She is from an adventurous family who believes in moral values.

Born on 12 May 2015, she studies in grade 1 in Alwar’s well-known school (Alwar Public School). She is an obedient and sincere girl.

She is always excited to explore new places. She has visited Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and her birthplace Rajasthan and still has a lot more to explore.

Talent is a gift of God: a very well saying. Saanvi is gifted with a beautiful voice and a creative mind.

Apart from studies, she is keen to learn dancing, singing, and painting in her spare time.

She learns dancing and singing from Youtube and TV independently on her own. Talking about her creativeness, she is interested in art and craft.

She has a very sharp memory through which she has done a lot of things at a very small age.

Apart from this, she is interested in cycling, and she likes to dress up like a princess. Her favourite colour is pink, and she wants everything in pink colour.

She loves to enjoy festivals and is eager to know the stories behind them.

She is very caring, sensitive, and quite attached to her dear ones. Saanvi also performs yoga and goes for a walk with her grandparents.

She is very energetic and takes an interest in different activities of the house. She readily develops a friendship with her classmates.

Saanvi is a cheerful girl and can do wonders in life with sheer determination.

Saanvi took part in the national online talent show in Creative Quest 2020 held on RNTalks platform and bagged the 1st Position in Vocal Music (KDCAT-1).

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