Meet and Greet G.V.S Prudhvi Raj

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He is an intelligent boy; he likes to do experiment’s and his dream is to become a scientist.

Works hard on projects and loves his family a lot, he always wants to stay at his room, quietly doing experiments.

He wants to go to ISRO (Indian space research organization) and make India the first country to make life available on Saturn and Jupiter.

He loves India a lot. The achievements he made are a magnetic lamp and a tesla coil and a mini vacuum cleaner and now planning to make smart glasses at home which can connect to a digital multimeter and help in electrical projects for scientists like me.

He always wanted to make something that can help many other people and makes YouTube videos in his channel named (studious boom).

He is a bit naughty but quite intelligent in making projects. He wants to be a master in coding and get loads and loads of prizes.

By taking part in competitions like RNTalks and STEM (science technology engineering mathematics.)

Thank you all for letting me participate in the competitions and choosing me as the viewer’s choice in the storytelling competition.

G.V.S Prudhvi Raj

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