Easy General Knowledge Questions To Improve Knowledge

Easy General Knowledge Questions To Improve Knowledge

Easy General Knowledge Questions To Improve Knowledge

General knowledge is an essential aspect of human life.

If you don’t comprehend what is occurring around you, you might come off as shallow and can hinder you from being a part of some healthy conversations.

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Thus, the absence of general knowledge can actually stifle your social interaction.

A little knowledge of multiple topics can considerably help you initiate communication with people, winning a topic with them having some measure of mastery in that particular subject.

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At the end of the day, both of you will improve your knowledge.

Apart from that, knowing current affairs can actually boost your decision-making skills.

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For instance, you can invest in an enterprise or a firm with no visible possibilities of obtaining profits because you don’t comprehend what is happening in the enterprise or business.

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General knowledge aids us to grow both on an individual as well as academic level.

It broadens our sense of perceiving the world, understands, and analyzes the situations better as one would without proper knowledge

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Here’s why possessing good general knowledge is a vital aspect of your personality and assists you win at almost everything in everyday life.

  1. General knowledge makes initiating discussions easy
  2. Get better ranks in school, college and competitive exams
  3. General knowledge assists you take more dependable decisions in life
  4.  Making a good impression on someone with general knowledge is easy
  5. Interact efficiently with people from diverse cultures 6)General knowledge assists you keep up with the most modern trends

Take The Easy General Knowledge Questions To Improve Knowledge and Challenge Your Friends


The Winners of Which Game Are Honored: Federation Cup, World Cup, Alvin International Trophy and Challenge Cup?

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All theses are awarded to winners of Volleyball. Volleyball is a team sport in which a net separates two teams of six players. Every team tries to score counts by grounding a ball on the other team's court following organized rules. In 1895 in Holyoke, Massachusetts William G. Morgan, designed Volleyball as an indoor sport for business people who found the new game of basketball too robust. Volleyball was introduced into Europe by American troops during World War I, when national organizations were formed.

Which of The Following Instruments Is Used to Measure Soil Water Tension?

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Tensiometers are appliances that scale soil moisture tension. They are sealed, water-filled tubes with a porous ceramic tip at the base and a vacuum gauge at the head. They are thrust in the soil to plants' root zone depth. Such tensiometers are utilised in irrigation scheduling to assist farmers and other irrigation managers in determining when to water. In combination with a water retention curve, tensiometers can be utilised to decide how much to water. With training, a tensiometer can be a beneficial tool for these purposes. Soil tensiometers can also be utilised in the scientific investigation of soils and plants.

Panini Was…

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Pāṇini was a grammarian, ancient Sanskrit philologist, and a revered scholar in ancient India. He was considered "the father of linguistics" after the discovery and revelation of Pāṇini's work by the European scholars in the 19th century. His authority on aspects of the development of modern linguists is widely recognized in the profession; his grammar was authoritative on foundational scholars such as Ferdinand de Saussure and Leonard Bloomfield.

Under Which of The Following Trees, Buddha Got Enlightenment?

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The Bodhi tree is also known as Ficus religiosa or Peepal tree, It is under this tree Buddha is believed to have meditated and attained enlightenment. it is located within this temple complex and venerated. Emperor Ashoka constructed the first temple near Bodhi tree during the 3rd Century BCE, approximately 300 years after Buddha's period (566-486 B.C.E). Several other sacred figs worldwide are also thought to be descendants of the original Bodhi tree and are often called Bodhi trees themselves. Prayer beads made of sacred fig seeds are highly esteemed.

Which of The Following Is the World’s Largest and Deepest Ocean?

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Out of the three oceans that stretch northward from the Antarctic continent, the Pacific is by far the largest, extending about a third of the surface of the globe. It comprises of more than half of the free water on Earth. Its area, excluding neighbouring seas, comprises of about 63.8 million square miles (165.25 million square km). In the Northern Hemisphere, the Pacific Ocean joins the Arctic Ocean in the Bering Sea. In the Southern Hemisphere the Pacific and Atlantic mix in the moderately narrow Drake Passage separating Tierra del Fuego in South America and Graham Land in Antarctica.

Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the World's…

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GCT, Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world's most extensive railway station. GCT is the largest train station in the world in terms of area owned and amount of platforms. The terminal spans over 49 acres and has 44 platforms. The unique architecture and interior layout of Grand Central Terminal's station house have merited it several landmark designations, including National Historic Landmark. GCT attends some 67 million passengers annually, more than any other Metro-North station. At morning rush hour, a train arrives at the terminal every 58 seconds.

Friction Can Be Reduced by Changing From…

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Friction is defined as the resistance that transpires when two surfaces glide across each other. Friction can is reduced by switching from sliding to rolling. When something is rolled over the surface, the friction amid the rolled object and surface can be reduced. Polishing the surface makes the surface smooth, and friction can be reduced. Applying lubricants such as oil or grease can also reduce the friction between the surfaces. A well-lubricated machine operates more smoothly and endures longer.

Film and TV Institute of India Is Located At...

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FTII, is an independent institute under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The Central Government of India supports it. It is on the premises of the former Prabhat Film Company in Pune. Prabhat Studio was a pathfinder in the business of filmmaking and shifted to Pune from Kolhapur in 1933. The old Studios of Prabhat are presently heritage structures, and FTII students work at the world's oldest functioning film shooting studios.

Guru Gobind Singh was…

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Gobind Singh acquired his grandfather Gurū Hargobind’s love of the military life and was also a man of great intellectual accomplishments. He was the descendant of the ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahādur, who sustained martyrdom at the hands of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb for refusing to convert to Islam. Guru Gobind Singh was formally inducted as the tenth Sikh Guru of the Sikhs at age nine. He was a linguist and was well versed in Persian, Arabic, and Sanskrit as well as his mother tongue Punjabi. He additionally codified Sikh law, wrote poetry, and was the author of the Dasam Granth.

India’s Largest Petrochemical Complex Is Located At?

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The Jamnagar Refinery in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India is a private sector crude oil refinery owned by (RIL) Reliance Industries Limited. The refinery was started on On 25 December 2008, with the established capacity of 668,000 barrels per day (106,200 m3/d). It is to date the largest refinery in the world. The completion of the RPL refinery has enabled Jamnagar to develop as a ‘Refinery land.’

In Which State Is The Elephant Falls Located?

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Christened after an Elephant like stone at its foot, the Elephant Falls are amongst the most popular falls in the North-East, situated next to Shillong. The breathtaking beauty of Elephant falls are referred to as 'Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew' by the local Khasi people, which suggests 'The Three Step Waterfalls', as these falls consist of three mesmerising falls in sequence. It is a tourists' paradise accessible to the layman from different vantage points. The Britishers christened this fall so due to the presence of an elephant-shaped rock on one side of the fall. The stone, however, disintegrated and deteriorated away due to an earthquake in 1897. It is a superb place for spending some time amid nature while seizing the incredible moments for your remembrance.

Which Of The Following Newspapers Was Founded By Mahatma Gandhi In South Africa In 1903??

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The Indian Opinion was a newspaper founded by Indian leader Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The publication was an essential tool for the political movement led by Gandhi and the Natal Indian Congress to oppose racial discrimination and obtain civil rights for the Indian immigrant population in South Africa. It existed between 1904 and 1915. The Indian Opinion started by choosing a very moderate tone, reemphasizing its confidence in British law and trying not to provoke the resentment of British officials. Nevertheless, the Indian Opinion particularly highlighted the poor conditions under which enslaved labourers served.

Who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913?

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Rabindranath Tagore was bestowed with The Nobel Prize in Literature 1913 to "because of his extremely sensitive, pristine and beautiful verse, Gitanjali. He moulded Bengali literature and music, as well as Indian art with Contextual Modernism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He became the first non-European to get the Nobel Prize in Literature. agore's poetic songs were viewed as spiritual and mercurial; however, his "elegant prose and magical poetry" remain largely unknown outside Bengal.[7] He is also referred to as "the Bard of Bengal".

Where Is ‘Dudhsagar Waterfall’ Located In India?

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Dudhsagar Falls, a popular tourist destination, is a four-tiered waterfall on the Mandovi River in the Indian state of Goa. Deciduous forests with rich biodiversity surround the area. It is situated 60 km from Panaji by road and is on the Madgaon-Belagavi rail route approximately 46 km east of Madgaon and 80 km south of Belagavi. It is one of the tallest waterfalls of India with a maximum height of 310 meters (1017 feet) and width of 30 metres (100 feet).

In Which City India’s First-Ever National Police Museum Is Established?

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India got its first national police museum as the central government decided to establish the unique facility in Lutyens' Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi inaugurated it on October 21st 2018. This museum carries us into the world of sensation and thrill as the museum holds thought-provoking items all related to police, Crime & Criminals, from the old-fashioned to the modern times. Exhibited articles are acquired from different states and central police organizations both of Indian plus Foreign Origin. Photography is permitted with approval. Museum has no admission fees.

Galileo Was an Italian Astronomer Who…

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Galileo was an Italian astronomer, philosopher, professor, mathematician, and a physicist, who made pioneering observations of nature with long-lasting connections for the research of physics. Galileo also created a telescope and supported the Copernican theory, which establishes a sun-centred solar system.

Which Famous Sculpture Depicting The Art Of Love Was Built Sometime Between 950 And 1050 AD?

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Khajuraho temples are famous sculptures representing the art of love built some time in 950 AD - 1050 AD. They are a located in Chhatarpur district, Madhya Pradesh, India, approximately 175 kilometres southeast of Jhansi. Formerly a group of 85, they are the most comprehensive group of Hindu and Jain temples in the world, although just about 25 of them remain today. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, they have fascinated generations of people by their intricate carvings, architectural brilliance, and, most famously, their erotic sculptures.

National Emergency Arising Out of War, Armed Rebellion Or External Aggression, Belongs To Which Of The Following Articles?

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National emergency mounting out of the war, external aggression, or armed rebellion is dealt with under Article 356. This is especially with regards to president rule in case of emergency. This emergency results due to the failure of the constitutional machinery in the state. Article 356 does not pertain to union territories. There are several ways by which president's rule can be implemented in various union territories with a legislative assembly.

On Which Day Are World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day Celebrated Every Year?

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Red Crescent Day and World Red Cross is an yearly celebration of the beliefs of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. It is also the birth anniversary of Henry Dunant. He was born on 8 May 1828. He was the originator of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the recipient of the first Nobel Peace Prize. The purpose was to encourage humanitarian movements all across the world, which would contribute towards spreading peace. This initiative was first introduced after World War I.

The Literacy Rate Of India is…

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India's literacy rate is at 74.04%. Most official records focus on examining the adult literacy rate, which measures literacy among individuals aged 15 years and above. However, a locus on just adult literacy is likely to minimise the progress India has made in promoting its literacy outcomes. The adult literacy scale for both males and females increases at a relatively slow rate since most of the growth in literacy occurs through improvement in child and youth literacy. Hence it is essential to study the gender gap in literacy for diverse age groups to get a clear perception of the literacy landscape in the country and recognise the key challenges restraining a convergence between male and female literacy.

Which Of The Following Personalities Is Considered To Be The Originator Of The Sankhya Philosophy?

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Maharishi Kapila is known as the "Acharya" of Sankhya Darshan. He was the one who composed the "Sankhya Sutra" and Tatvasamas. This school of philosophy accept the doctrine of the rebirth of person soul. It is related to the Yoga school of Hinduism, and it was influential on other schools of Indian philosophy.

What Is The Height Of Siachen Glacier In The Eastern Karakoram Range In The Himalayan Mountains?

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Siachen glacier, situated in the eastern Karakoram Range in the Himalayas at the height of 5400 metres. It is one of the five most massive and magnificentnglaciers in the Karakoram, located at an average altitude of 18,000 ft above sea level. At 78 km long, it is the longest glacier in the Karakoram and 2nd longest in the world's non-polar areas. Thea glacier is a witness to the military battle between India and Pakistan over the disputed Siachen Glacier range in Kashmir. It is the highest known battleground on earth, where India and Pakistan have battled intermittently since 13 April 1984. Both countries maintain a permanent army occupancy in the region. More than 2000 souls have died in this inhospitable territory, chiefly due to weather extremes and the inherent natural hazards of mountain counterinsurgency.

The Fire Temple Is The Place Of Worship Of Which Of The Following Religions?

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A fire temple in Zoroastrianism is the site of worship for Zoroastrians, often termed dar-e mehr (Persian) or agiyari (Gujarati). In the Zoroastrian religion, fire (see atar), collectively with clean water (see aban), are agents of ritual purity. In the Zoroastrian religion, fire, together with clean water are instruments of ritual purity. As of last data collected in 2019, there were 167 fire temples in the world. 45 were in Mumbai, 105 in India, and 17 in other countries. There is a custom in India of not allowing Zoroastrian women to enter the Fire Temple and the Tower of Silence if they marry a non-Zoroastrian person.

Where Is The Headquarters Of ASEAN Located?

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Current headquarters of ASEAN- ASEAN Secreteriat is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Its address is 70A Jalan Sisingamangaraja, Jakarta. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations- ASEAN is a regional intergovernmental organization comprising 10 official members- Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and 2 affiliate members.

This River Is Also Called Ganga Of South...

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Kaveri river is known as the Ganga of the south. Kaveri is also spelled CAUVERY. It is a sacred Indian river flowing through the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The Kaveri river rises at Talakaveri on the Brahmagiri range in the Western Ghats. Before draining into the Bay of Bengal south of Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, the river divides into a large number of distributaries forming a broad delta called the “garden of southern India.” It is also known as Daksina Ganga (“Ganges of the South”), the Kaveri River is celebrated for its panorama and sacredness in Tamil literature, and its entire course is deemed holy ground. The river is also famous for its irrigation canal projects.

Who Among the Following Celebrities of India Is the Sole Winner of a Special Oscar In The History Of Indian Cinema?

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Satyajit Ray is one of the famous personalities of India. He is the only winner of special Oscar in the history of Indian cinema. He was an Indian film director, writer, and illustrator. He was the most prominent and most influential filmmakers of the 20th century, Ray was born in Calcutta into a Bengali family which was prominent in the field of arts and literature. Six of his films—Pather Panchali, Apur Sansar (1959), Charulata (1964), Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne (1968), Seemabaddha (1971), and Agantuk (1991)—won the Best Feature Film.

Pollination Is Best Described As…

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Pollination is the method of transfer of pollen grains from the stamens, the flower parts that produce them, to the ovule-bearing organs or the ovules themselves. In plants like conifers and cycads, in which the ovules are exposed, the pollen is simply caught in a drop of fluid discharged by the ovule. In flowering plants, nevertheless, the ovules are enclosed within a hollow organ named the pistil, and the pollen is deposited on the pistil’s sensitive surface, the stigma.

Entomology Is The Science That Studies…

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Entomology is the knowledge of insects and their relevance to humans, the environment, and other organisms. Entomologists make numerous contributions to different fields as biology, agriculture, molecular science, chemistry, human/animal health, criminology, and forensics. The research of insects toils as the basis for developments in biological and chemical pest control, pharmaceuticals epidemiology, food and fibre production and storage, biological diversity, and numerous other disciplines of science.

When Was SAARC Formed?

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SAARC is a geopolitical alliance of states in South Asia and regional intergovernmental organisation. The notion of regional coordination in South Asia was conceived in November 1980. Its member states are India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It seeks to promote active collaboration, improve the welfare of the peoples of South Asia, strengthen collective self-reliance, and mutual assistance in various fields, and cooperate with international and regional organisations. A Programming Committee assists the Standing Committee, an ad hoc body, comprising senior officials, to scrutinise the Secretariat Budget, finalise the Calendar of Activities, and take up any other matter assigned to it by the Standing Committee.

The Habeas Corpus Act 1679...

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The Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 is an Act of Parliament in England during the rule of King Charles II. In criminal or illegal matters other than treason and felonies, the act granted prisoners or third parties operating on their behalf the right to question their detention by necessitating from the Justices of the King's Bench, Lord Chancellor, and the Barons of the Exchequer of the jurisdiction a judicial examination of their imprisonment.

Easy General Knowledge Questions To Improve Knowledge
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