My Relationship With Writing | Thinking Becomes Easy When: Assorted Poetry 4

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I see her daily sitting alone
full glimpse through my window.
She tries to smoothen her wrinkles
not succeeding bends her head low….
She dreams of her lost youth
glowing with love and care,
Now her little ones gone afar
leaving her arms alone and bare…
An old letter in her shaking hands,
An ancient piece of spectacles hanging,
Squeezing her eyes, can’t decipher
contents wiped off with her crying…
Now she considers herself worthless
With bobbling, eyes look at the sky
A great sigh erupts from her chest
understanding truth “life is only a lie ‘
Someday she will leave this world,
nobody will ever pine for her…
Who will remember her tender lullabies
which has now become only a slur…
I pray to God to bless me with the strength
to be blind to, I would rather not see
Aches and pains would be my future
Beneath my battered soul like an ancient tree …
-Ranjana Majumdar

The elders who bring changes
in themselves with the passage of time,
they spent every moment of their life
laughing happily at every stage of their life
by saying goodbye
they set an example of vivacity
on the stage of this world.
-Ritu Jain

Knowledge always enriches and enhances every age
As it keeps on updating
The mind and soul of every age
-Manju Lata

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