Mother's Day Special English Poetry

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Mother’s Day Special English Poetry

I was sitting on their cliff
cried and yelled
I was complaining about why
you have created her
she scolds me,she gets annoyed
I don’t want her never want to be with her
Suddenly twilight flashed
angel appeared
told me you are blessed that
you have a mother
look at me I am deprived
of her love as I was alone
I never wanted the same for you
Created a mother only for you
I bless the woman who gave you a life
you are a blessed soul
on this earth who has a mother…
-Pratibha Ahuja Nagpal

Since my birth, I have needed a guiding hand.
The hand that teach me
how to crawl, stand up, walk, eat, smile,
choose the right path, and
how to get up after falling.
When I realised that we need
to bow down in front of God
so that he will always
be there in our needs,
I felt God could not be everywhere,
so he created the mother,
God’s tender guiding hand,
which will be with me always.
-Vriti Dhugga

Her hands helped guide me
to be the real me,
when I was giving up,
she showed me my caliber,
she helped me carve my niche
to be a guide to many like me
-Akta Sehgal Malhotra

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