Podcast: 13 Ways To Develop A More Vibrant Personality PART 2

It is not enough to be attractive outwardly to develop a vibrant personality; you also need a quality known as INNER CHARM or CHARISMA. It is a charm that comes from within.

A trainer and a technique combine to bring out this talent’s INNER CHARM. We must learn how to make it work. Knowledge is not enough. We must also acquire wisdom. Even more than knowledge, wisdom consists of ideals, aims, and purposes.

Character is an important component of wisdom. Individuals’ personalities and characters are highly influenced by ideals and ideas.

Physical appearance is the most obvious thing we observe about a person. A person’s outward appearance is likely to be the first thing they judge. A person’s first impression is formed by what they see before they hear him or her speak.

Underneath the outer clothes is the silhouette that matters most. In order for a figure to be attractive, its posture must be strong. By developing a rhythymic walk that is balanced in motion, one will develop grace in all his movements. To know more listen to the podcast…

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