40 Inspirational Quotes on Life and Relationships

Time is like a coin. How you have to spend it is only determined by you.
-Vanshika Kochhar

For me, every person is like a coin either we lie to ourselves or from others, we don’t show others what our true self is and so we all have two sides: the one we want to be and the one we really are.
-Kai Lovis

The only way to survive in this world is to follow the will of time by closing the previous, saddest, and darkest moments of life. Our dreams should be kept alive.
-Manju Lata

The first key to happiness in life is — don’t keep on thinking about the past. If we accept all challenges in life, God will shower His blessings in the form of happiness in our lives.
-Suraksha Khurana

The right approach in life always gives fruitful results.
Manju Lata

Applause by the spectators boost not only the morale of the performer but also amuses the souls of the spectators.
-Geeta Nigam

Your success in life depends on the approach you follow.
-Mukesh Bhatnagar

Simplicity is all about your thoughts, and how they impact others to deal with a complex situation
-Akta Sehgal Malhotra

People who have good intentions make promises but only people with good character can keep them.
-Vanshika Kochhar

Happiness in life lies in the small things which aren’t materialistic, and we humans run behind all that is big and materialistic, such nincompoops we are.
-Akta Sehgal Malhotra

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