Creative Quest 2020

Creative Quest
Creative Quest

Greetings to all from RNTalks Family.

After the runaway success of “National Online Public Speaking Contest,” and “National Online Storytelling Contest,” we come to you with yet another online contest, “Creative Quest 2020” A National Online Annual Talent Show.

This mega event is being organised by RNTalks to search, boost and unravel the creative and exceptional talent of students, their parents or adults who are willing to participate and Rock the floor.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between the late bloomer and the endowed learners and provide them with a perfect and equal opportunity to showcase their talents and utilise their potential.

Students, their parents or adults from all age groups are welcome to showcase their talent in a number of events ranging from music to photography.

We, at RNTalks, always are on lookout for young and unknown talents in music, dance, and other performing arts genre.

If you have a skill to keep people glued to their seats and are looking for an outlet to exhibit your talent, just click on the link below and send us your details.

We will get in touch with you and if suitable, promote you. The search goes National every year in search of interesting and exceptional talents.

Through this mega event and creative endeavour to encourage youth, students, their parents or adults, we hope to bring every young and adult learner and youth in the mainstream so that all have enough space to grow.


Performance Activities for Creative Quest 2020

Vocal Music With Karaoke (Solo) 5 mins (Bhajan/Shabad/Shlokas/Contemporary/Classical Vocal)

Vocal Music Without Karaoke (Solo) 5 mins (Bhajan/Shabad/Shlokas/Contemporary/Classical Vocal)

Instrumental Music (Solo) 5 mins

Dance (Solo) 5 mins
(Classical/Contemporary or Folk dance). Any song of any language can be used.

Mimicry (Solo) 5 mins
Watch sample video to understand what is Mimicry

Mime (Solo) 5 mins
Watch sample video to understand what is Mime

One-Act Play (Solo) 5 mins
The accepted language will be Hindi, Hinglish or English only. Watch sample video to understand what is One-Act Play

Origami (Solo) 5 -10 mins
The accepted language will be Hindi, Hinglish, or English only.

Clay Modelling (Solo) 5-7 mins
The accepted language will be Hindi, Hinglish or English only.

Photography (Solo)
Theme: Nature & Environment.
No video needed in this activity. Submit 3 of your best photos on the theme.

Criteria For Judgement

Important Dates For Creative Quest 2020

✨ The Extended Date for registration in the contest is Saturday, OCTOBER 10, 2020, 23:59 hours.

✨ The Extended Date for submission of the video is Thursday, OCTOBER 15, 2020, 23:59 hours. (rules can be relaxed in case a child has just finished with his Half-yearly exams)

✨ Date for contest Saturday & Sunday OCTOBER 17 & 18, 2020, 23:59 hours.

✨ Declaration of Result Wednesday, OCTOBER 28, 2020.

✨ No Entries will be accepted after the cut-off date unless it is a network/Half-yearly exams issue.

If in case the date is extended then the notification posters would be put up on the official page.

Follow The Instructions

✔ The Mode Of The Competition Will Be Online.

Submit your work as a 3-5 min video. Clay-modelling and Origami time limit is 5-7 mins.

✔ Your promotional poster will be displayed on the Official RNTalks Page on Facebook. The link of the same will be shared with you. Urge your relatives and friends to LIKE & FOLLOW the page so that they can view your video without any difficulty when it will be released.

✔ You are free to download the promotional poster and use it anywhere on social media to promote yourself. We’ll be happy to see you as a hero on social media.

✔ The video should be a NATIVE video and SHOULD NOT BE CUT OR EDITED when you submit it. Simply shoot the video from your mobile or camera and submit it.

DO NOT post the video on YouTube and then forward the link.

✔ The video SHOULD NOT be released on any social media before the contest, while the contest is going on or even later. You will be provided shareable links for the same by RNTalks.

✔ Any video found to be edited at any given point will be disqualified.

✔ Any video found to have been published on YOUTUBE or FACEBOOK or any other social media other than at RNTALKS PLATFORMs at any given point will be disqualified.

✔ Mail the PHOTOS FOR YOUR PROMOTIONAL POSTERS and videos to… You can alternatively send them as google drive links on the given WhatsApp numbers also.

✔ Mail your CONTEST VIDEOS to…  as Google Drive Links, “WeTransfer” or on the given WhatsApp numbers also.


✔ Videos should be shot in a landscape/ horizontal position in a 16:9 ratio to get better quality.

✔ Tips to win will be shared with you by the JURY in ONLINE INTERACTION once you register.


The SUBJECT OF YOUR MAIL should be “Creative Quest”

✔ The participant should make sure that the background visible during the participation is decent and there are no disturbances while the performance is going on.

✔ Participants are not allowed to refer to any printed/written material during the presentation.

✔ The registrations for the events should reach us latest by, OCTOBER 10, 2020, 23:59 hours.

✔ The Last Date for submission of the video is OCTOBER 15, 2020, extendable to those who were taking Half-Yearly Exams.

✔ No late submission will be entertained.

Date for contest Saturday & Sunday OCTOBER 17 & 18, 2020, 23:59 hours.

✔ The results will be announced by 28th October live and can be viewed on our website

✔ The accepted language will be Hindi & English only. Please refrain from using politics, hate speech, anti-national comments, nudity, or any other sexist words intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

✔ For songs to be used in Dance activity you can use any song of any language.

✔ RNTalks reserves the right to disqualify or reject any entry if the video is found to be edited at any point.

✔ The last and final decision will be of Jury Members.

✔ RNTalks reserves the right to modify/cancel/postpone the event and related terms and conditions if required.

✔ Separate winner category for KINGSUMO CAMPAIGN winner.

✔ Winners of the event will be awarded a cash prize and many more surprises as mentioned above.

✔ Please remember that it feels good when you win the trophy but you are NOT a loser if you don’t win it. YOU ARE HERE TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF AND BE A BETTER YOU.


✔ Please don’t insult the intelligence of the Jury or someone’s child by complaining or comparison.

✔ We will not take it in good spirit. Every child and every parent are special to us and YOU are also amongst them.

✔ We don’t award prizes to please people but by the merit earned. So don’t make false promises to your children about winning. Teach them to participate to enhance their skills.

✔ So, let’s enjoy the event for what it stands for… moving from Rhetoric To Nirvana.

Creative Quest 2020
Creative Quest 2020: Awards

🎁Your Takeaways Of The Creative Quest 2020 Contest🎁

🎁 Over 50 Prizes To Be Won

🎁 Based on performance many other surprise AWARDS and GIFTS are there too.

🎁 Interview with RNTalks. The WINNERS will be interviewed ONLINE

🎁 Winners will get an opportunity to speak on a public platform.

🎁 Winners will get featured on our social platforms, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and IGTV

🎁 E-Certificate of Appreciation for Winners, promotion, and much more.

🎁 E-Certificate of Participation for all, promotion, and much more.

📣Unique Features Of The Creative Quest 2020 Contest📣

📣 “LIVE” Interaction With The Jury Members Before The Contest.

📣 We encourage the contestants to keep their doubts and questions ready and ask as many questions they want to clear all their doubts.

📣 You can participate in minimum 1 category and maximum 3 categories.

📣 Winner will be declared in each category separately.

Registration Categories for Creative Quest 2020

  1. KDCAT-1 (3-6 year)
  2. KDCAT-2 (7-10)
  3. KDCAT-3 (11-15)
  4. KDCAT-4 (16-18)
  5. ADCAT (19-65+)

💰Cashback Offers💰

We at RNTalks believe that each participant is a winner as you have conquered your fear and decided to participate.

Since we can’t give 1st prize to all of you we have different cashback offers so that you all stand to gain something out of your experience with us.

💰 If you are participating in only 1 activity then you can avail cashback by referring 5 confirmed registrations. The registration fee ₹300/- (1 activity) will be reimbursed for anyone who succeeds in getting 5 confirmed contestants.

Please, give a list of your referrals to be identified.

If you have been referred then give the name of the person who has referred you in the slot given in the form.

💰 If you participate in 2 activities you get ₹100/-cashback.

💰 If you take part in 3 activities then you get ₹200/-cashback.

1 activity = INR ₹300/- or $5
2 activities = INR ₹500/- or $9
3 activities = INR ₹700/- or $13

✨Registration Fee & Payment Details✨

✨ All consolation prize winners of “National Online Storytelling Contest” are eligible for 50% discount on any ONE activity of their choice.

1 category ₹300/-
2 categories INR ₹500/-
3 categories INR ₹700/-

✨ USD $5/- (for NRI students) registration fee.

✨ There will be ONLY ONE CATEGORY for ADULTS (19-65+)

✨ There will be four categories for KIDS

✨ All participants need to pay a Registration fee of amount INR ₹300/- by Payment links given below.

✨ Add the name of the participant and city in the remark/message box appearing on the payment screen.

✨ Take the screenshot of the payment confirmation screen and send us on WhatsApp (+91 9560928039) along with the participant’s name and city.

Terms & Conditions

✨ No Refunds

✨ Please visit the website for details  on Terms Of Service

✨ Please visit the website for details on Privacy Policy

✨ Please visit the website for details Frequently Asked Questions 

📞Contact Us📞

☎️PHONE:- 7678305152, 9648223174

📱WHATSAPP:- 9648223174

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