GK Quiz Are You Smarter Than a Sixth Grader?

GK Quiz Are You Smarter Than a Sixth Grader?

GK Quiz: Are You Smarter Than a Sixth Grader

GK Quiz Are You Smarter Than a Sixth Grader? The answer to this question can be explained only by you.

This quiz can be integrated into a lesson plan at school or played at home.

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It can be challenging, but kids of elementary and even middle school ages can acquire a lot of general knowledge through thee questions and answers.

It is great for promoting kids to turn into well-rounded, knowledgeable world citizens.

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Below is a list of five topics, in a hodgepodge list for additional fun!

All subjects are integrated at grade levels from first to fifth grade, so you can play the quiz with your class as they do it on T.V.

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General knowledge can assist a student in intensifying his academic awareness to a great level.

With proper consciousness of several ongoing events and useful experiences of past an individual manages to possess a general knowledge of some basic facts that are also a component of the academic program.

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You may be equipped to stand out from the organisation if your intelligence on just about everything in and exceeding your coursework is tip top.

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Besides this, a sound understanding also supports the student to successfully be a hero of numerous quizzes and debate competition, which are an essential part of student life.

It is common knowledge to have a good grasp over general knowledge and current affairs.

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Learners in school and college are always expected to comprehend what is going about in the world.

Not only this but this knowledge is experimented upon by employing various general knowledge tests, scoring in which would draw in some good grades.

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Good general knowledge would assist you in acquiring good grades at school and in competitive entrance exams.

Take The GK Quiz Are You Smarter Than a Sixth Grader To Improve Your Treasure Base of Knowledge and Challenge Your Friends


Which Language Is Mostly Widely Spoken In South America?

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Portuguese is the commonly spoken language of South America by a small margin. Spanish, with slightly fewer speakers than Portuguese, is the second most spoken language on the continent. Other official and majority languages in specific countries are: Dutch in Suriname.

What Type Of A Feather Was Used For A Quill Pen?

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Quill pen is a writing tool created from a moulted flight feather preferably a primary wing-feather of a huge bird. Quills were utilised for writing with ink before the design of the dip pen, the ballpoint pen ot any other pen. The hand-cut goose quill is seldom used as a calligraphy tool, because several papers are now obtained from wood pulp and wear down the quill instantly. Nonetheless, it is still the tool of preference for a few scribes who remarked that quills render an unmatched sharp stroke as well as greater versatility than a steel pen.

What Is The Main Character In A Story Called?

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A protagonist is the central personality of a story. It means 'one who plays the first part, chief actor'. He protagonist is the central figure of the story, executes the key decisions, and endures the outcomes of those choices. The protagonist is the prime character who propels the story ahead and is usually the type who faces the most significant barriers. If a novel contains a subplot or is a story made up of several tales, then all subplots may have its protagonist. The protagonist is the personality whose future is intimately followed by the audience or the reader, and who is confronted by the antagonist.

The American President On The Half Dollar Coin Who Was Assassinated In 1963 Is…

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John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. Within hours of the assassination Mint Director Eva Adams called Chief Engraver Gilroy Roberts, notifying him that serious thought was already being presented to depicting Kennedy on one of the higher denomination silver coins: either the silver dollar, half dollar, or quarter dollar. Adams designated Roberts on November 27 and approved the project, declaring that the late president's widow, Jacqueline Kennedy favoured that he be depicted on the half dollar, succeeding the previous design of Benjamin Franklin. Mrs. Kennedy reasoned that she did not desire to replace George Washington on the quarter.

What Was The Italy, Japan, And Germany’s Alliance Was Called During WWII?

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The Axis of Evil WW II, also known as "Rome–Berlin–Tokyo Axis" was a military coalition that fought in World War II against the Allies. The Axis powers accepted on their resistance to the Allies but did not effectively coordinate their actions. The Axis developed out of the diplomatic endeavours of Germany, Italy, and Japan to guard their own specific expansionist goals in the mid-1930s. At its peak in 1942 during World War II, the Axis controlled territories that involved substantial parts of North Africa, Europe, and East Asia. There were no 3-way summit conferences and collaboration and coordination was minimum, with somewhat more between Germany and Italy. The war concluded in 1945 with the collapse of the Axis powers and the dismissal of their alliance. As in the status of the Allies, the association of the Axis was fluid, with some countries changing sides or adjusting their degree of military involvement throughout the war.

What Is The Lesson In The Story About The Boy Who Cried Wolf?

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There was once a village on the outskirts of a jungle. A shepherd boy used to bring his herd of sheep over the fields to the lawns near the jungle. One day he seemed bored and needed to have some entertainment. So he shouted "Wolf, Wolf. The wolf is taking away a lamb". Peasants toiling in the fields came rushing and inquired, "Where is the wolf?". The boy chuckled and responded "It was just fun. Now get going all of you". The boy performed the trick for quite a several times in the following few days. After a few days as the boy was resting upon a tree, there came a wolf. The boy screamed, "Wolf, Wolf, The wolf is taking a lamb away." No one came. The boy yelled "Help! Wolf! Help!" Still, no one came to his aid. The villagers assumed that the boy was misbehaving again. The wolf took a lamb away.

What Is The Capital Of New York?

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Albany is the capital of the U.S. state of New York. It is situated on the west bank of the Hudson River about 10 miles south of its meeting with the Mohawk River and about 135 miles north of New York City. It is known for its rich culture, history, architecture, commerce, and institutions of higher education. Albany forms the commercial and aesthetic core of the Capital District of New York State. The city was officially established in 1686 under English government. It became the capital of New York in 1797 following the establishment of the United States. Albany is one of the oldest surviving establishments of the original British thirteen colonies, and is the most long-drawn continuously chartered city in the United States.

Which Country In The 7th Century Invented The First Fireworks?

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Many historians maintain that fireworks ingeniously were developed in the second century B.C. in ancient Liuyang, China. It is believed that the first original "firecrackers" were bamboo stalks which, when thrown in a fire, would erupt with a bang because of the heating of the hollow air pockets inside the bamboo. The Chinese considered these natural "firecrackers" would ward off evil apparitions. Sometimes through the period 600-900 AD, the fable has it that a Chinese alchemist combined potassium nitrate, sulfur and charcoal to create a black, flaky powder – the original “gunpowder”. This powder was emptied into hallowed out bamboo sticks creating the first man-made fireworks.

What Is Rosa Parks Most Famous For?

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Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was an American crusader in the civil rights movement and is famously recognised for her significant performance in the Montgomery bus boycott. The US Congress has declared her "the mother of the freedom movement" and "the first lady of civil rights". On 1st December, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks refused bus driver James F. Blake's order to surrender her seat in the "coloured section" to a white passenger, after the whites-only section was filled. Parks wasn't the first person to oppose bus segregation. Still, NAACP thought that she was the most suitable candidate for seeing through a court trial after her arrest for civil disobedience in breaking Alabama segregation laws.

What Is The Person In A Novel Who Tells The Story From A Third-Person Perspective Called?

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A significant element of any work of fantasy is the NARRATOR, the character who is narrating the story. One must make a note that the narrator isn't the same as the AUTHOR. The author is the person who actually wrote the story. A narrator is a storyteller in a novel or film. One of the most popular literary narrators is Herman Melville's Ishmael, who recounts the tale of Moby Dick. In fictional literature, the narrator is a personality who delivers the story from his/her view, which is distinct from the writer.

What Is The Name Of The Book About A Friendship Between A Pig Named Wilbur And Spider Named Charlotte?

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Charlotte's Web is a kid's paperback by American author E. B. White and represented by Garth Williams; it was declared on October 15, 1952, by Harper & Brothers. The book reveals the tale of a livestock pig named Wilbur and his association with a barn spider titled Charlotte. When Wilbur is in peril of being butchered by the farmer, Charlotte drafts messages admiring Wilbur (such as "Some Pig") in her web to convince the farmer to let him survive. It is regarded as a masterpiece of children's literature, agreeable to adults as well as children. In 2000, Publishers Weekly classified the book as the best-selling children's book of all time.

Adding Conjunctions Such As “And” Or “But” Turns A Simple Sentence into What Type Of Sentence?

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In sentence structure, a compound sentence is two or more independent clauses connected by a coordinating conjunction or semicolon. So a compound sentence is simply two or more simple sentences added together. A compound sentence does not include any dependent clauses. The most popular of these coordinating conjunctions are and, but and or, in this order. Heed that a comma (,) must appear before the coordinating conjunction save when the clauses are short (in which case the comma is voluntary).

What Is The Term For A Word That Has The Opposite Meaning Of Another Word?

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In lexical definition, antonyms are words lying in an essentially contradictory paired relationship. For instance, something that long indicates that it is not short. It is introduced to as a 'binary' involvement because there are two features in a set of opposites. The connection among opposites is known as opposition. The word antonym is normally taken to be synonymous with the opposite, but antonym also has different more defined meanings.

What Was the Ancient Egyptian Writing System Called?

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Hieroglyph, a figure used in a method of pictorial writing, especially that pattern used on ancient Egyptian monuments. Hieroglyphic figures may describe the objects that they depict but usually, stand for distinct sounds or groups of sounds. Hieroglyph, signifying “sacred carving,” is a Greek interpretation of the Egyptian phrase “the god’s words,” which was practised at the time of the early Greek connections with Egypt to recognise the older hieroglyphs from the handwriting of the age (demotic).

What Is The Term For A Word That Is Similar In Meaning To Another Word?

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A synonym is a morpheme, word, or phrase that expresses exactly or almost the same as another morpheme, word, or phrase in the same language. For example, the words begin, commence, start, and initiate are all synonyms of one another; they are identical. The official test for synonymy is the replacement: another can substitute one form in a sentence without altering its intent.

Who Invented The Light Bulb In 1879?

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In 1878, Thomas Edison began serious analysis into generating a practical incandescent lamp, and on October 14, 1878, Edison recorded his first patent request for “Improvement In Electric Lights”. This development marked the start of commercially produced light bulbs and in 1880, Thomas Edison’s company, Edison Electric Light Company began selling its new product. He singly or jointly held a world record 1,093 patents. Also, he founded the world’s premier industrial research laboratory. He started his career in 1863, in the youth of the telegraph industry when practically the only source of light was primitive batteries setting out a low-voltage current. Before he died in 1931, he had performed a significant purpose in introducing the modern age of electricity.

Which Ancient Civilization Built The Machu Picchu Complex In Peru?

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The Inca Empire was the most extensive empire in pre-Columbian America. The political, administrative, and military centre of the empire was situated in the city of Cusco. The Inca civilization originated from the Peruvian highlands someday in the early 13th century. The Spanish conquered its last stronghold in 1572. From 1438 to 1533, the Incas included a large portion of western South America, centred on the Andean Mountains, using conquering and nonviolent assimilation, amongst other techniques. Its official communication language was Quechua. Various local practices of worship persisted in the empire, but the Inca management supported the sun worship of Inti, their sun god, and inflicted its sovereignty above other cults such as that of Pachamama. The Incas regarded their king, the Sapa Inca, to be the "son of the sun.

Which City Was the First To Be Attacked By An Atomic Bomb?

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On 6 and 9, August 1945, United States exploded two nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively. Between 129,000 and 226,000 people were killed in the two bombings. In the terminal year of World War II, the Allies planned for an attack on the Japanese mainland. The approval of the United Kingdom was taken for the bombing, as was asked by the Quebec Agreement, and orders were announced for atomic bombs to be utilised against Hiroshima, Kokura, Niigata and Nagasaki on July 25. On August 6, the B-29 Enola Gay released a Little Boy on Hiroshima. Three days later, to take advantage of favourable climate, the B-29 Bockscar dumped a Fat Man on Nagasaki, a significant military port, and Japan's largest shipbuilding and repair centres, and a significant generator of naval ordnance. For months afterwards, large quantities of people died from the consequences of burns, radiation sickness, and injuries, intensified by illness and malnutrition.

From Whom Did The United State Buy Territory In The Louisiana Purchase?

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The Kingdom of France had managed the Louisiana territory from 1699 until it was surrendered to Spain in 1762. In 1800, Napoleon, then the First Consul of the French Republic, recovered ownership of Louisiana as part of a more extensive plan to re-establish a French colonial empire in North America. Nevertheless, France's incompetency in putting down a revolt in Saint-Domingue, joined with the possibility of repeated warfare with the United Kingdom, urged Napoleon to reconsider selling Louisiana to the United States. Procurement of Louisiana was a long-term purpose of President Thomas Jefferson, who was particularly anxious to obtain control of the important Mississippi River port of New Orleans.

What Is The Main Series Of Events In A Story Called?

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In a bookish work, story of a film, or other narratives, is called a plot. It is the progression of events where each event affects the following one through the law of cause-and-effect. Plots can differ from the simple—such as in a conventional ballad—to developing complex interwoven structures, with specific part sometimes introduced to as a subplot or imbroglio. In general practice (for instance, a "movie plot"); yet, it can suggest a chronological synopsis or story summary, rather than a particular cause-and-effect sequence. The plot is related in significance to the term storyline.

Who Is The Author Of James And The Giant Peach?

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Printed in 1961 James and the Giant Peach was Roald Dahl's first classic novel for children. He dedicated the novel to his 6-year-old daughter. The initial first edition published by Alfred Knopf highlighted drawings by Nancy Ekholm Burkert. It was transformed into a film of the same title in 1996, and a musical fantasy in 2010. The plot pivots on a young English orphan boy who enters a gigantic, magical peach, and has an exciting and surreal cross-world experience with seven magically-altered backyard bugs he meets. It has become a frequent scapegoat of censors because of the story's random macabre and possibly terrifying content.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first two men in the entire world to do what?

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Commander Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (lunar module pilot) were a part of the American crew that landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC. Armstrong was the first personality to step onto the lunar surface six hours and 39 minutes on 21 July at 02:56 UTC; Aldrin followed him 19 minutes later. They spent approximately two and a quarter hours collectively outside the spacecraft, and they secured 47.5 pounds (21.5 kg) of lunar matter to carry back to Earth.

Octavian Was The Emperor Of Which Empire?

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A term of unrest and civil wars in the 1st century BC marked the transformation of Rome from a republic to an empire. This time period included the career of Julius Caesar, who ultimately took full power over Rome as its ruler. After his slaying in 44 BCE, the triumvirate of Mark Antony, Lepidus, and Octavian, Caesar’s nephew, governed. Soon enough Octavian went to war against Antony in northern Africa, and after his success at Actium (31 BCE), he was enthroned as Rome’s first monarch, Augustus. His ascendancy, from 27 BCE to 14 CE, was marked by stability and peace.

In Which War Was The Battle Of Gettysburg Fought?

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The Battle of Gettysburg persisted from July 1 to July 3, 1863. It is deemed the most important battle of the American Civil War. After a grand success over Union forces at Chancellorsville, General Robert E. Lee advanced his Army of Northern Virginia toward Pennsylvania in late June 1863. On July 1, the advancing Confederates fought with the Union’s Army of the Potomac, headed by General George G. Meade, at the crossroads town of Gettysburg. The following day saw yet heavier combat, as the Confederates charged the Federals from both left and right. The attack, known as “Pickett’s Charge,” succeeded to pierce the Union lines but ultimately flopped at the sacrifice of thousands of rebel disasters. Lee was compelled to retract his battered army to Virginia on July 4. The Union had triumphed in a significant turning point, halting Lee’s invasion of the North. It motivated Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address,” which became one of the most memorable speeches of all age.

How Many Letters Are In The English Alphabet?

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The contemporary English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters, respectively possessing an upper- and lower-case form. It was derived approximately in the 7th century from the Latin writing. Since then, letters have been appended or eliminated to give the current Modern English alphabet of 26 letters (this ultimately converting the ISO basic Latin alphabet). The word alphabet is a synthesis of the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, alpha and beta.

From Which Country Did Mexico Gain Its Independence In The 19th Century?

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The Mexican War of Independence was a fortified conflict and political process, persisting from 1808 to 1821, ending in Mexico's independence from Spain. It was not a unique, coherent event, but local and regional conflicts that occurred within the corresponding period of time, and can be viewed as a revolutionary civil war. Although the Spanish crown originally rebuffed O’Donojú’s recognition of Mexican independence, the date is now remembered as that of disconnection from Old Spain is, in fact, Aug. 24, 1821. The initial Mexican Empire traversed only a short transitional period throughout which Mexico became an independent republic. Independence from the previous mother country had been the solitary adhesive which bound republicans and monarchists together, however, once that difficult goal had been achieved, the inherent hostility between the two came to govern the party politically.

Who Wrote The National Anthem Of The United States Of America?

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Francis Scott Key was an American author, lawyer, and amateur poet from Frederick, Maryland, who is famously recognised for writing the verses for the American national anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner". He witnessed the British bombardment of Fort McHenry in 1814 through the War of 1812. He was spurred upon viewing the American flag still flying atop the fort at sunrise and wrote the poem "Defence of Fort M'Henry". It was on record within a week with the recommended tune of the famous song "To Anacreon in Heaven". The song with Key's lyrics became known as "The Star-Spangled Banner". It slowly gained in reputation as an unofficial anthem, ultimately obtaining official status more than a century later under President Herbert Hoover as the national anthem. The national motto "In God We Trust" stems from a line in "The Star-Spangled Banner.

What Are The First Ten Amendments To The Constitution Called?

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The United States Bill of Rights includes the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution. Introduced following the usually bitter 1787–88 debate over the acceptance of the Constitution, and written to address the doubts raised by Anti-Federalists, the Bill of Rights amendments add to the Constitution special guarantees of personal freedoms and rights, free limitations on the government's control in judicial and other proceedings, and specific declarations that all powers not specifically given to the U.S. Congress by the Constitution are reserved for the states or the people.

Which War Was Fought Between the North and South Regions in The United States?

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The American Civil War meant civil war in the United States from 1861 to 1865, was fought amidst northern states loyal to the Union and southern states that had withdrawn from the Union to develop the Confederate States of America. The civil war started primarily as a result of the long-standing disagreement over the enslavement of black personalities. In April 1861 War broke out when secessionist powers besieged Fort Sumter in South Carolina just over a month after Abraham Lincoln assumed office as the President of the United States.

What Type Of Literature Features Magical Creatures, Such As Giants, Gnomes, And Goblins?

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A fairytale, wonder tale, magic tale, all are an example of a folklore genre that takes the structure of a short story. Such tales typically emphasise existences of elves, dwarfs, goblins, dragons, fairies, giants, gnomes, griffins, mermaids, unicorns, talking animals, trolls, or witches, and habitually spells or witcheries. In most societies, there is no clear line dividing line between the myth of folk or fairy tale. All these collectively form the composition of preliterate societies. Fairy tales may be separated from distinct folk narratives such as legends and explicitly moral tales, including beast fables.

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