Kunj D. Channe Iconic Nation Builders Of 2021 Excellence In School/Entrepreneurs

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Kunj D. Channe: Iconic Nation Builders of 2021 | RNTalks Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Awards

Good Morning, Kunj D. Channe. It’s Great To Be Chatting With You Here. Could You Start By Telling Us A Bit About Yourself? 🙂

Hello ma’am, I am the founder and Director of India’s Securago car design research design company SCDR PVT LTD. Besides this, I’m Inventor, Marketer, Researcher, Designer, CEO, Entrepreneur, Real life storyteller, Industrial trainer, and CAD master.

I was born in a small village in a middle-class poor family. But even in those days, I never let my financial circumstances come in the way of my success. My father was on a small job in school and did not get paid much.

We all kept on facing very difficult situations. The struggles of our life had started during those days. Since my father did not have much money, I could not complete my higher education hence, I had to drop out of my higher education.

Then after working hard for a year, I completed my higher education at Delhi University. I completed my CAD master’s education from the Design Multimedia Center, Delhi, and have also mastered the field of Automotive Design/Mechanical Design & Machine Design without any technical background.

Thereafter I started my own company at the age of 22 and established a successful Securago Car Design Research Company in Nagpur city in 2017.  I have ten-year experience in the field of automotive research field. 

What Are Your Hobbies That Destress You And What Do You Like To Do When You’re Not On Job?

I love reading books as they give me food for thought and motivate me to be creative. Since childhood, I have been fond of reading books because I like to learn new things and through them and gain knowledge. I have the skill of exploring old technology and new equipment research.

I am passionate about various experiments in science and technology. I do not waste my time on social media without reason because I get to learn many new things in that time. Time is very important for me so that I can learn new things.

Was There A Time You Messed Up And Felt Like You’d Failed? How Did You Bounce Back?

When I started my company I faced many challenges, like once I went to an industrialist to do a project presentation.

Then at that time, I did not know that those people wanted to copy my project. But when I refused to deal with their project, he knew that it would take on his company’s brand as an opponent in the market.

That’s when the industrialist became my enemy. They hatched conspiracies to remove me from the market and also from this field. He made me stand on zero by laying some kind of trap and my company remained closed for one year.

I had made mistake in those days when my project chip was handed over to him. I never gave up even when these people tried to ruin my life. Instead, I got down to complete with all the major companies.

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    I started working hard day and night and again started my company and defeated all those competitors. I got a lesson here from this incident to never trust anyone with my designs.

    First, you should check that person’s background and intent properly and only then proceed with your professional dealings with them. Never give up your courage, just believe in yourself. 

    What Are Your Views On Risk-Taking? Have You Taken Risks In Life? How Did You Learn To Embrace Risk-Taking?

    When I went through that phase, I realized that how to take a risky journey. I learned to take risks until I would reach my goals. I managed to bounce back whenever I could. If you take risks you will learn to handle challenges and no one can beat you again. 

    Tell Me About A Recent Business/ Professional Setback, If Any. How Did You Recover?

    Right now, I have a car design research center company. In each project, vehicles are designed by my research company. This company is in the first place in the state of Maharashtra and this company has been successful in the world’s global record.

    But after a few years of startup, there was such a crisis that my life and business had come to a standstill. What I had built by struggle was raised by some of my competitors in those days since they were scared that I would get ahead of them in the automotive design field.  

    When my company had closed for a few months, there were a lot of negative effects on my financial conditions too. I had spent some days at the railway station, footpath, and such places.

    In those dark days, no one came forward to help me. In the same way, our competitors and industrialist tried to remove both me and my brother from the market owing to jealousy because of our success.

    Undeterred I went ahead with courage and defeated all the competitors and got success in starting my company again. Today my company has almost completed 5 years.

    Think Back To Five Years Ago. Did You Envision Your Career As It Is Today? What Are The Changes That You Can See?

    I never imagined that I would go into the research field, my dream was to become a doctor but due to financial conditions, I could not.

    So, I fulfilled my father’s dream and let go of my own. Today I am happy that I fulfilled my father’s dream.  I am happy today that I have mastered this field. If I had been in the medical field, I would have achieved success like this and would have mastered that too.

    That’s Impressive. I Like Your Positivity. Was There Ever A Role You Applied For And Landed, But Weren’t 100% Qualified To Do? How Did You Proceed From There?

    Yes, there was such a role as when I started my business then I got the first opportunity from a company where I had to redesign all the machines of that company and prepare it in a new form. 

    But that company had a presentation on the first day itself. I could not do the show properly while giving a presentation and because of that I faced the first failure there and I did not get the contract of that company.

    That contract was very important for me and when I faced rejection from that company then I thought that one day a day will come when they will give a contract and by that time my company will be successful in making a world record inside India.

    My company progressed and after a few years was able to achieve its goal. Then after a few years, the CEO of the same company (from where I got first rejected) mailed and contacted us that they wanted to give tender to my company.

    That day I learned that you should not give up on facing rejection. You should just believe in yourself and work hard.

    Tell Me Kunj…which Leadership Skills Were The Most Difficult To Develop?

    I had to face difficulties in this field. When I do research, then I go ahead with all kinds of challenges. The most important leadership skills for me are to take the risk.

    I have to manage my staff and all the engineers and designers. I have project responsibilities for which I am always ready. I want to lead in the Automotive sector. 

    Somewhere At Some Point In Our Lives, Everyone Encounters A Difficult Boss. Can You Tell Me About A Time When You Had A Difficult Boss? How Did You Handle The Situation?

    For me, my elder brother is the boss. He is also an industrialist in this field, and his experience is much more in the industrial area. So I always got to learn something new from him. 

    For example, it was difficult for me when my elder brother had given a target to complete a company’s tender. But they had given me such a target that the project was to be completed correctly, and no errors could be afforded in it. 

    That project got ruined from my side due to loss, and then there was fear that my elder brother would get angry with me, but he did nothing angry with me, and on the contrary, he helped me fix that project. That’s why I consider my brother as my boss because I get to learn a lot from him. 

    What’s The Most Important Leadership Lesson You’ve Learned And How Has It Proven Invaluable And Helped You Grow?

    According to my experience, patience, understanding people, politeness are the three most important lessons in leadership.

    Being patient and courteous with the people in a group helps me to understand their issues and handle them properly.

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      How Did You Develop The Skill Of Speaking So Engagingly In Front Of Groups?

      For this, your experience matters because initially, I lacked group exposure and group talk.

      Later formed a good relationship with some kind of foundation and from there I gained more confidence and started participating in group meetings in a very interesting way, and today I am strong in public speaking and telling the true story of my own real life.

      Are You Considering A Career Transition? What Are Some Other Areas That Might Be A Good Fit For You?

      Yes,  the way I have been able to make my company a world record. In the same way, I have another dream for which I am fully preparing and will be able to present it soon in the coming time.

      One Of The Greatest Gifts You Can Give Yourself Is The Gift Of Self-Awareness, Meaning The Ability To See Yourself As Others View You. How Do You Think Others Perceive You?

      I think many do take inspiration from my hard work and my success story.

      Is There A Skill You’re Currently Working To Enhance, Such As Project Management, Long-Term Strategic Planning, Delegating, Or Public Speaking?

      I am working hard to make my personal brand like my company. A vehicle in the market as well as make it the only one brand for me, this brand building is a long-term activity where continuous effort is needed.

      To see results everyone from the industrials learns something from me and he always tell me that you are a great inventor and intelligent in this field. People in my field see me from this.

      You Have Been A Part Of The Education System As A Student Too. What Do You Think Are The 3 Main Areas For Improvement In Today’s Education System?

      In modern times,  the concept of mentoring has found application in virtually every form of learning. In academics, mentors are often used synonymously with a faculty adviser.

      1. careful listening- a good mentor is a good listener.

      2. keeping in touch – the amount of attention that a mentor gives will vary widely.

      3. building networks with principals- you can be a powerful ally for students by helping them build their principal network of contacts and potential principals.

      From Your Point Of View, What Should Be The Role Of Technology In The Process Of Education?

      The role of technology and has played a major role in my entrepreneurship. I am an automotive builder and expert who connects all automotive sectors.

      Many of today’s high-demand jobs were created in the last decade, according to the Indian Society For Technology In Education.

      As advances in technology drive globalization and digital transformation teachers can help students acquire the necessary skill to succeed in the cares of the future.

      According To You Kunj, How Important Is Technology In Education?

      Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck us one year ago it is quickly demonstrating online education should be a vital part of teaching and existing curricula,  as opposed to using it solely as a crisis-  management tools teachers can harness online learning as a powerful educational tool. 

      The effective rules of digital learning tools in classrooms can increase and student engagement with learning and help teachers improve their lessons plans & facilitate personalized build essential 21st-century skills.   

      What Do You Think Should Be The Main Goal Of A School Principal/Education?

      The main goal should be shaping a vision of academic success for all students. Although they see it in different ways, researchers who have examined education leadership agree that effective principals are responsible for establishing a school-wide vision of commitment to high shouted and the success of all students.

      New commerce to the education discussion might find this puzzling- hasn’t concern with the academic accomplishment of every student always tapped principals agendas. Instead, success could be defined as entry-level manufacturing work for students who had followed a general track. 

      If You Should Characterize A Great School Principal/Mentor With Three Words, Which Words Would You Choose? 

      Instead of words, I would summarise in 3 sentences…

      1. a mentor is a good listener

      2. mentor only shows us the right direction, that’s why the mentor is in the first place in this world.

      3. mentor is great because he always provided his knowledge to all the students.

      Do You Think That The School Principal Should Teach? If They Should, Why?

      Yes, first and foremost a principal gets to know his/her school well only by teaching gives the principal a deeper sense of empathy and a better understanding of the classroom challenges. A principal who teaches can be established and have an effective connection with the teaching and learning process in the school.  

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        From Your Point Of View, What Should Be The Relationship Between A Mentor/Principal And The Students?

        Mentoring styles and activities are as diverse as human relationships. It is only a good source of advice to different students, in the same way, advice, information, and encouragement will be needed. 

        This will make some students feel comfortable going to their mentors, other people are shy, afraid reactant to seek help then a good mentor is accessible and available to help the students, thus it is important to have a good relationship between the students, mentor, and principal.

        As A Principal, How Would You Go About Building A Relationship Of Trust And Collaboration With Staff, Parents, And Students?

        The relationship between staff, parents, and principal should be trusted at all times. A principal by nature has to be different things at different times to different situations. They can be supportive, demanding, encouraging, reprimanding, elusive and a wide array of other good things. 

        Depending on what a principal needs to maximize their potentials. A principal must understand that the staff and parents will fill whatever role they need to help students grow and improve.

        According To You What Strategies Should One Use When Working With RTE/Low Income And “At-Risk” Students To Give Them An Even Platform Of Growth Like Other Privileged Students?

        At this time education has a lot of importance because many poor children have to face difficulties in completing education. Not everyone has money due to which they have to leave their education incomplete. After that their possibility of taking some kind of risk increases. 

        This happened to me when my condition was not good, due to which I had leave my education incomplete but I took some risks, and then I completed my incomplete education.

        I was successful in doing it and today I am managing my own company. My only message is for all the students that if any kind of challenges come in life, then learn to take the risk and always give importance to education. 

        Do You Have Any Role Models In Your Life?

        My biggest role models are my mother and father who have always included strong values, ethics, honesty, humanity, which today I am following in my life.

        They have always inspired me to achieve more in life and never take anything as a hindrance.  They say that every challenge can be overcome with a strong will. 

        Kunj D. Channe Iconic Nation Builders Of 2021 Excellence In School/Entrepreneurs
        Kunj D. Channe Iconic Nation Builders Of 2021, Excellence In School/Entrepreneurs

        Kunj, please accept our heartiest congratulations on receiving the Iconic Nation Builders of 2021 Award at RNTalks Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Awards under the category of Excellence In School/Entrepreneurs. How do you feel about it?

        I am grateful to you for choosing me to collect this Award by RNTalks Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Awards 2021. This is simply one of the most important awards of my professional career. It is a really big honor for receiving this felicitation. Thank you so much RNTalks.

        Wow, That’s Awesome! Kunj, On Behalf Of RNTalks, I Wish You All The Best For Your Future In Mentoring. Any Special Message Or Any Suggestions You Would Like To Share With Your Visitors/Fans Which You Think Would Help Them Evolve As An Individual?

        Always keep moving forward in your life and have to face any challenge then you always face every challenge and never give up…

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