RNTalks Proud to Host Best Selling Author Mr. Tanmay Dubey

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RNTalks Proud to Host Best Selling Author Mr. Tanmay Dubey

RNTalks Proud to Host Mr. Tanmay Dubey

We at RNTalks are proud to introduce you all to our guest Mr. Tanmay Dubey on our PrimeTime Show.

Tanmay Dubey is the Founder and CEO of Catalyst Inc, he is the best selling author of 4 Books, JUST SIX EVENINGS (2014), THE AMIGOS (2016), THE REDLINE (2019) and DNA of a Champion Sales Person (2019).

He has 20 years of leadership experience in IT MNC companies and is now working as a Book Writing Coach helping Corporate leaders, Coaches aspiring Coaches Trainers to Write Publish and Become a Best Selling Author in 90 Days.

He also coaches them to start earning One lakh a month from their Best Selling Book.

A fitness enthusiast, Tanmay Dubey is also an IronMan Triathlete, he has done over 25 marathons and is a long-distance cyclist by passion.


Happiness is the elementary need of an individual that depends upon your success in almost every walk of life.

Right Guidance is that we all strive for that can bring about the desired change in our lives.

Only lucky few turns are able to procure expert advises in fulfilling their dreams. 

It is being said that perseverance, time and guidance, altogether can change the pace of wheel of fortune of our lives.

But at times, mere determination cannot bag you desired results in the absence of right guidance and at the right notch of the time.

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