Recently Blind Dog Care | How To Take Care Of Blind Dog | Personal Experience of Blind Dog Care

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Recently Blind Dog Care | How To Take Care Of Blind Dog | Personal Experience of Blind Dog Care

Blind dogs are often thought of as being at a disadvantage, but they can actually be very good at getting around. 

They use their other senses, such as hearing and smell, to help them navigate. I believe and speak from experience that blind dogs make great pets because they are very attuned to their owners and can form strong bonds.

One of the first things you need to do when you get a blind dog is to ensure that your home is safe for him. This means removing any potential hazards that could cause him harm.

Recently Blind Dog Care | How To Take Care Of Blind Dog | Personal Experience of Blind Dog Care
Recently Blind Dog Care | How To Take Care Of Blind Dog | Personal Experience of Blind Dog Care

Once you have accomplished this, you need to start working on helping him adjust to his blindness. This may require some of your time, but it is important to be patient.

One way to help your blind dog adjust is to create a safe space for him. This can be done effortlessly by using baby gates to block off any areas that may be dangerous for him. 

Make sure that he is ALWAYS away from stairs and that area leading up or down the stairs remains gated always.

You should also make sure that his food and water bowls are in an easily accessible location.

Another thing you can do is to assist your blind dog is providing him with plenty of sensory stimulation. This can be achieved by playing music or providing him with toys that make noise.

You should also take him for walks in different environments so he can experience different smells and sounds. This also includes repeated tours of your house.

If you are having trouble helping your blind dog adjust, you may want to consider getting professional help. Many organizations specialize in helping blind dogs, and they can provide you with the resources and support you need.

Remember, it is crucial to be patient when helping your blind dog adjust to his new lifestyle.

If you are in doubt regarding the mental stress he is undergoing, then try doing your daily chores blindfolded just for an hour!

Just be your usual loving self, and with time and patience (maximum time 1 week), he will be able to navigate his way effortlessly around your home and live a happy and healthy life.

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    They are very intelligent souls, and they’ll handle this hurdle, too, with your love and support. If I could do it with an 8-year-old adopted blind dog, then it would be a cakewalk with a dog that has grown up with you.

    Now my first 2 questions to you are…have you adopted a blind dog? Or has your doggo gone blind?

    Approach to both differ a little, yet the treatment is almost the same. I shall share my 2 experiences with you.

    If you have adopted a blind dog like me, then first, you’ll have to learn to trust his hearing and sniffing ability. Same way, the dog will learn to trust our presence, voice and smell. 

    Remember that since they can not see, your communications will have to be sound or smell-oriented.

    For sound, you can use a clicker or just tap the nearest hard object, or your hands and thighs will do. 

    Some dogs undergo depression on going blind. That is where you have to step in as their best buddy.

    There are a few simple ways that your blind dog can learn to recognize you. With love, patience and time, you can teach your dog to respond to your voice, scent, and touch.

    Do not assume that he knows the house very well. Navigation is different with blinded eyes. Try it out for yourself. 

    You’ll need to give your dog fresh house tours and assist him initially in moving around the house.

    Trust me; they will brain map within 2 days. The smell of each room is different, and they’ll learn to use their noses and ears as navigation tools. 

    Your dog won’t be the same boisterous one anymore, but with your patience, love and care, he’ll be calm with zen energy and still be a good companion. 

    Your presence will help your dog feel more comfortable and secure, especially in new or unfamiliar situations. 

    Personal Experience of Blind Dog Care

    Journey With Sam 

    Recently Blind Dog Care | How To Take Care Of Blind Dog | Personal Experience of Blind Dog Care
    Recently Blind Dog Care | How To Take Care Of Blind Dog | Personal Experience of Blind Dog Care

    I had adopted my first blind dog from a shelter. He was a beautiful 4-year-old labrador who had been abandoned by his owner since he had turned blind and had become epileptic. 

    No one knows for how long he had been on the streets in that condition. When someone had called the shelter, they found him covered in dog bites and injuries all over his body. 

    He was in a state of shock. And used to keep banging his head against the wall getting panic attacks. He was also getting frequent and bad spells of seizures. 

    I happened to visit the POSH Foundation-India, animal shelter in the following months, and my heart went out to him. I asked for his details and, on learning his story, I sat down with him and spent time with him. 

    This was my FIRST experience with a BLIND dog. I had never ever handled one before in my entire life span of 52 years.

    I spoke to him and petted him. There was instant bonding, and after that, he stayed with me the whole day, allowing me to walk him. That very evening Sam came home with me.

    We had dewormed him, and huge bunches of live Roundworms up to the sizes of 7 inches long and 2mm thick kept coming out of his stools for 5 days!

    The vet visits confirmed the sad fact that the owner had maybe never dewormed him, and one of these worms had entered the bloodstream and travelled to his brain, causing gross damage to his nervous system, resulting in his sudden blindness and epileptic attacks. At the max, Sam had only 1 month to live.

    He was a handsome hulk and the sweetest baby I had ever had. Initially, for the 1st two days, he would bark through the night as everything was new for him. I used to sit by his side and soothe him.

    Then I started googling on the internet. I found out about sound therapy. I also realised that his blindness had caused all the trauma to him, and when everything went quiet at night, he would then get panic attacks.

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      So I started playing my favourite bhajans (devotional music) all through the night, and he instantly calmed down. After that, for the next months, he never barked due to panic attacks.

      Even when he got his epileptic fits, I used to soothe him land keep caressing him, letting him know that I was there. My whole family joined me in healing him.

      Within 2 days, Sam had brain-mapped the whole house and would roam around the house as if he had always lived in the house and could see everything. 

      This was my first time with a blind dog, and I was super impressed by this. Every day was new learning for Sam and me.

      I did not know how much he had grown to love me until I had to go out for a night’s stay at my relative’s place. 

      Only I had gone rest everyone was home. Bu the next day, my daughter told me that he missed me and did not sleep and kept wandering in the house searching for me. 

      He did not cry or bark but just kept wandering everywhere, trying to sniff me out. Finally, my daughter gave him the clothes that I had taken off before going, and he then lay down on them, knowing that I would be back.

      After two months of bliss, he had to be put down as the pain in his brain had become immense, and the worms that had reached the brain had multiped, slowly eating him away. 

      Sam could no longer walk straight or walk at all. He was on the highest possible medical dozes, and his kidney had started to give up. 

      Even in all this pain, he never ever attacked or became aggressive. So for his sake, we had to finally take a call after even the vets had given up. 

      Ongoing Journey With Dovi

      Recently Blind Dog Care | How To Take Care Of Blind Dog | Personal Experience of Blind Dog Care
      Recently Blind Dog Care | How To Take Care Of Blind Dog | Personal Experience of Blind Dog Care

      After Sam’s death, we were devastated. It was then that I saw a poster of Dovi on the Instagram page of FRIENDICOES SECA Delhi. I approached them to adopt Dovi as no one wanted an old blind dog. 

      Dovi was a retired blind police dog who had a cataract in one eye and a corneal ulcer in the other eye. She is stone blind. 

      But let me apprise you that she is the most intelligent one of the whole lot, and not for a moment do I feel that she is blind as she follows my voice and looks me straight in the face. 

      Dovi is the official food inspector of my house, and you just cannot eat anything in this house with it missing her nostrils. She just has to have her share of what you are eating.

      Though she loves open garden spaces like Sam, even Dovi does not enjoy the car rides.

      Maybe because the movement below their foot makes them unsure of their footing, she loves to walk and run on a leash.

      She is great at picking up hostiles when we are out for a walk. If a dog or a person approaching us is friendly, you can see her tail wag, but if she feels a threat or gets negative vibes, she just barks and pulls me away, and if I don’t take a hint she lunges towards them while barking loudly warning them not to approach us.

      She is my furry guardian angel when I am out walking her on the street and keeps me safe even when she can’t see.

      I have leant to trust her senses and her reactions just the way she has learnt that I shall always have her back covered no matter what.

      Minor Adjustments I Made For Sam And Dovi

      Blind dogs are usually not born blind; they lose their vision due to an accident or illness.

      However, there are some pedigree dog breeds that are prone to blindness, such as the Australian Cattle Dog and the Dachshund.

      While it may be difficult to imagine, a blind dog can live a happy and healthy life with the proper care.

      If you are contemplating adopting a blind dog, it is important to do your research and be ready to face the challenges alongside them that come along with it.

      However, there are a few things I had/have to take care of for both Sam and Dovi.

      1. I never move the place of my furniture since she has brain mapped the whole house and moves freely everywhere without any gadgets or help.
      2. I have removed furniture with sharp edges as they might hurt her or poke her in the face.
      3. I took out time to voice train them for simple one-word commands, like… right, left, straight, sit, reverse and lie, with the help of voice taps and smells.
      4. When I took them out for walks, no one could say that the dogs were blind. I kept talking to them, and they just followed my voice. 
      5. Although Dovi’s water bowl is always full, sometimes she just finishes it off and wants more. If she wants more water, she just butts her nose in her water bowl so that the bowl starts making noise. That’s an indication to me that she is thirsty.
      6. They never go out for a walk without a leash. A gentle tug on the leash with left and right commands, and they know which way to turn. You can also use special harnesses or leashes that have been designed for blind dogs, which can help your pet navigate his or her surroundings more easily. With a little bit of extra care and attention, you can help your blind dog live a happy and fulfilling life.
      7. They both have a name tag that states that she is blind and has wandered off by mistake and should be returned to the owner. It bears my phone no. “ I’m DOVI. I’m blind & lost. Pl, call my mom at <phone no>”
      8. Dogs rely laboriously on their sense of smell, so you will need to create a safe environment for them. This implies keeping things like cleaning supplies and chemicals out of their reach.
      9. Dogs need to exercise, even if they can’t see. This will help them stay healthy and maintain their muscle mass.
      10. Blind dogs may need special diets to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need.
      11. Training a blind dog takes patience and consistency. You will need to use positive reinforcement methods, such as treats and praise, to help them learn. I used juicy carrots and dog treats biscuits for both.
      12. Dogs are social creatures, so it is important to provide them with plenty of companionships. This can be another dog, a cat, or even a human friend. 
      13. If you really have to leave them alone for some time which I advise you not to do, then be sure to play some music or Tv in the background so that the emptiness doesn’t cause them to go for a panic attack.

      If you are prepared to provide the necessary care, a blind dog can make a great addition to your family.

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      1. We had a pet dog who underwent blindness because of age-related issues. Your experience benefits pet parents who go through this phase and help us understand so much of what they are going through.

        1. So good to hear that you are a dog-lover too. Blind dogs just need a little sensitivity and they’ll be happy dogs once again.

      2. Dogs are no matter what, always be your best friend and I am so happy to read this post as it perfectly explains how to be a support and take care of your blind dogs.

      3. It was so nice reading about Sam and Dovi. The post really opened my eyes about blind do care. Loss of eyesight is such a sad thing and when it comes to dogs, they need someone who really loves them to take care of them. Dovi is so lucky to receive your affection and care, and I am sure that same works in reverse too.

        1. Yes, she is the doll of the house. Her way of showing love is so unique. Her zen energy and positivity fill my home with happiness.

        2. I loved reading about your experiences. Your knowledge of pet parents going through this stage helps us understand what they are going through. Dovi is so lucky to receive your affection and care. Will share it with my pet parents’ friend.

      4. Sam and Dovi are such pure souls 🙂 I’ve spent my childhood with dogs and cats and have immense love for them. I never knew about blind dogs and how they need utmost care. This article was like a virtual tour with the cute doggies and their overall routine. Loving dogs and effortlessly spending time with them is therapeutic 🙂

        1. Thank you. Yes, they are pure souls who are full of love to give and make my home a better place with their presence.

      5. My neighbor had a dog who went blind due to age issues Blind dogs just need a little sensitivity and they’ll be happy dogs once again.
        Loved your article

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