Fairy Mumma And Her Cute Tosheen (Princess)

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Fairy Mumma And Her Cute Tosheen (Princess)

Well, what should I tell you about my mother? Where should I start? 

The world is a beautiful place for me because she is in it. I do not know how my eight-year journey has passed so quickly. Her magic on me is much more than fairy tale magic. 

I do not have sufficient words to express how my mother is important to my family and me.

I do not know what magical powers she has, that she knows everything, even before I speak. 

Fairy Mumma And Her Cute Tosheen (Princess)
Fairy Mumma And Her Cute Tosheen (Princess)

She is my heart’s first home. Without her being around, I can not even imagine my life. So I owe her loads of love, laughter, joy, thank you, joyous moments, her free time, and respect because it’s all she has given me.

When the world speaks to her about why you do not have one more child, it makes the family complete. 

She will hold me tighter and say she has already made our life complete. She has never discriminated against me with boys.

She keeps making me understand that we do not ever do gender discrimination. 

My day began’ s with waking up in her arms, and my day ended with her sweet voice in my ears and hands in my hair. 

Her morning hug is the most whimsical in the world, and I love it. She loves me the most in the world. When I am feeling down, she gives me all the strength in the world. 

She is a working woman and always on her toes, but I do not know how she manages things that she has all the time in the world for me. 

Her love is unlike an Instagram reel that may disappear in 24 hours. The best part is that she always honors her words, and so does she expect from me. 

She always reminds me of good values and how it makes one a respectful child. She will always say, Tosheen, we can pamper you, but we do not want you to be spoiled. 

She only has to count to 1-2-3, and I do not know how she can pull me to do things, and it only works with her. Anyone else who tries this trick at home on me never succeeds. 

Fairy Mumma And Her Cute Tosheen (Princess)
Fairy Mumma And Her Cute Tosheen (Princess)

She is the first person to wake up in our house, dressed up with a smile on her face and always full of energy.

She will finish all her routine things before she wakes me up, so she can play and cuddle with me when I wake up. 

She never forgets anything. She is like a ninja princess, so strong and a superwoman who is always on her toes. She is my angel. 

She makes me believe that I can do anything in this world. I run around in the house, and she will keep on chasing me. My mother is the best mom. 

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    She loves me a lot, and I love her too. She teaches me so many things and makes me read lots of stories. My mother is my best friend. 

    Her voice is everywhere I am. There is nowhere else when she is with me; instead, I will be. I love being with her all the time.

    I am lucky to have a mother with so many things. Thank you for forever being there for me. 

    For every critical moment in my life, right from school competitions, birthday parties of my friends, preparation for exams, making crafts, middle of the night when I wake up, or just being there when I need her for no reason. She got all the time in the world for me. 

    Thank you for never judging me and comparing me with other children. She has always supported me and never judged me or compared me with another child. 

    My mother always says every child is different, Tosheen. What is the strength of one child that may not be of other? 

    So do not ever compare yourself with others, but always learn and observe the good things of others. I am lucky to get your support and guidance on the way. 

    Thank you for teaching me honesty. The honesty of sharing thoughts, honesty of our relationship, and the best part are she is my honest mirror, who will always tell me the truth. 

    I must confess that when she is on the phone, I get peaceful time to watch YouTube, and I love it, and when her call is over… after that shhhhhhhhh, that is not even imaginable. 

    Fairy Mumma And Her Cute Tosheen (Princess)
    Fairy Mumma And Her Cute Tosheen (Princess)

    Every day I promise her in the morning that I will finish all the tasks while she is going to the office. 

    Then, by the afternoon, I will call her and tell Mumma I will do everything with you only when you return. I cannot study, learn, or remember anything without her. 

    And she will always say, no, you got to do it all by yourself. She will say that Tosheen is an independent girl, and she will always encourage me to do it independently and always reassure me that I can do it and will do my best.

    She has coined a great reward system for all my activities and tasks, which always gives me direction and keeps me going. 

    I do not know how she always knows how to get the best out of me. I have won international medals in Olympiads and numerous prizes in competitions, and every time people praise me for being a fantastic and intelligent child. 

    However, I know well that it is her hard work, dedication, and pushing me out of my comfort zone; otherwise, I could not have won so many accolades for myself at such an early age. 

    So, she is winning everything, and the award must go to her. She is not just my favorite. She is also the favorite aunty of my friends. She is always available to help and expects me to do the same. 

    I love my mother very much because she is always there for me, even when she cannot. So let me confess today, Mumma.. without you by my side, I could never survive. 

    Thank you for being so magical, Mom!

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