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RNTalks Swami Vivekananda Karmaveera Award

We at RNTalks introduce the coveted RNTalks Swami Vivekananda Karmaveera Award (RSVKA) for all Karmaveeras, i.e. Mentors, Motivators, Influencers, Institution heads, authors NGOs and Entrepreneurs. 

We will be honouring those Karmaveeras who have dedicated their lives to Nation and Society through art & culture, sports, education, etc. for their contribution to their respective fields. 

Having no idea who is who, where they work, and what they accomplish, we prefer that they self-nominate themselves so that we can identify them.

All you (Karmaveeras) have to do is come forward and self-nominate yourselves or those who you think deserve this award. Retired or in-service, if you have contributed in building ‘India’ as a nation then you are a Karmaveera and are eligible.

There will be 50 nominations accepted for Karmaveeras, and a voting mandate will select 1 Karmayogi.

Difference Between A Karamaveer And A Karmayogi

Karamaveer is a hardworking hero who toils inspites of all odds to bring about a change in the society he/she lives in by positively impacting lives and spreading positivity.

Karmayogi is dedicated to one’s duties and trying to the best of one’s ability without being attached to rewards or outcomes such as success or failure, it is a person who takes rightful action without attachment to fruits or manipulation by the results

RNTalks Swami Vivekananda Karmaveera Award (RSVKA) is the most prestigious and coveted Award for Karamaveeras and karmayogis. The award has been instituted by RNTalks LLP, a registered company under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs – Government of India (AAQ-1943). 

RSVKA (RNTalks Swami Vivekananda Karmaveera Award) is named after Swami Vivekananda who was an Indian Hindu monk, philosopher and author.

The RNTalks Swami Vivekananda Karmaveera Award functions on a unique nomination and voting system, where nominees need to get at least maximum votes in order to be selected for the Karmayogi award.

The Award ceremony comprises addressing eminent personalities from various walks of life, presentation of the awards, and certificate to the winners.

The RSVKA does not only recognize individuals but also institutions and companies who have helped in spread education to a greater number of students by providing enhanced training facilities.