Write For Us About Trending Topics

Write For Us About Trending Topics

We, at RNTalks thank you for confirming your interest to write for us!

We encourage and invite bloggers, writers, and experts who aspire to write for us regarding Career Counselling, Motivation & Inspiration, Mental Health, Personal Development, Stories, or related things.

RNTalks is the platform created for emerging speakers, entrepreneurs, and writers. Having a worldwide audience of over 24,000 readers and writers.

We aim to encourage emerging speakers, entrepreneurs, and writers to connect with readers by publishing honest book reviews and author interviews. 

Not only this, we welcome the mentors who want to write articles on peer pressure, performance anxiety, stress faced by students, and how to overcome it. 

Students interested in sharing their MUN experiences and how to go about them are welcome to share their experiences.

Why Submit A Guest Post On RNTalks!?

There are numerous benefits of submitting a guest post on our website.

  • You Get Quality Traffic
  • It enables you to Develop Online Influence
  • Creates Brand Awareness about you
  • helps Improve your Credibility
  • You’ll get a permanent Lifetime Post and 
  • valuable backlinks to your website
  • Improve SEO rankings in Google

Topics We Encourage You To Write On

  • Career Counselling
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Child Psychology
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Mental Health
  • Personal Development
  • Success Stories
  • Short Stories Or Related Things
Write For Us About Trending Topics
Write For Us About Trending Topics

Guest Post Submission Guidelines 

  1. Your guest post should be unique and liberated from plagiarism.
  2. The word-count of your article submission should be more than 1000 words. You can easily go up to 3000 words.
  3. We further accept infographics. If you are tendering an infographic, also share an introduction of 800+ words of the same.
  4. We will approve only the original, unpublished content to avoid issues with Google.
  5. Before publishing your guest post, our editorial team holds the right to make minor edits to it regarding grammatical errors.
  6. Take care of the article readability quotient by composing short sentences and paragraphs. 
  7. Use appropriate headings and subheadings, wherever required.
  8. The images used in the article should have proper credits to the source and should be high definition pics.