RSVKA Awardees Views On Mental Health Awareness

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RNTalks is an organisation dedicated to advocating for mental health awareness. They strive to remove the stigma around mental illness and promote understanding, acceptance and open conversations regarding these issues. 

Through their platform, they provide people with a space where they can find resources and education necessary to better understand their own mental health struggles and those of others. 

In addition to providing support, RNTalks works with partners to spread awareness of this critical issue on a larger scale. 

They host events, create campaigns and collaborate with other organizations to help bring more attention to mental health initiatives.

Raising awareness is essential in normalising discussions about mental health, and RNTalks is committed to doing just that.

RNTalks LLP and RSVKA awardees are working together to raise awareness about the importance of mental health awareness. among members of their team. 

These awards recognise individuals who go above and beyond to help spread understanding and acceptance of mental health struggles, with a special emphasis on workplace mental health initiatives. 

Mental health awareness is something everyone should strive toward, and by recognising those leading the charge, RNTalks and RSVKA awardees hope to inspire more people to get involved in making things better.

RSVKA Awardees Views On Mental Health Awareness

At the annual RSVKA Awards, mental health and wellness advocates from across the country gathered to honor the winners of this year’s awards. 

In addition to celebrating the accomplishments of individual awardees, they discussed how mental health awareness has evolved over the past year, what role various organizations have played in promoting mental health initiatives and how to better destigmatize conversations about mental health. 

RNTalks, the digital platform that hosts interviews with inspiring people from all walks of life, was on hand to capture awardees’ stories and their views on raising mental health awareness in their communities.

From discussing how employers can make sure that employees feel supported to sharing resources for those struggling, the panel provided actionable advice to ensure everyone has access to mental health services. 

The event culminated in a call to arms from the awardees and attendees alike, encouraging everyone to have an open dialogue about mental health and raise awareness for mental health initiatives. 

To further this goal, RNTalks will release its mental health series with interviews featuring diverse perspectives on the subject. 

What Is Your Take On Mental Health Awareness? How Do You Think It Will Help Reduce Suicides?

RSVKA Awardees Views On Mental Health Awareness
RSVKA Awardees Views On Mental Health Awareness

Mr. Kunj D Channe: We can all take better care of our mental health – if we prioritise it the same way we take care of our physical health and address mental health problems when they arise. We all go through some issues in our daily life, but if there are problems in your life, then do not make them a part of your life because if you make them a part, they will plague you throughout your life, and you will not be successful in the work you do. It will prevent you from succeeding. In today’s scenario, every person is becoming a victim of depression. This is the only reason they do not succeed in any work or due to being born into a low-income family; they do not get the facilities they should get, due to which they lag in education. But later, it seems that due to stress, he makes himself so weak that he gives up on moving forward and decides to commit suicide. Suicide is not a solution, but you are making yourself so vulnerable by this decision that you do not even know why you were taking this decision. Many people commit suicide even because of a loss in business; this is entirely wrong. If you are suffering from depression or are going through any problems, change yourself into a positive individual. Adopt good habits and surround yourself with good people. You can find energy within yourself by doing yoga every morning. Avoid mental stress by following your doctor’s advice.

Shweta Davda: Spreading awareness about mental healthy treating it equally important as physical health, accepting human behavior and treating them with empathy.

Aparna Sharma: Mental health awareness is the efforts put in by people and organisations to create awareness about depression, mental health, stress due to conflicts, surviving with stigma, having a fear of loss of identity and inability to express and handle mental pressures. It is essential to be aware of mental health issues and learn ways to deal with them. Mental health awareness helps reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, encourages more people to seek help for their mental health problems, and increases access to care.

Aapramita Mukhopadhyay: Awareness of one’s Mental health will only happen when one gets to know one’s inner self. A journey of self-discovery is the first step towards understanding our mental health. Taking time out for ourselves and engaging in enjoyable activities can help us better understand our emotions. Setting boundaries, having positive relationships with friends and family, getting enough sleep, eating healthy meals and exercising regularly are all critical factors in maintaining good mental health. 

Sudeepti Rastogi, aka Magical Sudeepti: The main reason for Mental Health Issues are a sense of loneliness or being left out, or fear of the unknown, or maybe they feel helpless. And from where I am looking at it, if a person can be heard well, addressed well, and can understand how to deal with loneliness, then most issues can be nipped in the bud. If we can help them re-frame their thought process or help them how to train their brainchild, then probably the number of such issues can be reduced well. If we can help them become self-dependent, their perspective on life may change.

Manju Lata: Mental Health Awareness is necessary for each and every one. It helps in balancing a healthy lifestyle. It helps in reducing stress and gives the energy to go onward. It helps in reducing suicides as mental health awareness broadens the thinking capacity.

Maitreya Rudrabhayananda, aka Dr R Venugopalan: Suicide is an important issue in the Indian context. More than one lakh (one hundred thousand) lives are lost annually to suicide in our country. Suicide rates have increased from 7.9 to 10.3 per 100,000 in the last two decades. Approximately 90% of those who commit suicide have a mental disorder, according to most studies. In many cases, people with mental illnesses fail to seek professional help because they fail to recognize their symptoms as signs. It is possible to misinterpret observable symptoms such as low motivation and excessive sleeping as signs of laziness for someone who suffers from depression. Mental Awareness allows one to gain Knowledge of the various symptoms related to different disorders. This will enable us to notice when we, ourselves, or anyone around us is likely suffering from a mental illness. Awareness also helps us better understand what we are going through and pinpoint exactly whom we need to ask for support. It would further help to spread awareness across the larger population as well. Knowing more about how the illnesses work and their effect on people with mental illness can help build empathy within the general public for people suffering from these disorders. So, when the media highlight proximate events to imply a cause, it is ridiculous and irrelevant. So, I strongly recommend professional help for suicide loss survivors, as the grieving process is intense and complicated in this case.

Late Er. Jaswant Singh Gill: Good mental health should be a priority as it cannot be measured or tested. Good mental health will reduce a lot of problems in society. It will also make individuals more productive and focused, which can increase their overall happiness. Mental health is a complex issue and requires everyone’s understanding, care and attention. To understand mental health, one must remember that it has no boundaries and can impact anyone regardless of gender, age, or race. Therefore, it is important to spread awareness about mental health.

Kanupriya Sharma: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.” — Albus Dumbledore. It is essential to look good in your exterior form; similarly, it is crucial to stay mentally fit and fine. For instance, I would like to state that please stay away from toxic people who always demotivate you. This is one of the most significant factors that can help you stay cool all the time.

Dr Abhijeet Sengupta: In my opinion, mental health awareness is essential nowadays. Students are given and trained with mental boldness strategies to overcome stress. Modern education systems laden with countless books, no play on the field, and constantly engaging with mobile and laptops are the leading root cause of mental diseases. So in my opinion stress should be reduced by obliterating these causes. Workload, monotonous jobs, and unsatisfied life may trigger mental disorders. Hence daily Yoga, meditation, eating the proper meal, avoiding fast food, having a good relationship with friends etc., are essential criteria to reduce mental stress and suicidal tendencies.

Dr Kavita Singh ‘Prabha’: Mental health awareness is needed, especially in the social environment of nuclear families and living in the virtual world. People have less time and hardly anyone to communicate with and express their feelings. With healthy and robust communication with friends, family members and teachers, this issue will not grow into a major problem. A strong social support system is a solid deterrent to negative thoughts like suicide.

Dr Abhijeet Sengupta: My teaching strategy involves moral values. I maintain quite a pleasant atmosphere in my classes. Teacher-student relationships should be an enjoyable and positive two-way communication. Innovative ideas for teaching should be readily and easily accessible to the students.

Dr Kavita Singh ‘Prabha’: By enacting poems to make it more exciting and easy to understand. I motivate students to express themselves in their own way and write in their own thoughts. Then I try to modify their efforts to suit the literary rules. To develop an interest and to bond with the Hindi language, I have written Hindi poems, skits and Nukkad natak. My students have enacted them at various schools and events. This gives them the confidence to perform better and in a positive way.

Babita Hundal: Mental health awareness is the ongoing effort to reduce the stigma around mental illness and mental health conditions by sharing our personal experiences. It can be helpful to keep watch out for your warning signs to know when you’re starting to get triggered or overwhelmed.

Every year sucide is one of the top causes of death. Every suicide is a tragedy. We never truly know how our actions impact another person, but if raising awareness can save a life, it is a truly worthwhile endeavour.

Neeta Mehta: Mental health procedures and care should be mandatory in school. It will definitely make a difference.

Usha Vardhan Sharma: Make social connections- face-to-face with optimistic people. Make leisure, travel and meditation part of your life and meditation should be a part of your life.

Eat a brain health diet to support strong mental health and stay away from noise pollution. Stop seeing daily TV serials. If you take care of aforesaid things, suicide cases can be prevented.

Mr. Mukesh Bhatnagar: Mental health is an all important personality trait. A strong will power person can do wonders in life. He/she is more at advantage to face the challenges than a physically strong person. 

Can You Share Your Top 3 Innovative Ideas You Have Implemented In Your Working Style In The Past 4 Years To Improve The Wellness Quotient Of Your Work Environment?

RSVKA Awardees Views On Mental Health Awareness
RSVKA Awardees Views On Mental Health Awareness

Mr. Kunj D Channe: Here are my top three innovative ideas that I have implemented in my working style to improve my wellness quotient. I identified my target goals, Took action before the deadline, and Connected with other like-minded individuals.

Shweta Davda: Creative teaching, audio and video tools for further and extra knowledge, real-world learning and brainstorming are a few ways to improve the wellness quotient of the work environment.

Aparna Sharma: By creating awareness about mental health, individuals can better understand how their thoughts and feelings are connected to each other. They should set up personal goals, family goals, and societal goals. Plan your schedule in a realistic and achievable manner and stick to it. Allow yourself time to relax and participate in creative activities (skill enhancement).

Aapramita Mukhopadhyay: Being a healer and a life coach with almost 15 years of experience in the corporate and education sectors, I motivate my clients to find ways to heal themselves. I encourage my clients to take physical activities seriously to remain in a happy mental state. I always try to dig out the answers to my client’s problems through them only. This gives them the confidence to face and solve their issues. I always ask my clients to release the feeling of rejection, regret and resentment from their system daily.

Sudeepti Rastogi, aka Magical Sudeepti: I use the S.A.S formula in day-to-day life, train people to use remarkable affirmations to activate their Ginnie in their favour and create a beautiful life ahead, and I train people to use the Laws of the Universe, especially Law of attraction & Law of karma to simplify their life.

Maitreya Rudrabhayananda, aka Dr R Venugopalan: The 3 Innovative Ideas that have been implemented over the last four years

  • Development of an App for working on deeper Science and researching the concepts of Consciousness at deeper levels.
  • Audio Video Interactive communication setup was laid down for the betterment of the response of people.
  • AI Teaching technology has been utilised for education and awareness since last year.

Late Er. Jaswant Singh Gill: Creating an environment that is friendly, resting properly, both physically and mentally, and communicating effectively through all channels. These are all important components that can help maintain a positive and productive atmosphere in any workplace. Taking time for yourself to unwind and engaging in meaningful conversations with coworkers can help create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect that will benefit everyone. 

Kanupriya Sharma: Working innovatively is a plus for your career. It would be best if you kept yourself motivated and energetic to add something valuable to your life. I want to state three innovative ideas as follows.

  • Always try to add emotions to your teaching. The more you connect with your audience or students, the happier you and your students will be.
  • Always provide your real experience when explaining any concept.
  • Always use props and audio-visual aids for some examples.

Manju Lata: Top three innovative ideas:-

  • In order to help the poor and weak, started taking extra classes
  • Encourage the children to make posters of great thinkers, writers, educationists and revolutionaries with their thoughts and quotations so that they can remain forever in their mind
  • To remove the stage fears, introduced morning thoughts, news reading and multiplication table in morning assembly
  • To improve their speaking fluency and reading habit, they were to answer those questions taught yesterday every day. Moreover, academic programmes and cleanliness campaigns are organised once a week.

Babita Hundal: My innovation comes from thinking as I play with colours. I am an Artist. My surroundings are all full of creativity and colours, and it keeps me motivated all the time.

Shilpa Venkat: I run a women’s community WOW, which has a mix of entrepreneurs and women who have just joined as Buyers. Apart from this, the group is a great platform to share or discuss our stress related to women running their businesses.

In our offline meet-ups, these women are freely encouraged to discuss their insecurities with entrepreneurs running similar businesses and how these elements can affect them.

I have tried giving them positive tips and guidance in terms of focusing on building their brand and business and not always worrying about the never-ending competition around them.

Few women in WOW have tried implementing this and found differences in their earlier thought processes.

Usha Vardhan Sharma: Improved communication with individuals and groups to make them feel important. Stopped ignoring colleagues in a working place. Gave due importance to everyone with rewards and recognition.Attracted and accessed talents.Made promotional policies transparent.

Mr. Mukesh Bhatnagar: Nothing is an obstacle for an honest and positive outlook person. Rewards and success comes in proportion to the degree of honesty in a person. Love the life you live, not the things you live with.

Can You Give One Example Of Your Real-Life Experience Where Your Intervention Has Changed The Life Of At Least One Individual For The Better?

RSVKA Awardees Views On Mental Health Awareness
RSVKA Awardees Views On Mental Health Awareness

Mr. Kunj D Channe: In 2013, I was doing my medical studies. I was excited about my future, as it was my dream to become a doctor. But suddenly, an unexpected situation happened in our life. My father got sick and was diagnosed with Gallbladder and kidney stones. His condition worsened, and the doctor asked us to arrange ten lacs rupees, and the family’s financial situation was not good. I have four brothers (including me,)and everyone was going through their own Battles in life.

We tried our best to arrange money, but we were unable to. Everyone I knew was behaving in such a way that they didn’t recognise us, which shattered everyone in my family. My father was saving money for my education, and at that time, I had two options whether to pursue my dream or to save my father.

I decided to save my father as we got only one life and one father, but education can be done later. The operation went well, but our financial condition got worse. It was the end of my career. I was utterly shattered,  and I also tried attempting suicide, but by god grace, Angel saved me. But I am glad I made the best decision to save my father. I love my father, and he is my inspiration to become who I am today.

Shweta Davda: I have helped many women start their small businesses, get independent and supported them from scratch. They are earning good income now. I have been teaching poor kids so that they can brighten up their futures and achieve their dreams.

Aparna Sharma: The curriculum of all the students of Learning Steps is a beautiful amalgamation of scholastic, co-scholastic and skill programs. This has helped every student to learn, experience, grow and enjoy everyday activities. This holistic development of the students has given immense satisfaction, confidence and a sense of pride to the loving and passionate special parents of all the students in Learning Steps.

Manju Lata: I helped educate the child of one of my maids who was somehow running her family. Now her son has passed class xii and works in a private school. He is graduating from distance education from that little earning school.

Aapramita Mukhopadhyay: I had one client who always used to end up in hopeless relationships. Now she has found her soul mate and enjoying her life.

Sudeepti Rastogi, aka Magical Sudeepti: I have witnessed many such examples, and that’s why people call me Magical Sudeepti. One of my clients was facing hardships in her personal life and with in-laws. She was feeling helpless and was living a life of regrets. I helped her in reframing many thoughts & beliefs, due to which, in a few months, she became friends with her in-laws and gradually gained confidence in herself that her in-laws started appreciating her. Now she is happily living with her family. 

Maitreya Rudrabhayananda, aka Dr R Venugopalan: We have worked with slum children and depressed people for the last 25 years. During the period of COVID itself, we have helped thousands of people with natural herbs and homoeopathy to recover as well as protect against the dreaded disease. So giving one example would be difficult as each life saved and each child who learned is a precious experience.

Late Er. Jaswant Singh Gill: Saved 65 coal miners, thus changing the future of 65 families. 

Kanupriya Sharma: Life is full of experiences. One year ago, There was one of my cousins who used to take English speaking classes from me, and was not confident enough to speak in front of others.  But after taking my classes, she is doing well. Apart from being a housewife, she speaks excellently while talking to others, has her own YouTube channel, and creates reels with confidence. She has improved a lot, and it totally changed her life.

Dr Abhijeet Sengupta: One student came to me and told me that he was penniless and couldn’t afford a fee. I taught him free of cost for three years, and now he is a Doctor. Not one but other my free coaching classes for one hour every day is going on for the poorer section of society daily.

Dr Kavita Singh ‘Prabha’: My teaching techniques and bringing my students on stage have positively changed many students’ personalities. One of my students has become an outstanding actor and has started the Nukkad Natak club in his college and is trying to create awareness of social issues.

Babita Hundal: Many ladies have been motivated by seeing how I am handling my life being a single parent with a smile and leading a content life. I have inspired not one but many lives. I am an inspiration for many, and that’s what motivates me to move on in life with a lot of creativity.

Shilpa Venkat: I have fought postpartum depression, and I know how much it can affect the confidence and overall mental well-being of many women.

Over the last few years, my life experiences have made me more positive, and confident and I have tried not to make postpartum depression or post-pregnancy a reason to halt my professional pursuits.

I have made it a strong point to be a guiding force for quite a lot of women, many of my close friends who have undergone severe postpartum depression.

I have motivated these women and made them realize that motherhood/child responsibilities/cannot be the reason to put our professional pursuits on a back seat.

It is definitely too challenging and there are days when you are emotionally and physically drained. But I have tried positive reinforcement and made these women understand their capabilities and have them restart professionally in a small way.

Maybe taking up a full-time job is difficult, but my guidance and counselling has enabled a few of my friends to start taking tuition at home.. that’s a start of rebuilding the lost confidence.

Neeta Mehta: Made one client get rid of stage fear, and she participated in a talk show and won second prize.

Usha Vardhan Sharma: When I changed from being authoritative to a woman with a friendly approach, things for me and others changed drastically.

Mr. Mukesh Bhatnagar: Being a volunteer in a registered NGO with Delhi Police, a call was made to help an unattended patient in Govt. Hospital. On reaching, it was found the patient was affected with dementia and could not recollect his antecedents.

He was a senior citizen and was picked up by the police from a roadside. However, an in-depth enquiry from the location revealed a truck with household items was seen in the area.

Traffic police traced the number of the truck and the transporter’s whereabouts. The truck unloaded the items in a congested colony in Delhi. It was then found that the son of the patient abandoned his father to the mercy of God.

The son was taken to the hospital; he realised his folly. On seeing his son, the patient by the name of Madan Lal, was found visibly happy and relieved.

Seeing cheerfulness on Madan Lal was my greatest award ever. I got a commendable certificate from Delhi Police for all my efforts. My Bank also gave me special leave for untiring efforts with Delhi Police.

By recognizing the views of these renowned personalities, RNTalks and RSVKA hope to encourage more individuals to speak out about the issues they face in order to create open conversations around the subject.

ranjeeta nath ghai, Founder RNTalks llp

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