Best Navratri Quotes

Best Navratri Quotes

I, the awareness consciousness, am endowed with powers to finish the basic five evils- lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego as I am only purity, peace, love, and bliss. Let us spread love and peace and finish all evils.
-Madhu Khare

The power of the Divine
The power of Magic
The power of Shakti
The power of Bhakti
The power of Blessings
The power of Oneness
-Harminder Kaur

Goddess Durga,
Symbol of power and energy
Was incarnated to fight against the devils
No prejudice. No biases
So simple with a lioness heart
Let all the women have this art
Be endowed with those magical powers
So that the devils of the world
Run away and the world
Becomes pure and powerful.
-Manju Lata

Learn from The gleam of lights to make better use of your rights.
Ignite happiness and let go of the petty fights!
Immerse yourself in The echo of the chants
Be those praying hands; stop hatred!!
Come together…
This is what even the Almighty Wants !???
-Shwetha Jain

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    With the gleam of diyas
    And the echo of chants
    The environment, too, became divine
    My soul got merged in the thought of bhakti
    Washed away all the malice
    Developed the spirit to do something
    Unique and energetic for the society, and
    Spread happiness everywhere.
    -Manju Lata

    With the gleam of diyas and the echo of chants,
    I breathe a bit more easily, I let go of my rants.
    I feel lighter and stronger than before,
    I have the strength of divine knocking at the door.
    I open the door with a smile, an open mind, and warmth in my heart,
    After all, loving while living is a work of art.
    -Ila Pachauri

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