My Relationship With Writing | Thinking Becomes Easy When: Assorted Poetry 4

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My relationship with writing is
like birds chirping
and welcoming the beautiful morning.
Our relationship is like
I am constantly refreshing
a day with sunshine and
keeping myself calm at night.
If I get upset, you
give me the strength to let go of things.
With you, I can share my flaws, and
I know you would not be judgemental.
You make me cry and sometimes
bring a smile to my face.
You are the one who was, and
will always be there during my tough times.
You listened and allowed me
to pen down my thought
no matter how worst the situation was.
Encourage me to keep moving
and follow my dreams.
Our relationship has a beautiful soul
that can breathe with honesty and
without any restrictions.
You never made me feel alone and
always stood by my side.
Indeed you are a delightful part of my life❤️
-Vriti Dhugga

My relationship with writing is like
That of heart and mind, who
Cannot survive without each other, as are the
Souls of each other.
-Manju Lata

I was behind the walls
founded by my dear ones
I yelled,
I cried but nobody was there
to see my plight.
I was struggling day n night.
getting punished for my fights.
I was tired and shattered
and wanted to break all the blockade.
all the walls that oppression builds
they were brutal n rugged.
wanted me to Slurp
I was struck by the walls…
walls of hatred and walls of hell…
-Pratibha Ahuja Nagpal

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