Meet and Greet Reet Miglani

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Reet Miglani, a 12 year old bubbly, chirpy, full of life Lucknowite, is a multi-talented child.

She has a flair for sketching, dancing, playing the tabla, writing original quotes, writing poems, swimming, acting, baking, reading books and is interested in pop music and has a knack for learning new languages.

Being a Welhamite fills her with an immense sense of pride because it has shaped her personality and has given her the opportunity to be among the best peer group and to learn from the best. 

She is an optimist and discovered her inclination towards space and nasa during the pandemic and made the best of it.

Her love for storytelling, her immaculate communication skills, her compassion and passion and her attitude of gratitude is something she has taken from her parents.

Given the fact that her mother is a thriving storyteller further goes to prove that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

A twinkle in the eye and a smile on her face, she is a girl who can never be replaced.

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