Creative Quest

Creative Quest

Register for Creative Quest, Season-2, International Online Annual Talent Show and show off your skills.

Greetings to all from RNTalks Family.

We at RNTalks are always on the lookout for young and unknown talents in music, dance, and other performing arts.  Our stage is open to all art forms, and we provide a platform for artists worldwide to showcase their skills.

Do you have what it takes to be a part of our contest? If you think you have what it takes to entertain your audiences, then we would love to hear from you!

Send us your performance videos. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! You might be the next shining star in Season 3. We look forward to hearing from you!

For Fashion Ramp Walk watch the videos and check out the FAQs

Creative Quest 2022: Mark Your Dates

  • Last Date For Registration and Submitting Videos: 19th November 2022
  • The event Starts on: 20th November 2022
  • Result Declaration: 28th November 2022

✨ The Last Date for REGISTRATION & VIDEO SUBMISSION in the contest has been extended till 19 NOVEMBER 2022.

For Fashion Ramp Walk it can be anything you love to wear. Beachwear is just an example. It can be sarees/ salwar kurta/ formals/western outfits OR A COMBO of all.

You can use earlier made videos also or a fresh one for all activities.

The only condition is that it shouldn’t have been published on YouTube. If it is there remove it till 28th November and you can upload it back again later after the results are declared.

Sample Videos to Understand The Skills in Creative Quest

Mimicry (Solo) 5 mins

One-Act Play (Solo) 5 mins

Clay Modelling (Solo) 5-7 mins

Mime (Solo) 5 mins

Origami (Solo) 5 -10 mins

Fashion Ramp Walk (Solo) 5-7 mins

Creative Quest: Follow The Instructions

  1. The Mode Of The Competition Will Be Online.
  2. Submit your work as a 3-7 min video.
  3. For Painting, Art & Craft and Fashion Ramp Walk, make tiny 7-8, 30secs videos to show how it is progressing and then join all the videos together using a video editor, put background music and send it to us.
  4. If fewer participants are in any age category, it will be merged with the next category.
  5. If there are fewer participants in any Activity, that Activity will be dissolved or merged with another similar Activity.
  6. Your promotional poster will be displayed on the Official RNTalks Page on Facebook. The link of the same will be shared with you. Urge your relatives and friends to LIKE & FOLLOW the page so that they can view your video without any difficulty when it is released.
  7. You are free to download the promotional poster and use it anywhere on social media to promote yourself. We’ll be happy to see you as a hero on social media.
  8. The video should be a NATIVE video. You can CUT OR EDIT it before submitting it and even add audio or visual effects. Make sure your edits are clean and not shabby.
  9. DO NOT post the video on YouTube or any other social media, and then forward the link. You will be diasqualified.
  10. The video SHOULD NOT be released on any social media before the contest, while the contest is going on or even later. You will be provided with shareable links for the same by RNTalks.
  11. Any video found to have been published on YOUTUBE or FACEBOOK or any other social media other than at RNTALKS PLATFORMs at any given point will be disqualified.
  12. Mail your CONTEST VIDEOS to…  as shareable Google Drive Links, “WeTransfer” or on the given WhatsApp numbers also.
  13. ALL VIDEOS HAVE TO BE SHOT IN A MP4 FORMAT. IF USING AN IPHONE PLEASE CONVERT TO MP4 FORMAT USING ANY VIDEO SOFTWARE LIKE VIVO. (Videos shot on any Android phone are automatically saved in an MP4 format.)
  14. Videos should be shot in a landscape/ horizontal position in a 16:9 ratio to improve quality.
  15. Tips to win will be shared with you by the JURY in ONLINE INTERACTION once you register.
  17. The SUBJECT OF YOUR MAIL should be “Creative Quest Season-3”
  18. The participant should make sure that the background visible during the participation is decent and that there are no disturbances while the performance is going on.
  19. Participants are not allowed to refer to any printed/written material during the presentation.
  20. For Katha Sagar the accepted language will be Hindi & English only. Please refrain from using politics, hate speech, anti-national comments, nudity, or any other sexist words intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments.
  21. For POETRY, no EROTICA poetry will be allowed.
  22. For songs to be used in Dance and singing activities you can use any song of any language.
  23. RNTalks reserves the right to disqualify or reject any entry if the video is found to be plagiarised or published before on YouTube at any point.
  24. If going for photography…. DO NOT SUBMIT SCREENSHOTS. Submit raw original photos.
  25. The last and final decision will be of Jury Members.
  26. RNTalks reserves the right to modify/cancel/postpone the event and related terms and conditions if required.
  27. The 1st, 2nd & 3rd position Winners of the event will be awarded a Trophy and with many more surprise gifts as mentioned above.
  28. Please remember that it feels good to win the trophy, but you are NOT a loser if you don’t win it. YOU ARE HERE TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF AND BE A BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF.
  30. International students are welcome. Shipping charges for the trophy is not included in the fee and are applicable. Give an Indian address if you have one for free shipping in India.

Please don’t insult the intelligence of the Jury or someone’s child by complaining or comparison.

We will not take it in good spirit. Every child and every parent are special to us and YOU are also amongst them.

We don’t award prizes to please people but by the merit earned. So don’t make false promises to your children about winning. Teach them to participate to enhance their skills.

So, let’s enjoy the event for what it stands for… moving from Rhetoric To Nirvana- Inspiring Lives.

Ranjeeta Nath Ghai, Founder & Director

Creative Quest: Your Takeaways

Over 50 Prizes are there To Be Won. Based on performance many other surprise AWARDS and GIFTS are there too. Winners will get an opportunity to speak on a public platform.



Interview with RNTalks. The WINNERS will be interviewed ONLINE


Get featured

Get featured on our social platforms, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and IGTV


Certificate of Appreciation

E-Certificate & hard copy of Certificate of Appreciation for Winners, promotion, and much more


Certificate of Participation

E-Certificate of Participation for all, promotion, and much more.

Creative Quest: Unique Features Of The Contest

We stand for quality, and we are proud of it.


You deserve better than the average!

RNTalks is a community of like-minded professionals that gather together to learn, share and grow. We stand for quality, and we are proud of it. Our events are carefully curated by our team to ensure you get the most out of your experience with us.

For the “LIVE” Interaction With The Jury Members Before The Contest, we encourage the contestants to keep their doubts and questions ready and ask as many questions as they want to clear all their doubts.

The winners will be declared in each category separately. You are allowed to edit your videos but do it neatly. Not only this, you can add audio and visual effects to your video if you desire. But remember that this is not a video editing contest, so don’t overdo it!

creativity takes Courage!


Creative Quest: Cashback Offers & Pricing

We at RNTalks believe that each participant is a winner as you have conquered your fear and decided to participate.

Since we can’t give 1st prize to all of you, we have different cashback offers so that you all stand to gain something out of your experience with us.

Please, give a list of your referrals to be identified. If you have been referred then give the name of the person who has referred you in the slot given in the form.


Best ever. Cashback offers.

One Activity

  • 1-time correction
  • Video editing
  • Unlimited Promotion
  • Cashback offers
  • Affiliate Commission

Three Activity

  • 2 activity=₹500/- or $10
  • 3 activity=₹700/- or $15
  • Cashback offers
  • Unlimited Promotion
  • Chance of winning the Rolling Trophy
  • Individuals participating in 3 activities shall get an additional special certificate with a surprise gift. (irrespective of the results)

Please Read

Terms Of Service

Any new features that augment or enhance the current Program, including the release of new tools and resources, shall be subject to the Terms of Service.

Please Read

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy will give you an idea of what data we collect and what we don’t. It does not apply to the third parties or websites that we do not own or control.

Please Read


If you have any queries feel free to click on the link below. These FAQs are compiles on the queries asked by new members who have just joined our platform.

Lets Connect!

We’d love to hear your feedback or answer any questions you may have. WhatsApp/📞-7678305152

After the runaway success of the below events, we are excited to announce the launch of our next event in the series: “

This mega event is being organized by RNTalks to search, boost and unravel the creative and exceptional talent of students, their parents, or adults who are willing to participate and Rock the floor.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between the late bloomer and the endowed learners and provide them with a perfect and equal opportunity to showcase their talents and utilize their potential.

Students, their parents, or adults from all age groups are welcome to showcase their talent in a number of events ranging from music to photography.

We, at RNTalks, always are on the lookout for young and unknown talents in music, dance, and other performing arts genre.

If you have the skill to keep people glued to their seats and are looking for an outlet to exhibit your talent in Creative Quest, just click on the link below and send us your details.

We will get in touch with you and if suitable, promote you. The search goes International every year in search of interesting and exceptional talents.

Through this mega event and creative endeavor to encourage youth, students, their parents, or adults, we hope to bring every young and adult learner and youth into the mainstream so that all have enough space to grow.

Results and Reports

Result and Report Creative Quest 2020, National Talent Search Contest, Season-1

Result and Report Creative Quest 2020
Result and Report Creative Quest 2020, National Talent Search Contest, Season-1

This mega event Creative Quest 2020 was organized by RNTalks to search, boost, and unravel the creative and exceptional talent of students and adults who are willing to rediscover and challenge themselves and Rock the floor.

The aim was to bridge the gap between the late bloomers and the endowed learners and provide them with a perfect and equal opportunity to showcase their talents and utilize their potential.

STUDENTS from all age groups and ADULTS were welcomed to showcase their talent in several events ranging from music to photography on the platform of Creative Quest 2020. Trophies were awarded to the winners.

Through this mega event and creative endeavour to encourage special kids, young children, and adults, RNTalks hopes to bring every young learner and youth into the mainstream so that all have enough space to grow and be a better version of themselves.

Result And Report of CREATIVE QUEST, International Talent Search Contest, Season-2

Result And Report Of CREATIVE QUEST, Season-2 [International Talent Search Contest]
Result And Report of CREATIVE QUEST, International Talent Search Contest, Season-2

After the first successful season of CREATIVE QUEST which happened to be a one-of-its-kind contest in India, we were encouraged to continue with our efforts by organizing its second season.

We were overwhelmed by submissions from all over the country and also at the international level. The quality of work was very impressive. The second season of CREATIVE QUEST was even more exciting and challenging as we had to sift through a lot more entries.

All in all, it was worthwhile as we found some brilliant entries and the winners truly deserved their prizes. It is very rewarding to know that CREATIVE QUEST has become a platform for many talented individuals to showcase their work.

We will continue to provide this opportunity to as many people as possible. Thanks to all participants for their incredible entries; we hope to see even more incredible work in the future. Thank you!

Creative Quest 2022 International Online Talent Show Season-3