Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program

Greetings to all from RNTalks Family.

An affiliate coordinator is a person who is the link between the company and the candidate. The affiliate coordinators place the company’s advertisements on their individually owned websites/platforms and help secure the candidates for the events. 

These ads in affiliate programs are linked to company websites and are referred to as affiliate links. 

We bring to you an affiliate partnership program.

Mega Competitions held on our platform are GenOratorsKatha SagarCreative QuestQuriosity Buzz, and Verve.

Earn 30% Commission as RNTalks Affiliate

  • If you are able to genarate an affiliate income for yourself upto the target of 9000 then you shall be felicitated.
  • No charge to affiliates who sign up for a brand’s affiliate/partner program.
  • No Minimum Pay-out. This means that whether you get us 1 confirmed referral or 100 you’ll be earning commission on all the referrals and the pay-out will be done by the end of each month or at the end of the contest as decided.
  • Custom coupon codes for each affiliate as per the contest. Your codes will be handed out to you once you join up.
  • More leads and more referrals mean performance awards for high-performance affiliates.
  • Inclusion into the Affiliates Hall Of Fame
What Is RNTalks Affiliate Program & How Does Do You Earn?

Affiliate Marketing FAQ’s for Beginners

Affiliate Program
Affiliate Marketing FAQ’s for Beginners

If you’re like several marketers that we converse with – from those just starting the marketing workforce to authenticated marketing professionals—you may have some queries, misunderstandings, and confusion around affiliate marketing.

This is not at all surprising. The affiliate marketing model is nuanced. In fact, many would acknowledge that it can be downright complex and confusing.

This post is not a panacea for describing all things affiliate marketing, it is meant to be a starting point to assist you better understand this unique and worthwhile marketing model.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions marketers have regarding affiliate marketing.

Who Are Affiliates?

The term “affiliate” truly applies to many different types of partners, including unique people, companies, and organizations.

The affiliate model empowers companies to manage these partnerships at scale and only remunerate their partners after they’ve delivered on an agreed-upon outcome (e.g. generating a high-value lead, driving a sale, bringing on a new customer, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Affiliate Coordinators Get Paid?

According to a variety of factors, affiliate commission rates in various companies fall between 5% and 30%. We at RNTalks promise you 30% affiliate commission per candidate that signs up for the contests. Not only this, we felicitate our affiliate coordinators at the end of each event. Isn’t that an awesome deal!

What Does An Affiliate Coordinator Have To Do?

Through affiliate marketing, affiliates are paid a commission for promoting our company’s events in your circle. The affiliate simply convinces and motivates people to participate in our events and promotes that event, secures entries, and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make.

Can Affiliate Coordinatorship Be Taken Away?

You can lose your affiliate coordinator status if you are an “inactive streamer”, this is on an individual basis but mostly involves inactivity over the course of 12 months.

What If You Don’t Have Any Money To Invest? Can You Start Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing allows you to begin your business without any initial investment, even if you plan to do some business. From a teenager to senior citizen anyone can become an affiliate.

Do You Have To Pay To Be An Affiliate?

There are no experience requirements with affiliate marketing: Most affiliate marketing programs are free to join and do not require you to have any experience. You only need to fill a signup form and begin to promote the offers. Just join, promote and earn.

Where to Contact RNTalks For Affiliate Program

Contact us on email or WhatsApp at 7678305152