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Khushu- Annual RNTalks Magazine

Khushu- Annual RNTalks Magazine brings to all our achievements from the past year 2020.

It is our way of telling you that we have reached this far, yet we still need to make a lot more remarkable moves.

Not only that it also contains articles and winning stories that are going to be published in our upcoming anthology “VERVE.”

All the deserving articles, stories, and authors who have submitted their works for RNTalks 2020 will definitely find a place in Verve, whose copy is already being sent for printing and will be available by October 15th.

This magazine is FREE for all who would like to download and read. We encourage you to read it and submit your contribution also for the next upcoming magazine.

We hope you all enjoy the work as much as we do.

Steps to Download the FREE KHUSHU Magazine

  1. Fill in your email id and click on the “Sign up” button
  2. Go to your email to confirm your subscription.
  3. The magazine will be directed to the email id that you entered.
  4. Go to your email id open the mail.
  5. IF not there then check your SPAM folder and mark it as NOT SPAM.
  6. DOWNLOAD it on your mobile / laptop.

Thank You!

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