Devangana Jain

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Meet And Greet Devangana Jain

Humans are the best creation, and each person is exclusive.

Thus, writing about herself, she is here to express herself that is what she sees, what she experiences, and what she plans for her life.

She tries herself to be modest, passionate, devoted, hardworking and honest.

She is Devangana Jain. Nobody comes into this world, without the support of family and friends. Actually, whatever you will be, it is just because of your family. 

Her father is a respectable businessman in their community. Her mother is a mentor.

They both love their occupation. That’s what she has learned from her parents: the value of time, honesty, hard work, and commitment to the purpose.

She has one brother. Being elder, she is wanted to guide and take care of her brother. They are in the same school: Alwar Public School.

Devangana Jain is studying at the best school in her city. She is presently in class 12th.

She feels happy to be a part of this great school with the good friends, helpful and loving teachers and sound school administration.

She has extraordinary skills in some subjects whereas she is very weak in the few.

In comparison to studies, Devangana always had a great interest in sports, so she had gone to CBSE Nationals for the high jump.

She is the best high jumper at her school. She regularly exercises as she is a fitness freak.

Even during the lockdown, she didn’t disturb her exercise routine. Terrace walk and stair exercises are her favourite apart from cycling.

Besides this, she has always been involved in music. She is learning guitar since last 6 years and has completed her grade 6 from Trinity College of London in guitar. She always wanted to be like her Guru in playing guitar.

She is an excellent drummer and loves to play octopad as well. She is also learning Kathak.

Soon she will be a graduate in Kathak dance from Gandharava Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai.

She is not taking any classes or professional training in singing. Whatever singing she knows is due to her music teachers at school and her own keen interest.

The advice of her parents had a keen effect on her habits. She believes to speak the truth and try her best not to lie.

Her parents always advised her that if she commits a mistake, she should admit it. She tries her best to do so.

She knows how to remain happy in every condition. Because she believes that: “Happiness is not out there; it’s in you.”

Devangana Jain is a very adventurous person too and likes to take the risk. She likes to do creative things besides doing old stuff again and again.

Learning new things is one thing which she always enjoys. She always updates herself with the news.

She has also attended lot many MUNs. MUNs made her a very confident person and taught her how to talk.

Devangana always tries to speak to every person according to his requirement so that she can understand people better.

Everybody has an ambition in life. Aim or ambition is the inner aspiration of a man. No man can do anything in the world without aim.

So, all of us should be very determined about our goals in life.

Without good career planning, right from the start, one can’t be on the right track. One has to set the goals in accordance with his or her broad career goals.

Devangana Jain is studying Humanities subjects and she aspires to be an IAS/IPS Officer as this way she will get a full chance to protect and serve her country.

These are all the things which express her. Though nobody can be described in a few sets of sentences.

One needs to have a command of oneself before going to write something about his life.

Life is meant to be lived avidly and with visualization to do good for your fellow beings.

Keeping this aim in mind, she has always desired to serve her Nation in whatever capacity she can.

“She is a multi-talented personality.
She is a dancer
As well as musician
And also, a sportsperson
She has a lot of gems hidden inside, just like the sea
She is never free
She works hard like a honey bee
Appreciation is the only fee
She helps others like a tree
Her music refreshes mind like tea
My words are not enough to praise thee.”

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